You are only mine! part 14

Vidhi was panicking inside the room. She looked at the phone again n again hoping for any call or message ..but, no one did.
She was getting more and more worried with each passing second. A drop of salty sweat dripped from her forehead. She pressed her head to the knees with both her hands hugging the knees and shielding the noise of the banging door.

In a large building, in the glass walled coridoor reaching to the receptionist, Rishabh says something to the lady followed by few men well suited.

“Sir, she just called you!” Claire sweetly said while following her towards the car.
Rishabh nodded and dialled her number. But she didnt responded.

He shook his head a little and turned to see Claire with uncertainty giving ‘anything you missed to inform’ look.
Claire got a little nervous but replied honestly
“She was talking about kidnappers….” she paused for a while but when his deadly glare fall on her she hitched and continued
“sir.. you had meeting so… I didnt informed. I am sorry sir” she quickly said the last sentence to mend the faults.

Rishabh dialled a number and the phone of one of the body builder outside the farmhouse rang..
He got very much worried thinking what might be happening with the girl inside and if something goes wrong, his life will be distorted.
He looked to the other who assured to pick up the phone and tell everything.
He did so.

“why the hell are you taking time to pick my call?” enraged voice of Rishabh from the end made the man freeze.
Though he was very much large and huge as compared to Rishabh but he was afraid like a small rat terrorized by the king Lion.

“Sir …ma’am” he hesitated with pause after each word.

“shut the f**k up and tell me what happened there?” rishabh vociferated with gritted teeth from the end.

“’am…she was jumping.. And closed the door. She is not opening since half an hour” he said ready to listen Rishabh’s burst out at them angrily. But nothing like that happened.
Rishabh hang up and chuckled a little visualising the scene there.

Inside the house, vidhi thought of something and stood up. She went downstairs and her face lightened up seeing the landline.
Why didnt she thought of it before? The door was not banging anymore either. Her confidence aroused.

She again climbed up and grabbed her phone from the floor and came down .. almost a day’s exercise complete. Her foot was hurting and the injured part was almost swelled.
Crap! Her staying in that forlorn house will be extended. HuH? Why cant she get healed quickly?

She thought to dial Neil but realised that he wont pick up like before so called Anand instead so that he can inform his friend.

To her luck, he picked up in the first ring itself.
“Hey buddy! What happened to your phone?” Anand’s happy voice reached.
“Hello Anand? I am … VIDHI.. Remember? Hey. I need your help. Some kidnappers are outside Rishabh’s farmhouse waiting for me.. Please inform your friend. He is not picking my call. I will die. They are just a feet away.” she informed anyhow with the short breathes inhaling heavily trying to sound just as she was feeling. Horrified, scared, worried, terrified and god knows what more!

Anand didnt got anything like what she is saying… But then reassured.
“Okay dont worry.. I am reaching. Close the door well.. I am reaching in few minutes okay?” he assuaged in a concerned voice.

“Hmm.. Come fast.. They will kidnap me plzzzz” she said afraid like a 5 year old child.

They both hang up and she went to her room again.

After few minutes Anand arrived to the location and noticed the two men standing outside. He walked to them and asked the matter which they narrated the second time as the first was to Rishabh.

Anand knocked the door and shouted
“Vidhi.. Anand here .. Open the door.” he shouted loud.
She didnt heard the first time, the second time also went in vain.

“Vidhi.. Anand here.. Open the door” this time loud enough for her to hear.
Meanwhile, Rishabh arrived there and rushed to the door. He asked anand the case who told that she was not opening the door.

After a minute, they heard a hesitated voice of the door being opened slowly.
As she saw Anand there, she opened the door quickly and… Jumped.
Rishabh pushed Anand aside to take his space just infront of the large door. Vidhi spranged on him with her thighs and legs hugging his waist and arms around his neck.

He reciprocated and hugged her too moving his palm up and down at her back to wash away the fear.
She cried endlessly with her head buried on his shoulder.

Anand was in a position as if performing yoga with his one leg stretched full to balance and another folded with knee at right angle to the ground. Both his hands pressed the floor for support.

After few minutes Vidhi realised and draw away from his body but her waist got hold tight enough and if she struggled she would end up fallin.
As she noticed Anand at that posture,she jerked her body again and drifted her head to see who was holding her.
And her eyes went all round wobbling unbelievably.
From where on earth did he came there? Whennn???

Rishabh gave a blank expression and walked inside. Before that, he snapped his left hand to the two men to leave and another hand holding her.
She didnt struggled anymore and rested her head at his shoulder again comfortably.
Anand followed them with a smile all over his face.

“ahem-ahem” he coughed a fake one to grab attention.

Rishabh threw an angry glare to him which didnt affected the former. The smile and grin was same.

Rishabh slided Vidhi to the couch and went to kitchen.
He passed a glass of water to her and caressed her hair.

“Thanks Anand” she intoned in a very low tone hesitated as she was not frank with him.Almost strangers who at the first day played a prank.

“Its okay.How are you now?” he pushed the conversation. He was sitting opposite to both of them.

“Better now……” she assured and looked at Rishabh.
“When did you came?” she politely enquired.

Before Rishabh could bit a word, Anand took the honour.
“He was so worried about you that he gave a shot for dhoom 4 in the main road..” both of them giggled while Rishabh eyed him to stop his silly jokes but instead he continued “… And out of blue.. Jealousy aroused and he pushed me so that.. HE can get the chance of hugging this doll ” he continued more praising her sweetly.

” dont talk rubbish” Rishabh stated with eyes full of fury in a warn.

“you go to your room.. Take rest” Rishabh ordered her.
She nodded and tried to stand but stumbled due to the little swollen portion at the left feet.

He caught her by hand as he helped hinself to stand than slowly grabbed her by waist.
“Careful lady” he muttered and checked the reason of stagger then he noticed the reddened part of foot.

He took her in arms and climbed the stairs and put her in bed.

“I was so scared. They were going to kidnap me” she spoke after the few minute silence.

He opened the drawer to take out the first aid and applied the ointment.
“Quiet.. Rest. Nothing happened.” he ordered firmly keeping his forefinger on his lips showing to remain silent(as she moved her lips to oppose). He left the room after covering her with the sheet.

In the hall, Anand was waiting for him.
Rishabh went to kitchen again and from the refrigerator took out two cans. He threw one to him who caught it and took a sip from the one he was holding.

Both remained silent for a moment and as Rishabh’s coke finished first, he started.

“How you knew about her?”

“She called me.. from your landline” he lazily muttered.

Rishabh came little forward as his back was laying on the sofa completely resting. At his words, he showed little interest of what exactly happened.

“She thought the guards were kidnappers” Anand bursted in laugh whilst Rishabh chuckled in affirmation.

“You were busy in work?” he asked getting little cautious.
Rishabh nodded in yes and continued.
“It was important. Or else, I’d not had left her alone”

Anand took a deep sigh and sipped the can for the last.
“Its okay….. When you joining us back?” he asked.

“No idea” Rishabh cut short.
The former shook his head understanding the depth.

“she talked to Claire and that stupid girl spitted out that I was in a meeting” Rishabh complained with eyes meeting the floor.
“And the girl upstairs will surely ask and play detective with me once she wakes up” he again in a complaining voice blurted.

Anand chuckled a little.
“She is sweet yaar. Take care of her”

He took a step out of hall to the adjoined kitchen.

“I will leave now.” he said as he tossed the can to the bin at the kitchen corner.

Rishabh nodded looking at him bidding a bye.

He opened the door slightly to check on her. The beauty was having a sound sleep. He walked to her and caressed her hairs with love and pressed a sweet gentle kiss on her forehead as if assuring her that everything will be fine.

She jerked a little and opened her eyes.
She rubbed it with the back of her right hand annoyingly disturbed and noticed him looking at her.

“Sorry. Disturbed you” he apologized with hands on her shoulder.
She didnt responded.

“your foot is swollen. It was already an affected area.” he wsnted to get strict but controlled and turned soft “… Try to be cautious. Take this tablet. It will heal quickly then” he reminded her.

She got more annoyed hearing the word ‘tablet’.
“I know” she replied irritated.

He helped her to sit as she pulled herself back sliding her bum towards the wall.
She gulped down the med followed by water.

“Is that hurting?” he enquired.
“No. I am fine. You broke my dream. Huh? You know.. The girl was so happy.. Just when the boy arrive you came..iDDiot … ” she complained emphasising the D showing she really was very angry.

He didt replied to her childish complain and pressed a soft kiss on her cheeks cupping her face.

“was you scared?” he in a calm soothing voice intoned with his thumb rubbing below her eye.

She nodded in affirmation with a puppy face.
“yp.. And I called you so many time but… Claire” she abrupty paused and the name hit her mind.

Yes, claire!! Who was she? She was talking about meeting right? What meeting?
The thoughts ringing on her mind passed through tongue..

“Claire.. She said you was in meeting! What meeting was she talking about. Like students also have meeting? But you took leave from college for a week right? And Who is Claire by the way?” she asked all in one breathe and as the limit crossed she gasped a little.

He didnt reacted as he knew she would ask this. Sooner or later.
And he cannot escape that.

“hello?? Where are you lost?” she snapped her fingers to catch his attention and insisted to give a valid answer.

“Oh ya! Claire. She might be teasing. I dnt know why she said that.” he tried to avoid keeping the glass on the side table and searching for words. He wasnt prepared for this.

“keep lying. I know you are hiding something.” she said observing the tensed creases covering his face.

“You sleep” he simply said stiring her to bed.

She didnt opposed as her body was very tired by the up and down, roll and jumps.

Two more days passed and one fine Morning:
Rishabh was sleeping like a log. His spine was tired of doing the hectic work. His college and the hidden secretive world of work.
A vibration plus the caller tune woke him up. He lazily slided to the end side of bed and recieved the call

“Rishabh! The freshers party is in a week and how much I know.. You might be snoring there. Correct me if I am wrong! You are needed here. Move your bum and come fast.” from the end the voice of Risha di flushed.

“chik chik- chik chik” annoyingly and complaininig rishabh groaned.

“Idiot. Wake up. Meet me in college.” she hanged up in an authorative warning tone.

She was the only one he always agreed to and barging with her is just near to impossible, she will win eventually and the long long lectures were too difficult to bear. Risha was the root of their family tree being the only girl child after a decade or so.

Rishabh rolled of the bed and went to the bathroom.

On the other side, Vidhi was packing her stuffs. She was now all fit and fine under the total care and protection of Rishabh.

Yesterday they had a quick quarrel over the matter that she will live in hostel. And unbelievably he agreed to that. This was insane.
She grabbed more of her shirts from the cupboard tossing them in the luggage bag and smiling to the wonder happened a night before.

“He is a jerk” she mumbled as she brushed her hairs preparing to leave the lonely farmhouse.

“say that again and watch how I tie you to the bed there for ages” he gruffily poked from the back leaning on the door with weight on the left leg and arms crossed.
He seemed tired.

She arranged herself not to get into a fight again as it was a lucky day yesterday only and if she utter even a single word against him,he will not wait a second to prove himself right.
She blinked her eyes as she thought of herself being actually tied in that white sheet covered bed.
She didnt said anything and averted her eyes.

He took a few steps near her.
“Look up” he lazily said.

“you are going to hostel doesnt mean you can avoid me. Whenever I come, open the door with a smile and how long I stay,..dont say a word in oppose.” he whispered the order softly on her face.

Her brows joined md eyes narrowed quickly in disagreement but she really cant help herself. He cannot rule over her. Of course not. So she tried to protest very much conscious on the words.
“I never do that to you.”

He raised a brow trying to get her words.

“I never give you any order.” she cleared his confusion being as sweet as possible.

He chuckled a small one.
“Nor can you ever” he gravelly grunted moving out of the room without a backward glance.

But she wanted to try. What the use of leaving the farmhouse when that lost soul is going to trap in hostel as well.

She followed him to the corridoor.
“but.. This is not fair. When I dont order you, how can you rule over me? Captivating me like a prisoner?” she yelled little loud as he was ahead of her.

He stopped suddenly and walked towards her. He towered and leaned. His back of palm gently brushed her cheeks.

“Sweetheart! You can never run from me…..Dont.try!” he let the last two words in a mock and smirked.

Her anger rushed through her body settling at her cheeks he was brushing and she in a fury stomped her foot to hit him but shit to the backfire! Her foot only pained as he had moved his almost assuming her next step.
He again smirked and turned away.

“I told you dont try” he shot back again .

“Jerk” she grunted harshly too much irritated by the creature who had his back to her now.

He tilted his head a little hearing the word which she clearly noticed.

“Jerk! I am a jerk” she bit out remembering the punishment she will have to face if not corrected.

“You are not!” he vociferated coolly and left the place.

Precap: Back to hostel and college.

Guyz? I am pissed of. What is wrong with telly updates. I am waiting for some fanfics but there are no uodates. Whenever I refresh still the same page again and again

I wrote this one in midnight.. very much worried because one of you was Mad at me 😉 so I just penned down whatever hit my mind in hurry… Sorry maandey dii…

If I would have posted it that time only without checking the next morning, believe me you would have been super confused.
Because in many places instead of rishabh and Vidhi i wrote Neil and Sam.
I just wanted to share so did I. If you read thanks.. Didnt? Its okay.

Waiting for your views….

And yeah GAURI di I am eagerly waiting for your update 🙁 sign

Credit to: Roshni

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