You are only mine! part 13


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Recap: Vidhi agreed to stay with Rishabh.
Upset seeing him with a lady.

Lets get straight into the story….

Both drove off from the mall without any shopping. Rishabh played a light hearted english song matching the atmosphere..the silent one.

He was looking at her every interval and didnt failed to notice her hurted expressions. She looked out of the car window blankly to avoid his gaze and attention.

“Hey! Are you okay?” after a while he broke the silence in a cool voice but she didnt cared to reply him.

She looked at him with a smiling face almost ready to mock.
“No.” she mocked sweetly.

It is clear and anyone can read by her face that she is not okay and wants to be alone.

“I am NOT okay. Any problem?” she asked with a raised brow.

He just gave her a cold stare and it all fell silent again.

He stopped the car and gestured her to move out. She got out of it and banged the door almost showing her disdain heart.
Once she stepped inside the house, he caught hold of her arms and pulled her tightly pinning to the wall.

She gasped fearing to the sudden force and stumbled but got caught by him firmly at her waist.

“what the hell is wrong with you?” she screamed aloud.

“And I think you better answer that.” he whispered coldly contrasting to hers with eyes glued all on hers.

She just slided her gaze and flipped affected by the closeness.

“Let me go Rishabh.” her voice turned powerless.

His heart pained to the change and his grip loosened automatically and eyes faced the floor but she……… didnt moved away.

“I saw you with that girl in the street” she calmly intoned rubbing her paining arms.

His eyes met hers at the end of her words and he tried to go through it with the hope that he dont get to read what he is afraid of. ‘LOVE’

When she avoided the eyelock, he bit out coldly in a whisper
“Claire…, she works for me”

Both looked at each other again, this time her eyes with full curiousity. Before she could ask anything again regarding his personal life, he left the hall in speed.


“Claire? Who can she be? As he said she cant be his girlfriend… Then? What work was he talking about?” she was muttering to herself all the while sipping the coffee sitting in the large window sill with both legs up.

“Stop being jealous sweetheart” A manly voice mocked her from back.

She didnt turned to see. Pretty clear, only a jerk lives with her…forcefully. She made an annoyed face with lips curling.

“I am not” she roughly muttered as he sat to the opposite facing her with both his legs touching the soft floor.

“So you are talking to yourself just like a jobless person?” he coldly muttered while looking at the floor avoiding her.

“How dare you?” she raised her voice and paused “… yeah! I am jobless cause I am a student and what about you? You are saying as if ruling a big empire….huh? jerk” she firmly stated out scowling.

She had backfired him. He needed to change the topic.

“So that means you were jealous.”

The crease got erased from her face and her mind ran fast searching for an answer.
“I just wanted to know. As I am living with a jerk.. I was just making sure that I am safe and you guyz are not planning to kidnap me.” she bit out something very stupid clearly revealing that she really was jealous.

He laughed out a little and stared her intimately leaning close to her.
She folded her legs in impulse that made his way.
He came closer and closer until he got hold of her waist with hus cheeks rubbing on hers. Her cells tingled as the shaved beard rubbed.

“I will never let anyone hurt you. I promise.” he whispered as a soft caress with hot breath exhaled on her earshell.
Her blood got cold and she holded him for support as she was loosing her balance in fear.
He looked at,her both hand on his chest and a slight smile took over his lips.

“You are the only who hurts me.” she shot back in a cold whisper.

“well, that because I only have the right on you.” he flatly replied.

She got angry and frustrated with his arrogancy and power over her acting like a ruthless king.

“Wh……?!!” her words mixed with the air as he left the room without waiting for her to respond.
She jerked as he banged the door.

Next morning,
He was in kitchen tossing the egg yolk in the heated pan. The counter wasso clean. It doesnt seem like someone was cooking there. Just the required things were placed.

She observed him for few minutes then walked to the counter in the casual trouser with the loose shirt. Her hairs were messed. She had just brushed and without a bath she checked for him.
He noticed her but remained quiet.

She took steps towards him and switched off the gas as the omelette was ready.
He looked at her little stunned.

He smiled one sided and poured the hot coffee on the coffee mug extending it to her.
“Have it.” he said and kept the omelette on the small kitchen table leaving her there alone.

“Rishabh!” she called.

He stopped his pace and turned looking at her.
“Wont you have?” she asked pointing at the plate.

He walked to the table and picked the folk ..taking a slice of it he put it in her mouth.

“Do the same with me” he said giving the folk to her.

She smiled and did the same. He ruffled her hairs sweetly.
Both shared a heartful smile.
Her cheeks bursted in pink as his stare was constant on hers.

“It was a good morning love” he whispered pressing a gentle kiss on her blossoming cheeks.

He walked away and she got lost in his thoughts fully aware that she had fallen for him. The arrogant, rude, full of attitude and self obsessed person. And protective, caring, loving at the same time.

She noticed an empty coffee mug aside and smiled. He already had his breakfast. But her face frowned as she realised he didnt waited for her. Huh?

Washing away the thoughts, she tossed the slices and drank a whole of red coloured glass.
He didnt knew she doesnt drink coffee. Again a smile tugged over her lips lost in her own thoughts.


She sat on the sofa and put on the tv playing a movie.
got distracted as she heard his footsteps that were coming downstairs. Her eyes slided from the movie to the man and widened seeing the hottest person infront of her, the so neatly dressed man the black suit over the light coloured shirt and black tie matching..he looked like a complete gentleman. Decent, charming, dashing and gorgeous.

He noticed her observing him and raised his eyebrow enquiring.

“You are looking like Brad Pitt Rishabh. So hot and s*xy.” she exclaimed as she spranged near him but bit her lower lip the next second as she realised the last words. Hot and s*xy? Did she said that? She pursed the lower lip more and closed eyes tightly.

Before she turned to go to avoid him, she was pulled back with her front hitting his chest.
“And believe me you will also look like Angelina Jolie ” he mumbled facing her and looking straight to her luminous dreamy eyes.

Her eyes rounded with butterflies on her stomach but it flew away and got replaced by rush of anger as he spoke the next.

“If you just change that tom and jerry night suit which makes you look like a little minx.”

She threw a furious annoyed glare to him and he just smirked enjoying the cute expression over her face.

“How dare you say that? Dog! I was lying. You look like a donkey monkey.” she yelled frustrated.

He loosened his grip
“Thank You. Now go and change”
Saying this he took steps back and walked out.

“Close the door. I will come in two hour. Be careful” he said turning his back to her face.

She wanted to ask but words didnt made way to mouth.
As he opened the door, he turned
“minx… be continued sweetheart.” he said with a wink.

She stomped her foot in anger but her soul was feeling happy and happier. She was also enjoying it just like him.


Vidhi climbed the stairs and reached her room. She observed all around. She was free. All alone in the house. She touched the vase and flowers at the corridor and smiled slightly. It was a famhouse but still so elegant and beautiful.
Suddenly, she thought .. If uts so beautiful inside, lets check it out from out. She had went out just two times and both were not a good experience. First time, she got busy crying over Rishabh’s shirt and second, she was too angry to think about it.

She ran downstairs excitedly and pushed the door. She got shocked seeing two huge body builders dressed all black. Just like Salman Khan in bodyguard.
But Rishabh didnt told about any. Are they kidnappers ???

‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ her mind screamed inside loudly and she was jumping in fear. The men were looking at her quietly and as she jumped more they started looking down as if searching for something.
Suddenly her mind worked and she banged the door abruptly and closed it. Body respiration turned high and high. She ran to her room in full speed huffing and puffing and searched for her phone.
As she saw it the table, she snatched it but before dialing any number, she heard the banging at the door. She sweated profusely.

‘oh god! Why will they kidnap her? Are they searching for Rishabh? His rivalry? Oh my God!’ her mind was ranting and her focus went to the phonebook.
She dialed his number in rush but the call was not recieved. She got very scared and kept dialing. At tge tenth time, a sweet voice from the end greeted.
“yes ma’am?”

“Rishabh? Where is rishabh? Give him the phone please.” she said within short breaths.
The door was banged continuously and now more loudly.

“Sorry ma’am. He is in a meeting right now. You can tell me.. I am his secretary, Claire”

Vidhi’s mind stopped for a while. Claire? Secretary? What the hell is going on?

But she was too afraid and worried now to think of anything else other than the face of the two large men flashing repeatedly on her eyes.

“I am in danger. Kidnappers ” she blurted lacking words but the phone got cut.

“What the hell??? No balance ?god! Please help me!” she yelled and prayed while looking at the ceiling as if God is there.

She sat quietly leaning to the wall and her body was all wet due to the sweat causing sticky limbs.


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  9. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much. ..very interesting n lovely story, ridhi very cute couple, she knows she has fallen for him but why rishabh so mysterious. …keep it up. Will wait for the next episode, love you loads, all the best for your exams and get very good grades. ….muaaaaahhhhhh

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