You are only mine! part 12


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Rishabh pushed the door a little leaning on the side.
Both Vidhi and Risha turned to him.
Suddenly the door flung wide with a full force. And two lady figures jumped at her.

“Hey Vidhi!”
“how are you?”
“we missed you so much!”
All their questions cried in her ear as she was embraced in the bear hug.

“careful girls” Rishabh’s concerned voice broke their hug.
She huffed a little and looked at them.
Oh my god! For a moment she didnt believed. And the next second it was Vidhi giving a big hug to Pari and farha.
“How come you here?” she asked absorbing the surprise.
“Well, all thanks to Rishabh.” pari di stated.
She didnt wanted to believe it. She didn’t. How can a jerk think of such a pleasant surprise.
“Anyways, so you’re staying here?” she excitedly asked changing the topic.
“Eh?? Nope” Farha irked.
Vidhi realised what she bit. It was not her home to allow them to stay.
“So you came to take me?” she again enquired.

Pari and Farha turned to Rishabh who stood their silently.
“No” he replied simply with a cold look.
She didnt got amused as she expected the same answer.

“Hey! Meet Risha di… Di, she is Farha and she is Pari di” she introduced as she saw Risha watching them quietly in the side.
“Hi” she greeted back.

The girls chat for a while and then left the place.
Risha also joined them to go for the hostel.

After they went everything remained silent. No one bothered to talk. She laid and slept for around 2 hours in the afternoon and god knows! What he was doing in his room.
It was 4:00 pm now. She rubbed her face and her body was too weak to support her for a walk.
She gulped the water aside and screamed out her lungs.
“Where are you?”

After a minute the door flunged.
“What happened?” Rishabh asked.

“What was you doing?” she asked innocently.
“Nothing. You need something?” he aksed taking steps towards her.

She signed him to sit by her side with a pouted face. One must agree She looked damn cute.
He took the place and caressed her cheeks with a constant affectionate gaze.
She just rested her head in his hard toned chest closing her eyes.
“Stay here.” she mumbled.
He caressed back her hairs as a reply.

His heart wanted her so much but what keeps him away only he knows. The pain he feels being around her then just leaving her alone throwing hurtful words gives him more pain than her. But for now, they are together. Close to each other and he had already taken her as his belonging and what’s his can never be snatched, come what may.
Corner of his lips uplifted and he made her rest in the bed caressing her silky soft tresses.
She slept again with the warm locking her.

Next morning
The sunrays penetrated and she let out a yawn spreading her arms. She looked at the window side checking the sunrays. The familiar figure was standing there with his back towards her.
She stepped out of the bed and he turned hearing the footsteps.

“Hey! Why you came up?” he asked holding her by waist in a way to support.
“When I will attend classes?” she asked softly.
“Soon” he cut it short.
She just sighed deeply and took out a pair of dress from the luxurious almirah.

“you seem fine today” he said little happiness feleing up the tone.
She smirked and turmed back to him.
“Ready to hurt me?” she mocked hurtfully.
It worked. His face turned pale all of a sudden. Each letter she bit out felt like daggers to him. He felt guilty but couldnt help.

“No” he coldly answered in a sigh and moved towards her.
The next second he pinned her to the cupboard holding her by waist and her hands laying aside to the sudden jerk.

“Not so fast” he whispered passing his warm breath over her forehead completing the sentence.
She glanced at him in disbelief.
A tear drop escaped. She pushed him away as his grip lossened seeing her hurt.
“What are you waiting for?” she questioned.

He composed himself trying to act hard.
“Get well completely. MENTALLY! Then be ready” he stated emphasizing and smirking over her face which broke her remaining courage. The stream flowed down.

“This is why you are not fine yet” he whispered again at her earshell.”but..SINCE YOU’RE physically fine, we will start our project. Come downstairs at 10″ he sharply said his words.
He turned around after hurting her again fisting his rough large palm and clenching his jaw, he just walked out in hurry slamming the door.

Enough! It is enough now. Her heart screamed,Lips curled. She had had enough of his harsh words. She cannot face anymore.
She picked up the dress that fell and ran to the bathroom sobbing.

After half an hour when it was 10:15 am, Rishabh walked towards her room.

He was waiting since long and had arranged all the required materials for the file making. He had postponed the survey.

He climbed upstairs.
“Vidhi!” he called as he took a step inside.
She was dressed in a floral printed off shoulder beautiful dress. For a moment he was mesmerised seeing her. But the very next second, it went cold seeing the packed luggage by her side.

“I wanna go hostel.” she stated.
His jaw ticked clenching teeth.
“But for that you need to complete the project.” he delivered raising one of his brow in an enquiring gesture.
“I want to go to hostel” she again said as before without any change.

His temper raised a little but controlling over it, he walked towards her.
“You can. But after you get completely fine” he whispered coldly reminding her of her health.

“Then you must know.. That I ..CAN…NEVER…BE..FINE.. When YOU’RE AROUND..” she shouted out loud pointing her forefinger at him while screaming the last two words.
“i cant be fine. Atleast not MENTALLY” she shot her words confidently challenging.

He grabbed her wrist by back which she pointed and pushed her to the wall. Her heart heaved up and down.

“just two days. Then you can leave” he muttered coldly at her face.
“Now come down if you dont want the period to get extended.” he warned with a very bold stare.

She shook her head examining the words.
Both walked downstairs and sat around the glass table in the sofa.

They were busy in the work while his phone rang after an hour or more than that.
He sounded angry while the discussion.

“yes what happened?” he asked as he recieved the call.

“what? blo*dy jerk” he stated in a loud tone.

“Ok. Fix it.”

While talking over the phone,he glanced at Vidhi once and continue his words maintaning the stare.

“After two days” he cleared and hanged up.

She felt uncomfortable at his constant stare.
“What?” she asked.
“Get back to work” he ordered.

“Huh?” she plainly let out a sigh and read the file twirling the pencil over her forefinger and thumb.

He had ordered food from the nearest restaurant and was enjoying it alone sitting quietly in the dining hall.
While chewing he continuously glanced at her. She was in the kitchen counter peeling something. She took out some bread pieces inbetween and puffed it in her mouth with butter. Her stomach was glowling and she gave him a death glare from the counter for the situation.
It was her third time. God forbid! He would have killed him right there on the spot but she really didnt wanted to go behind bars at 21.

He had refused to share his ordered Indian food and had asked her to cook for herself is she was so eager to go. She was enraged but she was literally starving. So without thinking, she had poured the flour and a jug of water in it. Her hands sticked. After ten minutes of continuous wash and dipping her fingers on the water helped her clean the sticky dough. It was the first. When he saw it, he was unable to control his laugh. He was rolling all over the floor seeing her in that situation.
The second time she had thought of making rice as the kitchen had nothing of western culture.Easy nd fast to make n eat.
In the process she was stuffing something or the other to stop the sound of her stomach demanding for a healthy food. The rice lastly burnt.
She yelled and was very much done with it.

Now, the last time. If it was not done she will give up she had made up her mind.
It had been an hour in the kitchen. She literally started suffocating.
She peeled the last piece of cucumber in the kitchen. She crunched it soon.

Annoyed by all this, she cried out at him
“Are you seriously going to let me stave?”
He ate the last piece and walked to the counter.
” hmm… Will you leave me?” he asked gently standing meter away.
Her eyes rounded and stared at him unbelievably.

Did he just say that? Really? In some corner she was feeling happy. But No she made up her mind.

“What you mean?” she asked hesitantly.
“Starve for two days or eat as much you want BUT… You need to stay with me ” he cleared his words.
She blinked like a humming bird falpping her wings.
“What? Starve for two days? Was that a joke?”

“so you chose that?” he asked mockingly and turned.
“Hey! Wait…. I want to eat plzz” she pleaded.

“what you thought?”
She closed her eyes pressing her anger and replied
“I’ll stay”

He smirked and took her to the car holding her by waist.

The place was almost serene. No trespassers were there. The road all silent and calm.
She sat in as he opened the car door. He walked by and took the driver seat.

They went to a restaurant in the middle of the city in half an hour.

“Order” he said.
She looked at the menu and ordered starter, mainmeal, desert… two plates each for her only as if this was her last day and the last chance to eat.
He chuckled observing her while she ate madly tossing everything.
Who will believe that a lady so beautiful and well dressed will eat like a baby elephant.
For an hour she kept eating then raised up her face to see him.
“I am done” she said as she stood up to go for wash basin.
“Do you want to shop?” he asked while parking the car before a big mall.
She looked back at him in utter disbelief.
“Of course” she screamed happily.
“Go then” he said.
“wont you come? I dont have money. You didnt asked me to bring my…” she started to give reasons and her desperation to shop but was cut off.

“Lady… Go inside and shop as much as you want. I will be back in a moment. ” he said.
“but Where are you going?” she asked.
“I have some work” he replied and went to the other roadside.

Vidhi kept looking at him. She made an observance. He was looking too hot with his silky brown hairs comoletely mstching with his fair skin. He looked the most dashing in the crowd in that dark blue almost like black shirt with the top buttons open and the black jeans with shiny well polished shoes. His way of walking and his attitude and personality was so charmin

She rested her chin above the car admiring him. Suddenly she felt deceited when he hugged a girl at the other side though the hug looked formal.
The lady had wore a green short skinny dress with a coat over it. Vidhi wanted to go to them and slap that lady for hugging him but she realised she had no rights.

So this was his work? She thought. Negative things started craving in her head.
They were taking for a while smilingly and then both hugged again. Rishabh came back Crossing the road.
He was making his way to the mall when he noticed she was still standing their.

“You are still there?” he asked in confusion.
She didnt cared to reply and walked to him.
“Lets go back” she said controlling her feelings.
“What? Mood changed?” he enquired.
“Lets go home” she again kept her words.
“Are you okay?” he asked sensing her awkwardness.
“Are we going or should I roam around the city?” she said throwing him glare.

He held her wrist at once and hugged her. She hugged back tightly.
“Lets go then” he mumbled with his chin on her head.
She composed herself realising herself hugging a man in the middle of the city with many eyes over her.
She rushed to car seat and they both reached to the serene farmhouse again.


Oh I may have made many mistake guyz please deal with it. Dont hate me for that. Wrote in a hurry. So many blunders I can imagine, I couldn’t put all my efforts and I wamted to to get posted and published today only cause I am addicted to your comments.. You are free to drop your feedbacks and viewd about the story.
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