You are only mine! part 11


After a minute he stepped in the room. She was still in the position as she was left. Her body on the bed with both the legs swaying by bed side lazily and weakly. She was looking up the ceiling and her head lazily moved towards the door at his entry.

He lift her up in his arms and she didnt opposed.
“Where are you taking me?” she simply asked all soft voice coming as a whisper.
He didnt replied and just walked out of the house.
She glanced at the beautiful elegant farmhouse being in his arms with surprise. It looked wonderful. One always dream to have and live in such house. Then her head moved and she looked front. The garden was in front of her, fountain in mid, the same she saw from the room but more closer now.
He made her sit in the parkbench and sat along with her with his arms around her shoulder and making her head rest and her open palm placed on his chest.
“It is beautiful” she whispered.
He lowered his head a little to look at her but couldnt.
“Babe..” he said to raise her face but she didnt.
Her eyes became watery and hardly out of her control, a drop fell and stucked on to her lashes.
She had turned very weak. Physically, she was but mentally also she was becoming vulnerable.
She wrapped her arms around him tightly without looking at him.
He understand her and embraced her in his warm body.
“Why do you care for me?” she mumbled in his chest with her lips almost on his skin.
His heart raced fast on her words and on her touch.
She can listen to his beat and then looked up facing him. Suddenly, His body stiffened and his voice become cold.
“Come! You need to have rest now!”
She didn’t reacted as she knew he would have ignored it only.
He didnt waited for her to answer and lift her and walked to the room.

Her eyes bounced out.
All the mess was clean up. She blinked twice. Just few minutes ago the room was all looking like a garbage dumping area and now it had everything at right place. She noticed the vase was changed but the flowers were same. The bedsheet was changed but still the same white colour. There was not even a single piece of broken glass.
She remembered him telling that he will call a servant but in just five minutes? Bot like man.

Someone knocked.
“Sir the room is cleaned. We have done everything as you said. Anything else sir?” A man around mid 40s was calling him sir? Well, thats ok but he can say him not to call that as a good boy in movies. The man is elder after all.
Anyways, he is stone hearted she knew.
She realised she was still in his arms and now both facing the servant.
Gosh! Thats so awkward. She wanted to jump down but her weak body didnt supported. She was struggling but his arms felt like iron rod.
“God! Stop crawling like a reptile! Please!” he yelled.
And looked at the servant “yeah! You can go!”
“Okay sir”
He said and left the room closing the door.
“And you? Why are you performing your ariel acts on my arms?” he said lowering his head facing her.
She was feeling embarrassed ” why didnt you put me down? What he might be thinking?” she said with eyes rolling innocently.
He chuckled and laughed at her words and tossed her to the bed.
“Hmm..” he said and laid by his side on his back.
Suddenly his laugh changed into concern and he raised his body on his right elbow.
“How are you know?” he asked.
“I want to sleep.” she softly said ignoring his question.
“Hmm..okay..then sleep.”
“go to your room” she complained his presence but he didnt cared and just ignored wrapping her in his arms.
Her body was warm due to the fever.
He jerked himself “hey you have high temper. I will call a doctor. Wait!” he said taking out his phone.
She held his wrist “dont. I want to sleep.”
He crawled towards her and caressed his hairs with full concern.
She fell asleep after a while.
He adjusted her to the bed and went out.

She opened her eyes.
A stranger with belly fat was sitting by his side with stethoscope around his neck and specs on. He was writing something on a paper. As she blinked he had ripped it and handled to him.
Rishabh was standing just by the doctor’s side all attentive.
“Dont let her skip meal. She is very weak now and need proper care.
Hmm, so she is haemophilic. Then you must be very careful, her feet is injured. Luckily, It was a very small one or it would have affected a lot. Please be careful!” the doctor sounded like a concerned and strict father.
First time, Rishabh was silent when someone was most probably giving him an order.
They both left.

He came after a while with a bowl and some delicious aroma spread in the room. He kept it at the side and caressed my face. He leaned down and kissed on her forehead.
“wake up sweetheart” he whispered over her face and helped her to sit comfortably with back supported by the pillows.
“I miss Farha and Pari di.” she muttered.
“We used to eat together. After coming to hostel, Pari di left but Farha was there to accompany.” she continued all lost.
He just listened to her quietly stiring the soup.
He lift a spoon near her mouth.
“Have this. You will get well soon and then you can meet them” he pacified her pushing the spoon in her mouth as she opened listening to him.

He lifted one more.
“Risha di taught me cooking.”
She opened her mouth listening him.

“Di loves Indian food and I love whatever she makes.”

“so I !got habituated with Indian recipes.” he kept distracting her with his talks.

“you know cooking?” he asked pushing the last on her mouth.

She wiped her mouth and nodded in yes.
He smiled and made her drink water with the tablet.
“Take rest okay” he said patting her head and making her sleep again due to the sleeping pill.

Rishabh woke up and came out of his room. He didnt went for jogging as he didnt wanted to leave her alone. He had slept all night with her but during twilight walked to his room so that her feelings dont build up again for him.
He walked towards her room and opened the door. His eyes searched all around. She wasnt there. He checked the bathroom. She wasnt there either. His heart raced fast and he hurried to the hall to go out.
Suddenly he notice a figure of girl in the kitchen hair clutched forming bun and wearing a well knitted green cardigan and a long yellow cotton skirt. She was standing with all her wait on one leg. He can see her back and her elbow moving up and down chopping something.
His heartbeat became normal and his pace became fast towards her.
He lift her up from back all of sudden and made her sit on the counter.
His brow raised in a questioning gesture.
“What are you doing here?”
She raised her hand holding knife to show him.
“chopping veggies.”
“May I know why?”
“for lunch, I want to eat this fried… will you please cook it for me?” she pleaded eyes begging innocently.
“pleasee…. I have made the tea and sandwiches for breakfast. You can have that and cook this veggies in the afternoon… As a thank you?” she continued blabbering.
He placed his hands on the counter covering her and gazed all over her face.
“Thank you?? Really??” He asked whispering.
“Hmm” she replied voice trembling
He moved back getting her down and took a bite of the sandwich.
“I dont prefer tea. Make coffee” he said walking lazily out ofthe kitchen.
She did the same jumping and hoping around the kitchen on one foot.
As she was pouring it she heard a laugh and turned back to look at him.
He was leaned at the wall and laughing hard.
“silly girl!” he chuckled.
“If you forgot, i got injured that is the reason. Stop laughing huh?”
“Yeah, and in that condition you are so very interested to cook.”He completed his words without waiting for a reply as he knew she had no excuse now to continue the arguement.
He opened the fridge and undo the cap of real juice and drank like a thirsty crow. His adam apple bobbed.
Damn hot he was.
She closed her eyes tight to wall his hotness.
As she peeped she staggered seeing his face just an inch away.
“Careful babe… Is your foot okay now?” he asked with his hands around her waist.
“Maintain distance please” she muttered.
He smiled an unseen one though she noticed it. He looked so cute but hardly does he do so. First time she saw him smiling on their second meet when his face changed through a frown to uplifted lip.
“You had breakfast ?” he asked breaking her dream.
“Hmm yeah” she answered.
“your foot okay now?”
“so what are you waiting..hop to your room.” he said coldly.
Her eyes rolled. She walked to the hall and jumped on the sofa with legs spread covering the whole space.
He followed her.
“Hey! Can you please play a music?” she said rather ordered with a sweet tone when he was just at her back.
Before he frowned again she again spoke.this time requested with pouted lips “puh-leaseee”
He couldn’t resist at her such a cute puppy face and played a song. Luckily, it was what she wanted, a romantic melodious tune.
He was just goingto change the song when she hopped to him and tapped his shoulder from back.
He turned and she placed her hand in his and made him sway to the tune alongwith her.
The magic worked and he was lost in her eyes the very next moment. He hold her waist with the free hand and she placed her hand on his shoulder. Both lost in each other.
He lift her a little making her feet placed on his. Now, he was swaying her in the beat. His fingers slid the top and travelled inside the bare body. She felt current at his every move. They kept moving along for few minutes and came back to sense when a sudden hip hop song played.
She pulled back and he smirked lowering his head. He pulled her again, lifted her chin and kissed gently on her lips.
“well, you are very romantic babe” he smirked saying just on her face.
Her pale skin turned pink and a heat passed through her body.
“I…. I should rest” she said and turned.
He chuckled at her innocence and let her go.

After a while he called someoe on phone.
“yeah! Drop them here. Okay!” he said and kept the phone with the five words.

Suddenly Risha banged the main door.
“Hey! What are you doing here?” she enquired looking at him.
“slow di, she is sleeping inside” he intoned.
“What..?? So kaha tak baat badi?” she asked smiling a naughty one.
“God damn! Shut up di.. Please and why you came here?” he cut her.
She became normal “I got to know about your story from Anand. You didnt told me huh? ” she made an angry face.
“Well, dont answer..fine I am going to meet her.” she said taking steps forward.
He didnt stopped. He knew Vidhi wanted company.

In the room, Vidhi was sitting in the bed. Risha entered with a lovely smile on her face.
“Hey beautiful. How are you now?” she asked.
Vidhi remembered her face.
“I am Risha, Rishabh’s sister” she cleared seeing her confused face.
“Oh I am fine di” she replied smiling back.
Risha walked forward and sat by her side.
“You like him?” she asked leaving Vidhi all shocked and surprised.
She gulped with unblikned eyes.
“What? I mean.. Who?”
“Do you Like Rishabh?” she ignored her reaction.
She couldn’t answer and felt uncomfortable just when Rishabh walked in.

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As Soon as I got time will write n post.
Good night guyz
Till then keep smiling 🙂 thousand volt wala… Bye bye

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  1. awesome yaar. Loved it. Amazing writing. Keep going.

    1. Heya sweetheart. Thanks a lot for appreciating my work. Stay tuned for the mext epi. 🙂

  2. Roshni…..I lov u baby….sachhhiiiii….it’s amazing

    1. Hurray!!! Now this is what wish come true …Thank you so much di. Love you too a lot.

      1. No darling…really…actually I love th8s story….I wish that I m that girl… Hehehe

    2. Why?? Hehe I accepted it as a very sweet complimemt. I didnt knew My characters are so interesting!

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      1. So, you are married? And every girl love to do dance like this but kya kare! You need to set the mood 😉 . Try my idea 😉 unfortunately, I dnt have any experience of this things till now.
        I will try to update the next week probably. Please keep reading and do comment like always to show your support sweetest di.. 🙂 :*

      2. hmmm…so u hv entrance…then oh…i will adjust by keeping a stone on my heart anyhow…..ufffff ye zalim roshni…………..

    4. Roshni…..what next week…..I am waiting for new one like fools 🙁 and yes m married and mother of a baby girl……what to do Bab….. We are hopeless in case if romance….hehehe…..strange couple of our whole family…..hahaha…..v dance together in weddings only……

      1. Oh my god di!!! Thats such a lovely comment. Seriously I just cant describe in words how happy I am reading your view… 10 times! Too much happiness crawling in my heart. Love you to the moon and back for making my day.
        I am little curious to know how you handle so many things like family with a cutee sa baby and also reading and supporting us?
        #sweetestheart i met in tellyupdates till now.

      2. *blush*blush*blush*blush* i am turned pink…..not but mazenta actually…….hehehehe….

      3. Yahhh and thanks a lot di… I literally wanna start typing now and post a part of the story anyhow but ..I cant 🙁 bleh … But once my entrance get over na i will update evry day.

    5. I hope u believe but I read this chapter near about 10 times….

    6. its okk babesssssssssssss

  3. Superb epi..waiting for next epi.

    1. Hey ryths. Thanks a loads yaar. I’l update next week

  4. Hi Roshni..! May be i am the only one who is happy tht u wont update till next week.. I am busy with my entrance exams. I thought i will miss ur updates.. Bt now i thnk i will nt mis ur ff..! And dear pls update as early as possible as i can’t wait to read ur stories.. Will miss u so much

    1. Kavya mai kya batau!!! I too am preparing for it and I cant write now and continue it. My mom will bang a utensil on my head and crush my phone if sees my again busy tapping the keypad.
      And wish you all the best and to me too :p

      1. All the best dear..!!! 🙂

  5. Wowwww awesome episode. ..
    It’s very beautiful n lovely. ….don’t worry dear …update when you find time….story getting more and more interesting with each update. …it’s really superbbbb. ….keep it up….love you loads

    1. Thank you so much roma for understanding me n my situation. I will keep trying to write whenever I get little free. I surely will and thanks for your beautiful comment yaar. it really encourages me lotttt.

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    1. Hey dashni.. glad to see you here dear. Really overwhelmed and more with the sweet comoliment. Thanks alottttt..

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