You are only mine! part 10


As she open her eyes, everything seemed different. Every single thing was evenly large and huge than the things in her room. The clocked clinged at the strike of hour hand at 8.
Her dizziness flew when she realised that it was not her room. She rubbed her eyes with the back making an annoyed face and yawned.
The curtains stopped the sunrays to reach the room. It struggled penetrating making the room more beautiful. The glass table was glittering. After a randon observation she tried to sand and check out.
She walked to the hall, a very large hall like she had entered a palace. The large pillars, white washed wall, tiled floor, then the 40 inch tv that played some romantic seducing songs and just at the side she can see the kitchen counter flourished.
Her eyes went to the large cushioned sofa and she can see a head lulling sideway. She walked towards it weakly and slowly stabilising herself at every step.
Her eyes rounded seeing Rishabh tossed their and some wine bottles was there in the table.
It didnt took time for her to understand. And she shakes him hard.
Well, he seemed to be very attentive even at sleep. He woke up at once and soon it turned in anger as he saw him leaned towards her.
“What the hell are you doing here?” he yelled.
“and will you please tell me why amd how am I here?” he yelled back.
He grasped her hand and took her to the room. He pushed her in and grunted before turning back.
“Remain here!”
And locked the door from outside.
She got frustrated inside and ransacked the things around.
Meanwhile, her foot bleed due to broken glass.

After few minutes he came in with a bowl of chicken soup in his hand.
His silky hair was damped drooping down at his forehead. So he had taken shower. He had changed to track pants and a rounded light T shirt. He gazed at the condition of the room but ignored it. Then he looked up. She was standing crossed arm with full ‘what?’ look.
He ignored her as well and walked lazily towards the side of bed and kept the bowl aside the table lamp.
He made a fist and then clenched his hairs from back closing his eyes controlling the rising temper. His skin blood vessels constructed and bicep muscles flexed that she clearly noticed.
Then walked towards her and grasped her arm softly with eyes bloodshot glaring her and dragged her at the bed making her sit.
Her arms still crossed she sat down looking at him trying to understand and read his mind through his eyes but he didnt gave an eye to her.
Took the bowl, amd made her have it, pushing the spoon in her mouth as she didnt opened everytime.
A lone tear escaped her eyes and she immediately wiped it trying to become strong.
He raised his face and looked at her eyes and just the next second rushed out of the room.It was becoming hard for her to understand him. His every act disturbed and left her all broken. Even his care started hurting. She was not that weak person.
She had a family who fulfilled her every wish. Its just that she never demanded anything but she knew if she does, she will get it the very next day. Her family was complete, mom dad and an elder brother.
But somewhere they didnt shared a strong bonding not even a good one. Her dad had got a lot of fame in the state and remained busy with her brother in the business meetings and all. Her mother was house wife but take leisure gossiping around with ladies od same status amd was of showy nature. No one understood her. She felt lonely in her own house.
Yeah! It was a house. Not a home. Their was love missing in the house.
If she was hungry she will get the food but there wasnt anyone to feed her lovingly. And when just now, Rishabh did that her heart skipped. Her heart wanted to be with him, to be around him. It had built up a special place for him. And before it can, she wanted to destroy it, break it down. Because she didnt wanted to fall for him. She didnt wanted to get hurt everyday. Destroying the feeling is much more betrer than Feeling pain each day.

In the other hand, Rishabh’s heart bleed when she said those hurtful words. He wanted to go away but he can not control himself when she is near him. An unknown fear, does not let her come near him. But, Whenever a boy looks at her, touch her he wanted to destroy him right there and beat him till he turn to ash. His blood boils when she sends him away. His blood boils when he sees hatred for him in her eyes. The hatred that she built up to cover the love craving inside.

Afternoon, Rishabh comes to her room. She was standing near the large window panes and curtains rised up watching the panorama. The beautiful flowers of the garden, buzzing bees and the fountain in the mid.
He walks towards her. She had his back to him.
“Vidhi!” he said softly.
She turned around her eyes and peak of nose red. He felt fully guilty and took a step closer.
He cupped her face raising it up and leaned towards her resting his head on hers,their forehead touched.
Their eyes closed then he wrapped her in his arms.
After a moment he released.
“It is our farmhouse. Doc. Had asked you to have a complete bed rest for a day.
The lunch is ready. Lets go” he said lazily slowly sounding all tired amd pained gathering strength.
She just walked with him to the kitchen table and sat in the chair.
He served her and waited for her to eat.
She looked at the plate. He was damn pure Indian. Suddenly her lips uplift and her stomach growled.
It was rajma god! And another paneer! Smelling so delicious and even he served it like a chef all clean and beautiful.
She stared him “did you made it?” she asked with a little smile. He felt good seeing it and nodded in a yes.
“Really?” she again asked unconvinced.
“yeah! are you eating now?” he said coldly with a glare.
“Wont you eat?”
“Why?” she aksed amd before he could answer she turmed up the plate and served him too.
He smiled a little at her innocent looking at and agreed.
They both ate together with her eating a lot and he just smiled and stared at her.
“god! It is so yummy!” she said licking her fingers.
She had took out the spoon and ate with hands.
He cannot help and just smiled.
She had forgotten whatever happened sometime or happening since the first day.After she was done, she looked at him then at plate and her eyes rounded.
He sensed it and started drooling his spoon at the curry and took a small piece of roti so perfectly and ate like a defence officer who was taught strictly the ways to eat.
Cook like Indian and ate like Western. She didnt felt it good and reched his plate. She took a arge piece of roti and dipped it in the curry and pushed it in his mouth all annoyed before he could resist.
She took another and again pushed it with him chewing like a sewing machine stiching. She again took a piece but before she can push he hold her wrist but little loose. She looked at his eyes. He gulped and drank a glass of water with the other hand and pulled her near to him then at his lap with both her legs on the other side of his thighs and his hand at her waist supporting her.
She just gave an astonished look.
“Now feed me” he whispered.
She hesitated but took a piece. This time little small and made him eat.
He just kept staring at her.
After the plate was empty he again drank water and made her more comfortable.
“Wanna go out?” he asked softly.
She got stunned at the unexpected question and her face enlightened.
“Where?” she asked innocently.
“Go get ready!” he says making her stand.
“but…I dont have dress” she whispered enough for him to hear.
He hold her waist lovingly and take her to the room. He opened the cupboard making her left all surprised.
Her dresses were there. Not only dresses but all the stuffs.
“From now. You are going to stay here. Your hostel room is all cleaned.” he stopped a moment and glanced the room “and this.. All that you have done..” he sighed amd continued “will call a servant and get it cleaned” he compelted leaving her all frozen and stoodstill,dumbstruck.
She came to sense and broke “what? But why will I? No.. I mean not at all.. How can I? Never.. Puh-lease I cant live here…never!” she bit out in a breath and he chuckled.
“What??? I am damm serious! I cant live here. Are you listening?” she said snapping her fingers.
You are still weak babes. Dont waste your energy and you better get it cause I am not going to change my words.
She stomped her foot and she screamed due to the injury.
“Ouchhh” he cried.
She got his attention
“What happened ?” he asked concerned.
She jumped with one leg and sat to the bed with one hand holding the injured feet.
He bent down to check.
“f**k! Why didnt you told me?” he got exhausted and took out the first aid box from the drawer immediAtely and cleaned her feet and band aid it.
‘Thank god!’ he sighed. The wound was not much. Just a little.
“This is the reason I want you stay here Idiot girl!” he said to himself almost under his breath but she heard him.
“Did you just called me an idiot you dog?” she yelled.
His face rised. Dog? Did she just said that?
“you b*t*h” he replied back.
She frowned and said a loud voice “you..” but she didnt get any word as she hardly cursed.
But she didnt lose and took out a pillow and hit his head.
He smiled lowering his head for a moment and was enjoying.
He picked the pillow and hit her back at her waist.
“You are a donkey!” she vociferated and gave a very irritated look.
He was damn enjoying watching her all annoyed and frustrated. She looked so cute that she was unknown of.
“idiot girl!” he saud under breath and walked out of the room.


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  1. It’s awesome yr..really really lyk it to d core….i cn’t wait to read next part…plsss post asap

    1. Next gonna take time dear m so sorry. I will try to write soon. You liked my story and i like you 😉 for ur support. Thanks a lot

  2. Nice ..and funny it

    1. Hey thank you so much varsha… 🙂
      Hope you guyz managed with the typos.

  3. Heya everyone, I am so sory for the mistakes yr, I wanted to correct it here but its too much..the typos.hope you manage with it guyz. M so sorry.
    Next time before posting will surely check as the errors distracts while reading. Dumb me 🙁

  4. Its gud dr 🙂

    1. Thanks you so much sweetheart <3

  5. i liked it a lot……….waiting for next epi……..

    1. That means a lot asmitha. Thanks a ton will write n post as soon I got free

  6. Episode was awesome as always..!!! Nd sorry i couldn’t comment yesterday due to some reason.. Bt i will always make sure tht i will read ur ff nd thn do any other wrk..!! Keep gng dear

    1. Oh yrr so lovely.. It was really very sweet of you. You always manage to make my day. Thans a lotttttt

  7. Awesome yaar the moment ws so cute with so love roshni plzzzzz tell me y vidhi is trying to ignore rishab plzzzzzzz cmnt

    1. Thats in the part only dear.. When Lia is remembering about her family.. Actually she is a peron who wasnt ever loved so she doesnt anyone to come so close to her and become so important. Eventually she had fallen in for him but Rishabh had sime other ressons. will slowly reveal.
      Thanks for reading, keep commenting dear. Feels good!

  8. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. …just loved it to the core. …it’s really superbbbb n very interesting story. …ridhi very lovelyyyyyy pair…I enjoyed their fights n arguments. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much roma.. Your comments are always so diabetic. i hope i make the next part more intersting without any typos errors.

  9. I am dying to know the secrets……y she can’t love him???does she have some family issues??? And one to ask u “how did u choose the character. Actually i saw pyar tunae kya kiya and got stuck to it bec niti name was also vidhi. Did u chose her as a character?? I want to know which best pair u remember while writting this ff???” If u want u can share!!!!

    1. No no i dnt watch ptkk… And no pairs in mind.. Just a story stuck and i pen it down. Hardly do i watch tv now as all shows are boring.

  10. Hey!!!ans fr my 1st two lines!!!!!!!!!!……..

    1. So sorry.. Thats because yah…family. Like as i said in the story.. Love is missing in their family and falling for him will be just one sided as she thinks he has another girl in life that she saw in lappy. And moreover, Rishabh is rude arrogant so she dnt wanna fall in love with such guy.
      Hope i cleared. Thank you. Do keep reading amd commenting

  11. Hi Roshni, i read all the chapters of your ff today. I really liked it no no loved it.
    Waiting for next update.

    1. Yrr thank you so much moni. On cloud nine …. Too much happy …just cant express .. Love you too and please keep reading and commenting

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