You are only mine! part 1


Hello everyone! Roshni here! I am so obsessed of writing. I have wrote two ff’s here and I really find it amazing as telly updates have given us a chance to write stories and gave some space to our imaginations. More than that make some amazing friends.
So here I go with the story. I hope you enjoy and comment. Have a great day ahead!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I entered the college. It was my first day but I didn’t felt that different because Pari and Farah were with me. Pari,my cousin studying in third year was living here in Mumbai since she was two years old. Farah was my best friend who got admission alongwith me and we came here to pursue our higher educations in medical.
I saw “MAHAJAN MEDICAL INSTITUTE” written in large bold letters. It reminded me my hardwork for cracking the entrance. It was one of the biggest and reputed college in India.
Suddenly, a black shiny car came in full speed and stopped at the parking yard. The face of all the girls glowed. I wondered ‘why?’. Will it be like the one happening in movies? A tall dark handsome man will come out of it?
But to my surprise and flushing my thoughts A Lady comes out in a black crop top and a beautiful red pencil skirt. She was looking glamourous. The boys nearby had their eyes glued to her and some girly whispers also stroke my ears. It seemed they were jealous.
The whisper stopped and my eyes moved from the lady when a tall handsome dashing man comes out of the car. His body was well structured.
‘Woah!what an attitude’ I muttered. He was wearing a greyish shirt with the formals. His eyes were not hid under any goggles. He was looking smart even in that normal outfits.
Surprisingly he steals a glance at me and walks away.
“Oh my GOD!” Pari cheered. “He looked at you!”
“So what?” I said
“You will know it soon silly!” she patted at my head.
“Who was he and that girl?” Farah enquires.
“The boy was my batchmate, Rishabh Mahajan but hardly do we know each other. And the girl was his sister, Karuna Mahajan studying in last year.”
” they got everyone’s attention!” Farah says curiously.
“Yeah! Cause they are the MAHAJAN’s.”
“you mean their dad is the owner of the college?” I joined the convo.
“Yes! Come now! We will get late for the class.”

Pari showed us the way to their class and heads to her’s.
In the way, I saw him coming towards us with some of his friends. He was red as if someone has cheesed him off.
He again looked at me and smiled. I was bewildered at the change of expressions.
Then their friend also stared at me for few seconds and went.
“Why did they stared me this way?” I burst.
“Dunno! Ragging? ” Farah spoke slowly with fear in her voice.
“Shut up! There wont be anything like that..” I consoled her as if I was telling it to myself.
We went to class where introduction of our mates were done. Later, the professors taught us for few minutes and left.
After two classes we got a break.

“Excuse me where is the third year class?” i asked a boy in the corridoor searching for pari. I noticed it was his friend who stared at me in the morning.
Without waiting for a reply I started leaving but he did. I thought he would also wear the same attitude.
“Second floor left turn and go straight.”
I looked back “Thank you.”

I went to the third floor as directed.
The door was closed. It was dark inside. I got little nervous and doubtful. I remembered Farah talking about pranks and ragging.
I turned to go back to my class but a sudden force pulled me. It was him. There was no one inside. My whole body started sweating in fear.
“Leave me” I said.
He maintained his eyes on me. I felt uncomfortable and tried to release myslef with my all strength but damn! He was too strong.
“Leave me please!” I begged. I was almost going to shed if he would not have leave me.
” Vidhi Chopra! This is what your name is Right?” finally he spoke something but still didnt moved his eyes from me.
How does he know my name? I thought and looked at him in amusement.
He came closer. I resist but he again grabbed and slowly ran his fingers in my cheeks wiping the drops.
I shoved him.
“Pleaseeeee dont do such pranks again.” I requested looking at his eyes that were still on me.
“Why are you staring me????” I lastly complained.
“Who sent you here?” he asked without answering the question. Well, lastly he took off his eyes from me. It aroused little confidence in me.
“As if you dont know?”
He again stared that broke my confidence all again. I looked lower.
“Just answer the question.”
Damn! He was too rude.
“your friend! I asked him about the third year class” I replied little hesitatingly.
“f**k!” he continued. “… Go straight and turn right. Dont believe anyone blindly.” he left saying this.
I looked at him going till he was fully not out of my view.


Hope you enjoyed the epi. I would like to know your views and feedbacks in the comment.
See ya!

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  1. Ur story was awesome……i want to know the name of the other two ff’s… plzzzzzzz tell it

    1. Too happy by your comment dear…
      It is TILL THAT DAY and I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE YOU .. Hope you would like it.

  2. Awesome roshni no words to say plxzzzzzzzz update everyday nd update one more chapter plzzzzzzzz will be waiting

    1. Thanks a lot dear.. Let the exams finish. Only one day left then i will be regular. Keep reading

  3. ohh vow this one is also vow u really create a magic yr soo cute waiting waiting plzz be back soon love u byee tc

    1. Oh my dear! It was really very sweet of you … I am now unable to control myself from writing.

  4. Awesome, marvellous episode keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

  5. Awesome storyline:) You are good writer too dear πŸ™‚

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