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Hi readers! This is my first article on humour although I m not very satisfied that it is humourous. I would like you to read it and let me know your views on it. I have written a ff on Shivika also. You can find it by the name of Lovebirds. Following are the thoughts of a girl when she is interrupted in her convo with her bestie. And girls are way possessive about their besties. Agree?
My blood was boiling on seeing her with that witch. I have been her best friend (atleast I assume it) from the past I dont know how many years. How could she leave me in the middle of my shoe selection? It looked like that new girl has really powerful magical powers. She could cast a spell on her anytime . I needed to save my friend , I couldnt let her fall into such a cheesy trap. I so wished I could get a fine gun (off course with a silencer) and shoot that psycho in a single shot. No , two or three shots , my aim is bad. Oh! Gawd ,Why was that girl standing so close to my friend?Didnt she know that my friend was allergic to perfume? Her scent was already sending me into a mosquito – killing frenzy and spoiling the ambience of the place. Her hair, reminded me of Albert Einstein. Her shoes looked decent enough, I liked them but I couldnt off course ask her where she got them from. I couldnt believe that my best friend was leaving me for that God-knows-who type of girl, I really wanted to storm off from there but I had to maintain that welcome-here sort of look. I could at least stalk her on Facebook and get just everything I wanted to know about her. But what if social media information would be fake or she might Turn out to be a terrorist? Oh no terrorist, I had to look out for that girl. My high alert mode on. My friend was back so I had to get my face back to normal.
I hope you like this . Its my first article (maybe the last one too). Please let me knoe your views so that I can improve . Appreciation is welcome and criticism is more welcome.

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