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Recap of Previous Part -“Swara’s Feelings, Sanskaar asking her to Sign uttra’s Wedding contract, Swara denies but at last signs it for Uttra’s happiness, Swara n Sanskaar office encounter, Swara and Nikhil reaches MM as per contract clause, Swara and Nikhil’s frndship which makes Sanskaar hell jealous, which results aggressive romance btwn SwaSan, SwaSan cute movements of he saving her from falling n Swara bandaging his wound, Sanskaar’s childhood frnds arrival as guest, which makes Swara jealous.. Out of jealousy Swara dances with Nikhil raising Sanskaar’s jealousy to its peak.. Sanskaar takes Swara to their room forcefully, and both ends up indulging in Possessive yet Passionate Romance, Swara’s confession to Sleeping Sanskaar!!”


She was first to get up in morning.. It was when he was sleeping peacefully beside her.. She caressed his hairs.. And blushed seeing their position, his hand was on her Waist.. His first buttons were broken.. While her jewellery was on floor.. Her hairs and dress was messy..

She cupped his cheek..and murmured.. -” I know I am doing wrong to u, but this is necessary sanskaar, I have to go away from u…  we can never be together..we r not meant to be maybe, today after the shaadi I will leave Kolkata for ever and ever..I was just trying to stay away from u by my harsh behaviour but I can’t.., so it’s better I go away, I know u love me a lot, I love you more than anything but this truth will only hurt u.. And I can’t give u burden of whole life, am sorry Sanskaar, am sorry !! ” tears made there own ways..

She caresses his cheeks slowly, making sure that his sleep don’t get break by her, slowly bending down she placed a soft peck on his forehead, squeezing her eyes tightly, her lips lingering on his forehead more than necessary !!

The pain she was going through was indescribable, she was leaving him, the person she loves the most, the person who loves her more than anything, her heart was breaking into millions of pieces only cz she was hurting him, where she clearly knew that he has done nothing, and she was going to punish him to his worst by going away from him.

She slowly got up from him, she shut her eyes tightly again shedding the unshed tears while unwrapping his arm which was wrapped around her waist, She was crying while doing it, as if it was effecting her a lot..

Soon she got off bed and ran out of room staring him lovingly with tears for one final time. She ran straight to her room and cried her heart out sitting on floor.. Completely unaware about that Sanskaar listened everything what she said to his sleeping form..

On other hand he sat on bed as soon she ran out of Room, he was shocked to listen her words., ‘What !!! she is going to leave me forever ?? But Why?? Why she is doing this when she loves me lot.. What’s the reason ??’ He thought.. “what ever may be the reason, I’ll not let her go away from me, she is my life, I can’t..I can’t live without her, I’ll not let u go Swara, I’ll Never let any reason to separate us, not even death can part us.. NO.. ” he said to himself and went out after bathing..

He tried to go to her room but sujata called him to chk other arrangements as it was Uttra’s marriage day, and Naina sticked to him like fevicol, Swara was in front of him doing all arrangements of Mandap, but He wasn’t able to talk to her, one after other was coming in middle of them, he was so desperate to ask the reason and to stop her from Leaving him…

Swara was stealing glances, she was having utter pain in her heart, she thought its the last day she is seeing him, she wanted to imprint him in her heart, Her eyes Forever, till death !!

She loved him like anything, never thought they will be separated, and never knew that destiny will play such dirty game with her, that she will not be able to share the problem with her own husband..

She was trying hard to stop her tears but couldn’t, tears made their own ways down to her cheeks when she was staring at him.. Her tears weren’t unnoticed by him..

His heart twisted seeing tears in Her eyes, He had a urge to hug her and take all her pain, but thing was hurting him was ‘Why She Is doing this to me’.

It was evening finally, from morning he tried a lot to talk with her, but couldn’t sometimes situation was unfavourable and some times she Ignored him.. It was hard for her to ignore the person she loves more than anything, but she tried her best to do so. And yup she was successful though giving herself more pain..

She completed her work and went towards her room to get ready, he followed and stopped her in tracks..

-“Why are You doing this Swara ?? Why?  ” he asked taking baby steps towards her.. She gulped seeing pain in his eyes, she knew if he does it more she won’t be able to control herself from collapsing in his arms, but she cannot do it, no she can’t, she took a back step with his every step towards her..

-“Umm what Are u saying sir ?” She tried be to act as dumb.. Unknown of that he knows everything now, that she is pushing him away from her coz of other reason..

-“Don’t act Swara, y are u hurting yourself, y are u hurting me ?? Answer me Swara, what’s the reason that is making u away from me ? It hurts here, hurts a lot ” He said pointing his index finger on his left side of chest, right about his heart.. -“Please Answer me, What’s hurting u? We will find a way together..but please don’t push me away !! Don’t do that Swara ” a lone tear escaped from his eye when he spoke getting closer to her.

Swara was breathing fast controlling her emotions.. She was doing it with all her energy to push him away, but his pain, his pleading words, his tears, his unconditional love, were making her weak.. ‘No I Can’t tell him the truth.. U are making me weak Sanskaar.. Please don’t do this…, please.’ She thought in her mind..

-“What are u saying Sanskaar am not getting it..” She again tried to say…

-“For God sake Swara stop this drama, y are u going away from me, what’s the reason, please come back to me.. Can’t we live like before..Together.” He said.. Coming More close to her.. She had no other way to escape as her back got bumped in pillar behind.

“Laksh, reason is the Laksh. ” she tried to lie him.. He sighed but next movement he held her from shoulders and said in a furious voice -“Stop lieing !!!  I know its not the reason, its something else that is disturbing u..Damn Say me the actual reason !! ” he said digging his nails in her shoulders.. Mixture of emotions coursing through his orbs !!

Swara closed her eyes to gather courage, she prepared herself for hurting both of them again.

-“I am not Lieing, in fact its the truth it’s the sole reason, Laksh is missing coz of u, I’ll not return until he comes back or u bring him back, coz of you my sister is suffering and u want me to come back to you..” She said him taunting in a way.. But inside she was cursing herself for blaming him again and again, there was no way out of it, she can’t tell him the truth nor return to him..

Sanskaar knew how much adamant she is, he very well knew that she has prepared herself not to get weak even by his proximity and pain. So he decided to create a way to get answers from her..

He stepped away, making her shock.. He took back steps.. Before saying further -“Ok I’ll believe you Swara, that am the reason for it.. I’ll believe you that coz of this u are leaving me.. ” he said standing 3-4 steps away from her.

She felt a pain passing through her heart when he accepted the blame which she kept on him.. But she took sigh of relief when his words ‘I’ll believe You’ registered in her mind.. She thought now she can leave.. ‘LEAVE, yes I have to leave him, I know I can’t live without him.. But I have to leave him for him, I can’t let him suffer and listen the taunting of world, after my leaving He can move on in life.’ She said in her heart..

But next movement her heart beat increased when he continued -“I’ll Believe, Mein maan lunga Swara bas ek baar yehi baat meri aankhon me dekh kr bolo, Yun Nazre chura kar nahi, Kaho ki meri galti ki wajah se tum mujsy dur jaa rahi ho, Kaho ki yahi wajah hai or koi wajah nahi, kaho Swara ki meri wajah se tum hum dono ko ye saja de rahi ho.. Agar tumne ye meri Ankhon me Ankhe daal kr keh dia toh I promise, I’ll not stop u. ” he said looking straight at her face, while she was looking down not venturing to look straight in his eyes.. She knew now she can’t lie anymore, she was trapped, he very well knew how to get answers from her, he knew everything about her, n y won’t he, She is his, his love.

-“What are you staring at floor Swara, I said say it looking into my eyes.. ” he said when she did not respond for few seconds.. -“Look at me ” his voice Dictating as he continued..

She immediately look at him.. They eyes locked in a painful eye lock.. No words were ventured to come from her.. As she very well knew, that she couldn’t lie staring in that ‘Deep Chocolate Brown Eyes’ of his… Every single time she looked in it and got lost in its depth..

‘Please Sanskaar don’t make it more difficult for me, please’ her eyes were conveying the unspoken words to him with pain in them..

While, his eyes were saying ‘Say me Swara I can’t let u go, to let go You, is to let go myself, please tell me what’s making u do this.’ Pain was constant element in both pair of orbs !!

-“Say it Swara,…” He tried to say again but this time got interrupted from a voice behind..

-“Sanky, Uttra is calling You.. ” he turned to find Naina standing at a distance with her normal smile flicked on her rosey lips..

While Swara took a breath of relief..

-“Ok, I’ll come in 5 minutes,u can go.” He said, his voice a bit rude, he didn’t even care for anyone feeling bad, right now at the movement only Swara, only His Swara Mattered to him.

Swara gulped, but next words of brought her back -“Actually She has to go to mandap in few minutes, so.. Can u please come now..” Naina stated..

Sanskaar sighed -“OK am coming ” he said, before turning to Swara again -“It doesn’t mean that u will escape from me, u have to answer me Swara, u have to. “Said he in slow yet promising voice so that no third person can listen them.. With this last words he left, Naina following him at back.. 

She stared at his retreating back, her vision blur with unshed tears.. -” Am Sorry Sanskaar, but I can’t come in ur life to make it hell.. I can’t let you down..” She said before locking herself in room..

She washed her face, looking in mirror, she saw the Hickey which he has given her last night.. She smiled sadly caressing it., Thinking about their last night romance.. Thinking how possessive and caring he is towards her.

Her smile sad curve faded away as it was the last hour she was here, in front of him, in Maheshwari, next hour she needed to go, go away from him.

She washed her face wiping the tears with water, she glanced in mirror only to find her face ‘sullen’, her big eyes swollen, clearly reflecting what she was going through.

She got ready and in matter of minutes she was looking breathing in Peech coloured lenga with contrast choli, she applied layer of makeup just to hide her sad face, everything was perfect, only her prettiest smile was missing from rosey lips of hers.

She hurried to go out as already the rituals were started.. She saw him staring at her, a smirk playing on his lips, she got confused.. But her eyes widened when she looked around, millions of emotions showed up in her eyes..when he saw laksh standing there, not alone but with a smiling Ragini..

A smiled appeared on her lips seeing her sister happy.. Shekhar hugged Laksh.. While he smiled.. All were happy with his return..

-“Manne pata tha chore, tu jaroor aavega, thari behen ka Jo biyah hai ” [I knew son, ull come definitely, after all Its ur loveable sister’s wedding] – sujata’s words pulled swara back from her trance..

Swara looked in Sanskaar’s direction who was gazing at her without blinking. 

Soon Ragini came and hugged swara in happiness, unknown how much mental agony she [Swara] was going through.. -“Swara see Laksh ji came, finally our wait got over Swara, he came back, now we can live happily with our love.. ” Ragini said shedding tears of happiness on Swara’s shoulders..

Swara hugged back and smiled for her, -“Haa Ragini, now u can live happily.” She said.. Ragini broke the hug. Ragini was so happy to register Swara’s words clearly.

Ragini told her that Laksh was away from here only because he was trying to get on to his own legs, to establish his own business and become just like Sanskaar.. And now he has proved himself and back to them.. All were happy that finally only child of house became grown up ?

Sanskaar came towards her while Laksh was consoling crying Uttra..

-“So now..” He said looking in her eyes.. But she did not reply as priest started to chant mantras when Uttra sat down in Mandap beside chirag..

Nikhil came and greeted Swara by enveloping her in a hug, he came to know everything by Ragini and shomi.. Swara just smiled at him.. Sanskaar who was standing at opposite side of Them near Uttra saw them with eyes filled with fury !!

The marriage rituals continued,  walking around the pure Fire Uttra and chirag were bound in a pious relationship of Husband and wife called ‘Marriage’.

Swara looking at Uttra imagined her and his marriage, thinking in such difficulties they never gave up on each other, and their love, and today she was going to leave him forever.

The marriage completed, the whole family shared happy movements together, all After marriage rituals were arranged in MM itself, as Chirag n his Family were from Rajesthan (Jaisalmer) and going to stay here for few days and take Uttra with them..

Family members were happy, they thought their family got completed., but it wasn’t yet, they thought like Ragini n Laksh, Swara n Sanskaar also got together..

Uttra was happy to get her both Bhabhis back… It was best wedding gift for her.. Nikhil had a flight, as is was urgent for him to go back to Canada coz his mom called him for some work.. He left taking his luggage from MM..

Swara directly went to her room and took her luggage.. She descended the stairs looking around if someone is watching her, specially Sanskaar.. She sighed when found her way clear..

She marched out hastily.. Not aware of that Sanskaar saw her, coz he kept an eye on her doings, he very well knew what she will do, and y don’t he, he is her soulmate, partner in crime..

‘I knew swara u are running away from me coz of some other reason, but don’t forget I’ll not let u go anywhere.. Nothing matters to me only u matters, but {He Sighed} but u never knew or never cared about’ he said to himself..

When he was about to go behind her, Naina came to drag him away.. But will be she able to??

-“Sanky let’s go in na, I need to show u something.. Please let’s go ” said Naina dragging him in..

Sanskaar tried to deny -“Naina Not now, u go in I’ll talk with u later.. I’ve an important work..”

Naina made a face not aware about his desperation to go behind his Wife.. Or his Life ?

-“Uff Sanky mujsy b jyada jaroori kaam hai kya ?? ” [Oh Sanky is it more important than me] Naina said dragging him in -“Now let’s go na..” She continued only to get herself shut seeing his anger..

He jerked her hand off her -“Meri Zindagi se bhi jyada jaroori hai ” [Its more important than My Life] – said Sanskaar in furious voice.. Which made Naina flinch.. His eyes turned a shade darker..

Without caring for Naina he drove off in his Car chasing swara.. While she stood registering what happened just !!

Swara took taxi to badi to take her passport n certificates.. She was relived as Sanskaar wasn’t aware about her escape.. Tears welled up thinking about him, thinking about them, thinking about their happy movements.. She stared the pic of his in her device.. Only to get herself in endless ocean of memories.. Which made her condition even worst..

While Sanskaar followed her all way.. Thinking what stupidity she is going to do.. Knowing that he will never ever leave her..

After couple of minutes of Drive swara reached badi.. She made herself determined and went straight to her room..

No one was at badi shomi, shekhar and Ragini were in MM, Sujata and Annapurna stopped them from going, as they wanted them to be there in other small after wedding rituals of Uttra..

She was alone in badi.. And thought its good to go like this, without telling anyone. She thought to inform shomi later..

She smiled sadly when past memories of their fake marriage began to play in front of her in the form of imagination.. The way he was with her,when her own dad closed the doors for her.. He was the one who became her pillar support, light in darkness., Ray of hope when she there was no hope left in her.

Darkness cocooned her as she walked in, she switched on a small lamp.. And packed her other belongings.. Trying hard not to make herself weak.. She got herself in simple white shirt top, and blue jeans.. Making her hairs in a messy bun.. She simply looked beautiful..

Sanskaar came in and locked her n himself in her room.. And looked her.. She was looking the same swara which he saw very first time, when he entered in her life to separate her and Laksh, but destiny had some other plans, and in way They both ended up falling for each other head over heels.

Swara was oblivious about his presence.. Without caring to look her reflexion for final Time in mirror.. She turned holding her luggage bag to only to find him there staring at her intensely.. She prepared herself.. Not to get effect under his penetrating gaze..

-“What are You doing here?? Leave from here ” she said keeping herself together with all her strength.. Trying to sound harsh..

He knew her tactics he sighed and breathed in to keep himself calm -“Kahan Jaa Rahi Ho ??” [Where are You going ?] He said looking at her and bag..

Swara glared at him -“None Of Your Business Sir ” she said walking forward to leave..

It was It for him.. He rushed towards her standing in front crowding her space.. -“Let Me show, what is My Business” and threw her on bed before words left his lips..

She looked at him shockingly..before the next second could tick, he was over her..her fragile figure pressed under his manly torso…he looked at her with millions of emotions flowing from his eyes.. She couldn’t do anything but gulped at his sudden action..

He leaned until his head was in her neck.. He ran his nose along the length of her neck, placing small wet kisses as he went.. Biting hardly on her own lips she tried to control the moan..

-” leave me Sanskaar ” she tried to get out of his bruising hold.. But in return she received Hickey from  him.. He bit her while kissing her neck almost Wildly.. While his legs were on either side of her waist.. Making sure she wasn’t able to move against him in protest..

Her fragile body trying hard to push him, controlling her own desires which he aroused in her, kissing and biting her collar bone wildly.. His body pressed against hers in a perfect mould..

There At Maheshwari Mansion gadodia family were biding bye to Maheshwari Family.. They were about to leave but suddenly it started raining with loud thunder lightenings…

-“Abb Toh Ruk hi jaiyye Sharmistha ji, lagta h Kisan bhagwan bhi nahi cahte aap log jayen..” Said sujata.. While Ragini smiled…

-“Arey nahi hum chale jaaynge taxi mein” said shekhar.. But the rain turned heavy..

-“Papa ruk jaiyye na Aayush bimar pad jaayga iss tufan mein” Ragini reasoned shekhar.. While shomi smiled and nodded to shekhar..

-“Thik hai” shekhar said and they went in again..

Everyone knew Swara and Sanskaar were not home, but no one knew where they were, what were they doing.. Everyone was happy thinking that everything sorted out between them..

Naina was already asleep.

-“Laksh Call Sanskaar, bahar itna tufaan hai, kaha hai dono.. ” sujata asked Laksh.. Nodding he called Sanskaar..

His phone rang which was in his pocket but he was busy kissing her.. Getting the busy tone on phone Laksh said sujata that his phone is not reachable..

With lot of effort she managed to push him.. She slipped out of his grip and got up to leave.. But he pulled her this time more hastily.. She was again under him pinned to bed.. She tried to speak but he shut her smashing his lips on hers.. It was a bruising kiss..

She struggled under him, trying to get her hands off which he pinned on bed.. She closed her eyes moaning in his mouth, when she felt him hard between her legs., as his body was Completely pressed against hers.. While he kissed her nibbling her lips.. She was numb to response or Oppose..

He kissed her rosey with everything., Pain, possessiveness, Anger, And all above ‘Love’.. His lips never leaving hers, he sucked her petals until his breath lasted long.. Feeling her going limp and calm beneath him.. His lips left hers.. But not leaving her supple skin, he trailed open mouth kisses down her chin, on neck line, she opened her eyes when his voice rang in her ears not before biting the soft spot in the crook of her long neck..

-“How Dare You Leave Me ? ” his voice deep yet furious with rage.. She closed her eyes feeling the element of pain in his voice.. Tears slid down in her hairs.. She tried lot to ignore him, keep him away from him, tired hard not to effect herself by him. But with each passing minutes his sweet yet wild torture, His proximity, his Words and depth of his eyes made her weak.. She was hanging on the thin thread.. He was making her weak.. It was true He was both, her strength as well as weakness.

-“Who Gave you permission to Leave Me ??, what made you give up me Swara. ” His voice demanding with same Depth in it as he continued.. He bit her skin before sucking it..

He knew now she cannot hide her heart from him., He very well knew what effect his touch has on her…

She cried, trying to make her hands in fists to stop the pressure and pain building inside her.. But couldn’t as his fingers were enveloped in space between her fingers when he pinned her hands to bed..

She held his palms tightly to gather some energy from him.. He looked at her coming near to her face..

He looked at her with a painful look.. He never saw her like that, so much helpless.. He left her palms only to cup her face.. He wiped off her tears with his thumb before cupping her cheeks..

He was so near to her.. His nose only an inch away from hers.. His eyes bored in to her teary ones..

-“I can Never be a Mother” she blurted out feeling his warm palms on her cheeks.. Squeezing her eyes shut when pain ran down her heart.. She gulped and open them again only to stare in his brown ones..

-“I can never give u the happiness of being a Father.. ” she trembled when words past her lips.. While he looked at her still.. His hands leaving her cheeks.. His eyes loosing the darkness in them..

‘He Is leaving me.. He Is ….’ She thought as he lost his grip on her..she moved to get up to leave..

Suddenly even before she could realise Sanskaar pulls her again and this time without any words starts punishing her..

He pulls her collar breaking the buttons.. Before biting on her neck.. While she was shocked by his action.. -“Sanskaar I said something, do u even know what it means” she said gasping as he licked the bitten area..

He didn’t paid heed to her words and carried out his punishment.. She became irritated coz he wasn’t answering her, instead was licking her cleavage..which was making her go crazy..

-“Sanskaar Dam it !! For god sake speak up !! ” she shouted pulling him up holding his collar.. Only to see the burning anger in his eyes.. He grinded his teeths .. Pressing his body against hers… She bit her lips to suppress the moan feeling him between her lower abdomen..

There it was raining heavily outside but fire of Anger, pain, Aggression, possessiveness, love and need was burning inside.. 

BG – “Love Me Like You Do 4rm fifty shades of grey”

His hands travelled down in her hair only to pull her face back, pulling her hairs, her hairs were floating down in his hands free from the bun.. She gasped.. He leaned until his lips were next to her right ear..

-” Don’t u dare swara, ” he hissed.. Making squeeze her eyes shut in reflex to his Dangerous voice.. Pulling her hairs more he continued.. -“First of all u try to go away from me without even letting me know the reason” he said biting her earlobe..

-“You deserve punishment and I will punish u whole night and even after that until u say that u will never leave me again..” He said pausing for a nano second before speaking in a firm voice..

-” You were, are and always will be most imp to Me and u don’t understand., so it’s time to make u understand..”  His voice authoritative.. While his words made her smile between tears.. Holding his left shoulder.. While he pushed her neck to its left to kiss on her nape leaving the hot breath over there..

She sighed.. He came to her chin giving chain of wet kisses all the way from her nape, neck to chin..

The Smell of wet soil was making them more crazy.. The atmosphere was totally in their favour.. She was no more afraid of thunderstorms as he was with her till Eternity..

-“I Love You Sanskaar. ” she said closing her eyes.. He glanced at her once before feeding her his next words -“You will be punished today whole night, so u never venture to confide anything from me. ” he said before Taking her Lips in a hungry kiss.. His Rough words sent cold shivers down her body to her core, instead of being scared, all she could feel was pleasure, she surrendered herself to him.

Her hands travelled all way to his hairs.. His body was pressed against hers, her shirt buttons were almost broken.. Her blue netted inner was barely helping her to confide her beauty..

-“I Love You” she moaned in his mouth before giving him the authority.. He kissed her dominantly.. She kissed him back with same favour.. While his hands travelled between them, feeling the softness of her Curves.. She moaned again his cold  hands playing havoc on her hot body..

He again showed his magic on her, only he could set her on fire.. She began to respond to his every touch.. Her back arched, begging him to touch her more where he was doing.. Seeing her reaction he grew wilder., biting on her tongue he dug his nails in her bosoms.. Squeezing and kneading them vigorously..

She gasped, taking her tongue in between his lips,He sucked it hard tasting it all way.. While she dig her nails in his back.. Though he was wearing a shirt he could feel their sharpness and showing the pleasure which she was receiving from him…

Feeling him hard like rock between her legs she trembled in excitement., she tried to squeeze her legs together when she felt tingle between them.. But he pressed his abdomen more on hers to stop her movement.. Moving up and down Turing her on with his simple act.. She needed him badly to fill her, she wanted to feel him deep inside her, she very well knew today he won’t be gentle and that added more to her excitement..

His lips devouring hers.. her mind n  heart spun out of control.. His wildness clearly reflected, His control had been snapped…

She moaned against his lips this time showing how restless she was going for him…

He broke the kiss only to savour her neck and shoulders.. His hands were still playing with the softness of her bosoms.. She wanted his lips to get replaced by his hands..

Travelling his hands on her hands he teared off her shirt from her body.. He looked at her only to see the desire in her eyes.. He felt proud of himself.. She could clearly see his ghost smirk and Hungry desire to punish her..

Glancing down he saw her body shining in the small lamp light flickered on it.. She looked beautiful in his Favourite coloured inner..

He bend down to her bulging chest, Am Unashamed moan escaped past her lips when his tongue licked one of her bosoms peak from above of inner.. She arched begging for more..

Sliding his hands down at her back he unhooked the inner without wasting any time.. Pulling it off from front, threw it down to one His eyes turned dark with lust seeing half naked sight of her.. ‘Damn I love Feasting on them..’ He said to himself.. He looked at her.. She was already lost in their world..

He slammed his lips on hers, nibbling them wildly.. She Moaned against his lips when his cold fingers found her peaks.. They straighted in to perfect buds towards him, begging for his attention.. He caressed their pointed buds with his both thumbs drawing circles on them.. -“Ummm yeeeaaahhh” she moaned in pleasure.. While he replaced circles with hard strokes on her soft buds.. It grew her wilder..

Kissing her he went down.. Taking one of peak between his index and middle finger he pulled it.. She winced.. Looking straight in her eyes.. He licked her peak this time without any barrier.. -“Ummm” she moaned staring in his eyes.. Kneading the other one he sucked the first one.. Biting it, scratching it with his sharp teeth.. Moving his tongue in circles on peak.. She closed her eyes feeling the bliss of movement.. Pushing him more on her to love her, to make her feel the way which only he can do..

Giving equal attention to both he kissed her neck, licking it vigorously.. Hungrily biting like a animal.. Her hands travelled down between them only to unbutton his shirt.. He helped her in the act.. Soon his shirt was lying beside her discarded inner on floor.. Both were just in their Jeans..

She rolled over him.. He furrowed.. She knew it was his punishment but she too wanted to enjoy his devilishly s*xy body..

His hands caressing her bare back as she kissed, licked and bite his Taut skin.. Biting his neck.. Her milky back was making him loose control all he wanted was her beneath him,she filled with him moaning and screaming his name.. With his every thirst..feeling complete dripping with his come… He pushed his thought for a bit thinking he will be doing this all night making her sore by morning..

She sat on him, but moaned feeling him hard below her though they were still in their bottoms, she could feel his hardness.. He chuckled but his desire raised to its peak seeing her reflex in such small act.. Without waiting further he rolled over her, she was beneath him now.. She needed him badly, rocking hard in her.. She filled with him to deep.

She squeezed her legs. He licked her naval biting, kissing and sucking her belly button.. licking all way to the button of her jeans.. He kissed on it before unbuttoning it.. She arched when his hand touch right above where she was pulsing.. -“Calm down darling u will get it, but in my way..” His words sent shivers in her at the same time doubled her needs, her desires for him..

She was so wet that she could feel it between her thighs.. He bottomed her jeans in one go..his fingers touching her sensuously from above of last netted barrier while he ripped her denim off, making her all naked, everything was removed except her only lacy inner.. He touched her above her inner -“Sanss..kaarr…” Making her moan his name.. Stroking his thumb above it -“Louder ” he Demanded.. She filled his demand by Moaning his name again and again with every Stoke of his thumb on her Thumping core above her inner, he Stroke again and again, every next time getting more rough n wild.. His thumb sticky with her wetness.. He stared in her eyes licking his thumb.

In no time he ripped off his bottoms.. All he was naked to her.. He pecked her above in inner material,before ripping it off, she moaned loud. Removing her last barrier he came above.. She again tried to squeeze her legs but he pushed his hips on her halting her action.. She moaned feeling his bare length right above her.. While he too could feel how much she was dripping for him..

He kissed her again.. Moving up and down making her go wild and loose her control..he Rested between her legs not pushing  -“San..ss..kaaarrr” she moaned against his lips in complain.. But he kissed her more aggressively.. Feeling his hard length on her, not inside her she was going crazy.. She damn so much wanted him, him deep inside her, rocking her hard, fast, and deep.

-“I won’t be gentle, It will be hard, fast and deep. ” He said in a husky voice..breaking the kiss.. -“You have to Pay for being away from me all this time..” Saying this he took her in a dominant kiss.. She sighed in his mouth..His words turned her on more.. Making him smirk..

Breaking the kiss he came down.. She could clearly see how hard he was for her.. -“Spread Ur legs ” his voice startled her as she was lost staring him down..

Her body hyper aware of his every word moved accordingly.. He settled himself between her legs..  ?..”Saansskaarrrr” A loud moan came from her feeling him on her entrance.. -“This Night isn’t going to be easy, Love” he chuckled.. Making her eyes snap open.. Their eyes met each other with heated desire in them..

He held her legs and bend it upwards making her open to him.. She closed her eyes as he pushed himself in her… She bit her lower lip to suppress her moans..

He slammed in again to get fill her fully.. Biting lips didn’t help her out from crying in pleasure.. -“Aaahhh..San..ska..ar” she winced at his hardness..

-“Look at me ” he ordered.. Her eyes fluttered to open.. While he again pushed more harder than last one.. She accommodated him fully.. She felt complete.. Her body was on fire and flying somewhere else.

He pulled back almost all the way only to drive back into her with such force.. Making her scream his name in pleasure.. -“Scream, Scream my name.. I want to hear u scream my name whole night.. ” he said.. While she followed his command staring at him, screaming his name which made sanskaar feel proud..

He thirsted her relentlessly and she met with his each thurst with a raw need.. Moving her hips with him..

The room walls echoed with her screams and moans, moans of pleasure.. ‘Sanskaar’ name echoing around them.

Her walls clenched around him, every time he slammed back into her.. Harder, Faster, Deeper.. It was clear he has lost his control.. His every thurst was furious.. Which made her cry out in both pleasure and pain..

The sensation was too much, she was going out of control with the need, but he was not giving her what she needed..

The desired pooled in her stomach and she clenched around him greedily. Need to explode filling her body..

Driving her over to the edge he pulled out leaving her empty, hanging..  “San..s..kaar..” She moaned at lost of him from her.

-“Your punishment isn’t over, am not done with u yet, you can’t come so easily.. ” He said with a smirk, very well knew how much she hated that smirk of his.. Swara clenched her hands in fists to hold on desire.., she understood what he meant.. She Confided from him.. And he wasn’t going to leave her easily..

-“Say me that u will never leave me.. ” Sanskaar slammed inside her in an unforgivable stroke, the air left her lungs in Harsh cry..

-“I Will not Sanskaar.. I’ll never .. Pl.. Please ” she managed to say in between her heavy pants..

He filled her to the brim with his hardness.. Slamming into her repeatedly in furious strokes, showing how much hurt he was with this act of hers..

-“Say it Again and Again” he ordered.. Swara was out of mind getting so much pleasure from her husband.. She could barely keep her eyes open, his voice felt coming from underwater for her ears..

-“I.. I.. I’ll .. No..not..do that..A..ag..ain ” She said again.. She was on her edge again.. She badly needed to come but Sanskaar was Sanskaar, this time he wasn’t going to leave her easily..
“Noo..” She almost shouted with her left energy when he again left her incomplete…

-“Whole ” He screamed.. “Say It wholely ” He pushed in again.. Making her shiver.. But she wanted him.. Wanted him ‘badly’.. -“I’ll.. Ne.. Never.. Lea..leave…y..oouu.. Aaahh… Pl..plea..se sans..kaar ” she almost begged him..

Her fingers tightened round the bedclothes as she held her moans and screams in..

He thirsted her again.. Making her crazy but she couldn’t do anything but surrender to him, under him.. She moved up and down against him wanting more.. He held her hips in a bruising hold.. He held her pleasure.. With every thirst her desire to come increased but he pulled away driving her to the edge.. Her walls clenched around his length every single time begging him not to pull off..

She bit her lips in frustration.. He groaned with each thrust into her.. While she moaned desperately every time he pulled out.. Her muscles tightened with the need to come..

She could feel herself crawling to the egde.. So close, she was so close.. -“Noooo pleasseee ” she screamed when he pulled out again.. She was desperate for her release..

He leaned on her kissing her lips possessively as he remembered nikhil hugging her, their late night chit chats, their dance.. He was still damn jealous on her.. He thirsted her while smooching her.. His nails dug in her bosoms leaving Bruise, kneading them..

Swara was so frustrated.. She kissed him back with equal favour or more wildly.. -“You are MINE AND ONLY MINE, to touch, to hug, to love, how dare he Touch you ” saying this he kissed her again biting her lips brutally.. Sucking the blood strains.. She enjoyed his possessiveness in form of wildness..

She dig her nails in his bare muscular shoulders.. Taking the equal revenge of jealousy..

-“Say It !! ” he bit her lips.. She winced.. While moaned at same time at his slow thirts, the slow thirts holding both of their pleasures was his punishment he wasn’t only punishing her but also himself… -“I.. Love you Sanskaar…… Yes..aahh.. Umm yes damn Am yours only yours.. ” she she said Making him grin.. -“Like You are Only mine..” She said furiously making him more happy.. Pulling him, she kissed him aggressively..

Slow torturous thirsts, so slow making her moan, in pleasure at the same time holding her ultimate pleasure.

While he continued Slamming in her, which she too help.. He pulled himself from kiss making her glare, she wanted his lips in hers.. While he passed a smiled -“Ur punishment is over.. Get ready love” He said before pecking her lips.. She smiled and murmured a quick Love You.

He rammed harder into her growling possessively, he shoved deep inside her, hitting the home. Air left her lungs as he hit the right place.. His name never left her lips.. While his face was buried in her neck kissing and biting it.. Giving her immense pleasure..

She could feel herself driving to the edge again..He rested for a minute before thirsting her for final time.. She felt him so good pulsing deep inside her.. His name lingering on her lips till she burst out into millions of pieces, milking his length.. He kissed her coming at the same time, planting his seed deep inside her warming her stomach.. Her body trembling with force…

They kissed each other with satisfaction.. Their moans and heavy pants filled the room..

They kissed restlessly.. Breaking the lock.. He stared at her.. Her face clearly reflecting the happiness she got getting satisfied from the pleasure her husband given her.. While he grin with proud seeing him happy.. He marked her, as his again … He rolled off her to which she moaned in protest..

-“Night Is still there love ” this made her smile again.. He really missed her smile.. Pulling her close to him he pecked her lips… Before paying attention to her big curves. Swara smiled when he latched on to them, the room was again filled with her moans.. He made her love, again and again, several times that night..

He helped her when she was above him, while he submitted beneath her.. They collapsed again in each other..

They did it many times, in which both have authority to each other alternatively, by one submitting  beneath.. And other being dominant.

Being so much tired she wanted more.. And he gave her more.. -“Harder Jaan ” she Said in between her moans as he thirsted her.. -“My Wild cat” he said while biting and licking her neck.. Exploding again deep in her..

He kissed her everywhere and so did she, there wasn’t an which he would left without caressing it with his lips.. Every bit of her was his, murmuring his name..

They came number of times for each other that night… They were loving, kissing, sucking, thirsting with each other till the clock stuck 6 in the morning.. Both were hell tired and sleepy.. Pulling her on his chest covering their naked bodies with single sheet he placed a pecked in her hairs.. To which She snuggled deeper in his chest, pecking his chest before cuddling him..

They slept..

The clock struck 7 Echoing the sound of alarm which he set before dozing off as they had to leave For MM.. He rubbed his eyes to adjust to brightness of room, while she was sleeping on him, hugging him.. A smile flickered on his lips..

Caressing her milky bare back under the duvet he stared at her Angelic face.. Her silky smooth skin soothed him..

Her lips curled in a beautiful eyes lips feeling his touch in sleep.. She hugged him more tight, pressing her bosoms on his hard chest.. He pecked her temple feeling movement in her.. -“Good Morning Love” he said in his deep s*xy voice..

Her eyes fluttered before looking at him still hugging him, resting chin on his chest, while he was still caressing her back.. -“Good morning ” she replied drowsily pecking his cheek, before burying face in his neck closing eyes again she breathed his manly smell, Damn that Smell was so provocative..even in early morning he smelled so good…He kissed her lips soundly., in reply to her peck..

Lying head on his chest, she drew patterns in his bare chest.. Which was her favourite activity.. She loved to play with his torso, His abs specially..

-“How are you feeling? ” he asked.. Which made her look at him again.. She smiled before rolling off him, lying beside him, on his arm.. She replied -“Worn out, Sore ” staring in his eyes from side..

He chuckled to hear her.. But next word of her, made him Look at her with proud, happy and desired filled eyes.. -“And ‘Loved’.”

His eyes grew a shade darker before he said -“Am Hard Again.” Staring in those doe – like eyes.. His words aroused him again.. She could clearly read that dark brown eyes..

She giggled before replying -“What are you waiting for, Hubby.” Staring him with same intensity.. ‘I Just Love that smile of his’ she thought when he leaned on her capturing her lips into a passionate kiss, before removing the sheet off her and slip in an other passionate yet wild love making..

Their moans and pants filled the silence again.. Reflecting their passionate love.. Though they didn’t left each other for mere second in night, still they were starving for each other. 

Resting on her, panting heavily after bursting in to her, he sighed.. -“You Are so irresistible.” To which she caressed his Bare back breathing heavily as she collapsed a minute before he exploded.

Few minutes later…

Sanskaar got up, -“We need to go Home, let’s get ready.. ” he said standing beside her near bed buttoning his jeans.. Swara didn’t move but continued to stare at him.. To which he furrowed !!

-“Will Everyone accept me, ” she said and paused for a second before completing -“After knowing the truth.. ” her expressions ‘Tensed’.. He sighed and sat beside her, caressing her forehead and hairs as she was lying on bed..

She stared and waited for him to speak… -“Yes, U don’t have any fault Swara, in fact everyone will be happy that you are back again.. Everyone loves you..” He smiled trying to cheer her up.

-“I can’t give happiness to anyone” tears welled up in her eyes saying it.. His heart twisted to see her so week.

-“Shh you are perfect.. U are my happiness Swara, dare u say that again. ” he said in a chocking voice, wiping her tears..

-“What will we say them ” she asked looking at him with curious eyes..

-“Nothing, ” he said to which she snapped in confusion -“What?? “.. Taking a deep breath he spoke -” We will not say anything to them.. ” knowing she will not agree with it..

-“But Sanskaar how can we lie to them ? Its wrong to keep them in dark !!” Reacting exactly what he thought..

-“I know Swara you will not agree.. But see we aren’t telling them lies, we can’t say them right now, they are so happy.. When the time comes we will confess to them.. And I know everyone will be ok ” he tried to explain her.. She held his one hand.. -“Sure ? ” she questioned.. Her eyes reflecting fear.

-“Sure, Everything will be Ok, I’ll make it Ok, Don’t You trust me ? ” He assured her, pecking her forehead.

She held his hand tightly, -“More than MySelf ” she said.. He smiled.. Resting his forehead on hers.. -“Never Leave Me Swara.. I can’t live without u.” He confessed.. Cupping his face she smiled -“Never.”

-“Swara kay Bina Sanskaar Adhura hai ” he said.. To which she quickly added -“Ushi Tarah Sanskaar Kay Bina Swara Adhuri Hai.” [Sanskaar is ‘Incomplete’ without Swara, so is Swara without Sanskaar]..

Passing a smile, he sealed their lips into a sweet kiss..

-“Let’s get Ready Swara, We need to go, everyone must be waiting.. ” he said getting on his feet.. She sat on bed -“Aahh” she winced at the pain..

-“What happened ” he asked worried.. She smiled making him confuse.. -“I think I will not able to walk today..” Replied she.. His expressions turned sad.. -“I Hurt u a lot..” He said sitting beside her..

-“No.!! You Have not, In fact U have loved Me. ” she said cupping his one cheek.. He smiled a bit -“Is it Paining a lot ? ” he asked again.. -“Yes, ” she winked before completing -“But it’s Good pain, I loved it..” Which lighted him up fully..

He got up.. She tried to get up wrapping sheet around her naked body.. But couldn’t walk..

Before she could try again, she was in pair of strong arms.. She smiled as he carried her to bathroom, scooping her in his strong arms..

-“What If I give u this love pain daily.” He furrowed to Swara in his arms with a naughty smile playing on his lips.. Swara gave him a fascinating smile -“I would Like to be Carried in Ur Arms Daily. ” she replied making him smile.. He really loved this bold side of her, which only he knew, ‘She is Mine’ his heart felt proud to it’s own words.

He walked all way to bathroom, reaching there he pushed the door open.. Walking further he entered in shower door, placing her down gently he closed the Foggy glass door..

Swara stood there staring him.. While he Ripped off his bottoms.. Instead of feeling shy, she smiled.. His lips twisted up in a heart – stopping smile, for which she can do anything.. While his hands did the job of unwrapping the sheet wrapped around her fragile figure.

Cold air kissed her soft skin making her shiver as soon as sheet was down.. She closed her eyes feeling cold..but soon opened listening his deep growl.. Which made her giggle.. Pushing the thoughts away he pressed hot water tap..

Standing under shower spray Sanskaar pulled her close by waist as Hot Water cascaded around their bodies rinsing the trierdness off them.. While her hands automatically travelled their way to his shoulder blades..

The Waters flowing from their hairs all the way down to their bodies, aroused the desires which they tried to fight against.. Giving a small kiss he unwrapped his arms..

She extended her hand to grab the shower gel, which he was searching for.. She was about to apply on her arms but a pair of strong arms held her hands, -“Let me?? ” he said..

How could she deny, he scooped the Gel from her hands to his own, His hands rubbed and swirled their way around her hand and up her arm. She loved they way he treats her, make her Feel like ‘Princess’. He squeezed the bottle for more and massaged the shoulder, front and back, then her neck. His eyes never leaving hers. He then began work on her left shoulder.

She took a small portion of foaming liquid in her soft palms to massage his Broad shoulders, huge Arms and strong chest.

She played with his abs rather than massaging foam.. The water flowing on him, dripping off his hair on his neck followed by shoulders, hard chest.. Finally down to his lower body..

She gasped at the breathtaking view of his face, ‘Greek God’ that’s what he looked like. Her hands went to his back massaging it.. While he did the same.

‘Smile’ never leaving their face.. She roamed her soft palms sensuously on his back..

Sanskaar mirrored his ministrations on her back, then enveloped his arm around her waist.. He pulled her clashing her fragile body into his hard torso  and their eyes met. His mouth met hers faster than she could track..

He sucked her lower lip restlessly.. She responded when it registered to her mind that He Is ‘Kissing’ her.

Biting her lip, he entered his tongue in her mouth.. His tongue caressing hers.. As they intertwined with each other, sucking.

Her hands came back to his abs from back, her fingers caressed his stomach then upwards until they reached his chest her palm laid on his beating heart which belonged to her,her palm then moved to shoulders and finally in his water dripping hairs. 

He pressed her waist sides making her moan in his mouth, his lips enclosed round her tongue as he sucked its sweetness.. She could hear his deep groan..

She stroked her hands wildly in his hairs when he sucked her both lips alternatively, hungrily. Her tongue roamed in his mouth exploring its secrets.. He bit her tongue teasing her..

Though they were out of breath no one tried to break, instead they kissed more hardly biting each other.. Water flowing over., around., between them..

They pulled off when they felt air is now Damn Necessary to breath..

Their bodies were still plastered into one.. His hands massaging her back then down her buts.. His lips nibbling the skin of her chin, showering open mouth he traveled down to her neck.. Her hands enveloped around his neck as her  legs began to feel week with his sweet tortures..

His hands began to explore her wildly, He went down further biting her Cleavage. His hands travelled down to her thighs to pull it up in order to wrap around his waist.. -“Aaahhh” she winced when he tried to pull her up, which brought them both into senses.

His desires were never ending for her, she was first to him, he controlled himself not hurting her more.

Without any word they bathed one another hairs.

Bathing each other they rinsed off the foam from one another bodies, caressing sensuously.. He let the water wash them.

The water stopped.. He moved a bit to take towel from the hook and wrapped around her body soaking the water in towel.. She did nothing but stood straight and let him complete his work.. After drying her from it, he dried himself..

Keeping the towel back on place.. He pulled bathrobe off hanger and made Swara wear it., and got himself in other one..

Before she could take a step, he scooped her in his arms and walked out shower door, while she stared him., placing a quick peck on his cheek she said a “Love You” to which he smiled walking into changing room, right side of bathroom..

Making her sit on chair comfortably he went to wardrobe and selected a elegant dress for her.. With matching jewellery..

-“I’ll wear it myself, Sanskaar. ” Swara said when he pulled the string of her bathrobe.. To which he placed index finger on her pink lips, which were now swollen and turned light shade of red due to lots of kisses, ‘So Soft’ he felt..

-“Shh Let me make ready my princess.” He said caressing his finger on her lips before taking it off.. The words were enough for her to do as he wanted..

He dried her hairs with drier, before changing into his clothes.. He then made her wear the Black netted saree, she laughed cz of feeling ticklish when he kept the plates of saree below her naval.. He smiled at his childishness.. He then made her sit on tool before dresser..

She smiled, he brushed the nots off her hairs, made her wear earnings not forgetting to peck on earlobe.. Slipping bangles in her hands, intertwine his fingers between hers and pecked the back of her hand..

She was looking gorgeous when made ready by her husband..and her face flushed with his love. He bent and took the vermilion, she closed her eyes when he smear on his hairline, he then took the Mangalsutra and put it round her neck..

“Beautiful ” he said smiling wide, she was looking perfect, She was looking his, His Love, His Swara. ‘Sanskaar’s Swara’

-“I love You Sanskaar.” She said in contentment.. -“I love You More Swara. ” he replied placing his chin on her shoulder, his arms wrapped around her waist and staring her reflection in mirror. She smiled placing her one hand on his hands and other palming his one cheek.. Their eyes closed naturally feeling in the movement.

-“So shall we leave ? ” he asked giving his hand.. She placed her hand in his, and at next blink she was in his arms..

-“Sanskaar Not out please, everyone will see what will they think of..”she struggled in his arms to get off.. But he griped more saying -“Am ur husband, so what let them them what they want to., and what will they think how much I love My wife.” He smiled naughtily to which she gave in..

They walked out, peoples of badi adoring them.. Girls eyeing him to which she glared at them and took a bit of black Kohl which was applied in her eyes,  on her little finger and stick it back of his ear.. He chuckled at her act.. She glared at him.. And wrapped her hand again around his neck..

They sat in Car and drove off to MM..

Chain of thoughts and questions trained in her mind, ‘How will everyone reacts, how Sanskaar is going to be with this truth whole life, What about the questions and taunts of society they have to go through, specially ‘Sanskaar’ several questions popped up in her mind.. She knew Sanskaar will never complain her, he loves her more than anything in this world. ‘Do I really deserve his Unconditional Love??’ She thought..

He placed his hand on hers and squeezed it gently breaking her trance. She turned to him and passed a small smile..

-“Don’t think much Swara, am always with you, No Matter What ! ” he said squeezing her hand in assurance.. Placing her other hand on his, she looked in his eyes -“I know Sanskaar, but..” He interrupted -“No ifs and buts, give me ur Million dollar smile, ”

She hugged him at very next second.. -“Am Sorry Sanskaar for blaming u, am sorry, I left you when u needed me the most.. U every time gave me love and I..I..only hurted you, blamed you, doubted you.. I dunno if I can ever be able to love you the way do,  Am sorry, am sorry…..” Tears making her cheeks wet when she confessed..

Returning her hug with equal favour he spoke between her apologies -“Swara, don’t cry I can’t see tears in your eyes., The one who should be sorry is me.. I shouldn’t have say u those words, knowing that You are only trying to get our family together, but instead of understanding you, I became so angry out of my fury I said those words which I never dreamt even in my worst nightmares… ” caressing her hairs..

-“No I should have informed you before going further on my own decisions, you every time stood beside me and what.. What did I do?? I left you.. you are still with me knowing the truth that I….” Before she could complete he broke hug and placed his lips on hers.. Kissing them tenderly.. She reciprocated.. Tears were constant in both pair of eyes as they kissed each other with emotions flowing from their hearts..

-“Never say that Swara, I did everything for my selfishness, because I can’t see tears in ur beautiful eyes, because I can’t live Without you. You made me human Swara, You pulled me From the hell of Revenge and gifted me a new life.. You are My Star, A precious gem without whom am Nothing.. ” he said resting his forehead on hers.. She smiled sadly listening his confession, her hands wiped tears off his cheeks..

-“I love you Sanskaar..” She confessed, making his heart flutter..-“Say it again” he said cupping her cheeks  -“I Love you ” she repeated smiling.. -“Again ” he demanded..   -“I love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You…. ” she confessed non stop making him smile wide.. -“I Love You so much Sanskaar. ” she said before taking his lips in a slow yet short kiss.

Breaking the kiss she sat on her own seat but her eyes fixated on him.. She then looked round surrounding -“Shall we ? Everyone must be waiting for us. ” he said.. She nodded in a Yes.

Getting off the car she breathed in the fresh air, After a long 6 months she was going to step in Maheshwari House as his Wife, ‘We are together, no Matter what.’ She smiled at the thought..

-“Not here Sanskaar, please.. ” she said when he picked her up in his arms.. -“Y not, I can’t leave u in pain.. ” he said.. -“But Its not paining much….” She started but he interrupted -“No more Arguments..” He declared.. She accepted the defeat..

He took her in.. Everyone came when Ramu kaka informed them about SwaSan’s arrival..

A smile flickered on everyone’s face seeing them, specially when he brought her in his arms.. Ragini winked at Swara.. Which made her flush..

-“Thair Jaa Wahin ” [Stop right there] sujata’s words made them stop before entering the door.. Everyone looked at her.. -“Bahu ki Aarti karne de manne ” [Let me do the Aarti of Swara.] Smile returned on everyones faces listening this..

Sujata happily did Aarti.. Sanskaar entered in.. -“Swara What happened to You, everything ok? ” asked Ragini hinting ‘Y is Sanskaar carrying her?’.. Swara looked At Sanskaar to which he winked naughtily which was only noticed by her..

-“Emm Ragini.. That.. We.. I mean I..I… ” she stammered, he smiled and answered not letting her stammer more -“Actually Ragini her leg got twisted as she slipped yesterday. ” 

-“Yes Ragini, that only I was trying to say.” She said with a smile..

Ragini laughed -“Oh Ok..”

-“But Where Did you guys go yesterday without even informing us.” Sujata asked.. -“Sujata..” Annapurna glared..

-“Vo mom Swara had some work at badi so I went with her.. But suddenly it started raining and my car also broke so we had to stay there.. ” Sanskaar cooked up a story..

-“You guys had to stay or wanted to stay ‘Alone’ away from all.” Laksh murmured which was only audible to SwaSan and Ragini.

SwaSan glared.. He took her to room and made her sit comfortably on bed… They had breakfast..

Shomi, shekhar and Aayush left As they also had to return at night for Reception.. Ragini did all preparation as Sanskaar restricted Swara for getting up from bed.. -“Its not a big deal Sanskaar.. ” she tried to reason out.. -“I said No means No. Sit here calmly I’ve selected something for you for evening..” Saying this he went out only to bump with Naina.

Naina wasn’t aware about Swara, -“Sanskaar where u went yesterday?? You know I was waiting for you, but u didn’t come back.” Sanskaar tried to reason out and leave but Naina was adamant.. ‘uff where the hell I’ve got myself in,  If Swara got to know I’ll be finished..and now I can’t tell her also that am married.. Kya karu ? ‘ he thought..

Somehow Sanskaar ran from there, Ringing his own phone and taking as an urgent call..

Swara listened everything, a sham smile appeared on her lips.. Ragini, Uttra, chirag, Laksh visited her..

She got bored whole day without any work sitting at one place.

Sanskaar was back at evening after finishing his work.. 

-“How are u feeling now ?” He asked entering in room, he looked up from his phone when she didn’t reply..

-“What happened ?” He asked confusingly when saw her shooting daggers at him..

-“She was waiting for u yesterday..right.? ” she questioned, her expressions furious.

-“Who? ” he asked totally unaware whom she was saying about..

-“Ur Childhood.Best.Frnd. ” she said stressing on each word… Getting her point he smiled -“Naina. ” he said..-“Ya that chipkali ” she Glared again..

-“Oh yup she asked me if we can go for a movie.. So she was waiting, may be.” he thought to tease and make her jealous a bit, he damn enjoys seeing her jealous..

-“Then go, go with her tonight for Movie.” She snapped.. -“What ? Really are you asking me to go with someone else other than u ? ” he asked sitting beside her..

-“Yup U don’t like my company na? Then only you said her yes yesterday.. ” she said looking at him, sadly… -“No Swara.. I.. I.. Was just trying to make you jealous that’s it.. ” he said cupping her face his expressions, worried..which eventually ended up in shocked one seeing her laughing..

-“Ahaha Look at ur self, haha seriously.. ” she said in between laughing.. -“Seriously u thought am angry at you, haha I was just teasing you.” she continued messing up his hairs.. But next movement she stared at him, her eyes wide., as he crowded her personal space by holding her shoulders. 

-“Were You trying to fool me ” his gaze ‘Intense’ she gulped -“No.. I was just.. ” she tried to say -“Teasing me Right ?” He completed.. She nodded..

-“You have to pay for ur this act, Love ” he said caressing his nose against hers.. She knew what was going to come.. Her eyes closed in Anticipation.. He smiled and leaned a bit his hands traveling to her waist.. So close they were, when someone knocked the door.. He parted away.. Ragini came in -“Sorry for disturbing” said she winking at Swara.  -“But Chachi ji told to call u both down.. Guests are coming..” She said… Sanskaar took his suit which Swara already kept out for him..

Ragini left.. Swara got ready in floral gown he brought for her.. She really looked like princess in royal blue color. Hanging earings, wearing breaslets.. She made her hairs in bun..After applying Dark eyes shades.. Rouge lipstick, she smiled at herself in mirror.. ‘Perfect’

Sanskaar came out wearing white shirt, royal blue blazer and blue denim.. Definitely he was a prince, ‘Prince’ of his ‘Princess’.

-“So ready? Mrs Maheshwari.” He said wrapping arms round her Swara’s belly who was standing in front of mirror. She nodded.

They glanced each other from mirror.. They looked so perfect with each other. A beautiful queen and A Handsome King.

She nodded turning in his arms to face him.. -“Please help me with this” he said showing her the blue tie.  She smiled and took it.. She tiptoed to tie it but wasn’t able to Match his height.. He chuckled and lifted her a little holding her back..

He placed a quick peck right after she completed her work -“Shall I carry u out? ” he asked. -“No Sanskaar am ok now. ” she replied.

-“So shall we leave together ?” He asked forwarding his elbow to her..
-“I’ve a bit work.. I’ll come in a while.” She answered.. To which he nodded and turned to leave..

Swara held his hand he furrowed.. She pressed her lips tightly on his right cheek.

He smiled he left.. While she sighed.. ‘Naina, now she will not come near you. Seeing the mark on ur cheek what Naina, no girl will come near you’ she smirked, such a jealous.

On the other side Sanskaar was totally oblivious about it, the movement he stepped out everyone was giving him smiles, to which he just returned their smiles..

‘Y all are Smiling at me in such a different way ?’ He thought.. But didn’t felt necessary to check himself in mirror..

Naina came getting ready in a red saree.. -“Hii Sanky, Howz am looking? ” she asked excitingly.. -“Good, u are looking nice.. “He passed a forced compliment with a fake smile plastered on his lips.. -“Offo Sanky, itna Rukha compliment.. Its ur Fave….” The words stop when she saw a red lipstick mark on his right cheek..

-“What’s this? ” she asked knowing the answer.. “What ?” He asked confused… -“This Lipstick mark.. I think You got it by mistake I’ll clean it wait..” She searched for tissue in her purse…

‘That’s y everyone is staring at me Like am An Alien..’ He thought touching his cheek.. Remembering her naughty smile he murmured -“She Did willingly so Naina stays away from me.. So My wifey is jealous but not showing.. Seriously she knows how much I love them, then also madam…” He giggled..

Naina looked at him confusion..-“What are you Murmuring? And see who did this to Yo….” Before she could complete and touch his cheek to erase the mark They heard the voice.. -“Jaan Where were You, see u came here without even clean…..” Swara blushed leaving it incomplete.. The trio were alone there… -“Let me clean it..” She said erasing the mark from his cheek sensuously..

Sanskaar was transfixed coz for the first time she called him ‘Jaan’. While Naina stared them in shock blinking the eyes to register the words and scene infront of her ..

Sanskaar staring Swara.

-“Done. ” Swara said bringing Sanskaar back in reality..

-“You said What ?” Naina asked.. To which Swara asked Sanskaar -“Who is she, Jaan?”

Sanskaar smiled at her acts.. ‘she is seriously very crazy’ he said to himself in heart.. -“Love, She is my friend Naina.” Sanskaar introduced her to Swara knowing she already knew her..

-“Love ? Jaan ?? ” what’s going on Naina asked widening her eyes..

-“Naina I forgot to introduce her to u.. Meet my Love.. I mean My Wife Swara., ” Sanskaar said to which Swara smiled wide specially to show Naina.. -“Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.” Swara added to his words.. Forwarding a hand to Naina..

-“You are Married ? ” Naina asked getting a huge shock.. -“Yes Am Married…”Sanskaar replied with a grin., Naina was totally blank..

“Mom was calling Us Jaan.” Swara said to Sanskaar.. -“Naina !! Excuse us.” Sanskaar’s words brought her back from shock..

-“Shall we Jaan ?” Asked Sanskaar forwarding his elbow to her.. Swara first looked in shock then smiled tugging her arm to his elbow..

-“Sure.” Swara said.. To which he pecked her cheek before walking away from there.. Naina was shaken up by this scene.  While reaching a distance, Sanskaar pulled Swara close by waist, his both hands were on her waist pulling her, while her hands rested on his shoulders, respectively.,.. -“You did it Knowingly right? ” he questioned, a naughty smile playing on his lips.

-“What ?” She asked back acting innocent.. -“This mark, that cleaning.. ”  He asked getting romantic.

-“Yes I did it willingly…” She replied. -“You Didn’t tell her, that you are married. why? ” she asked with a glare, struggling in his arms..

-“What word you used for me ?” He asked ignoring her questions and gripping more on her..

-“Nothing. ” she said rudely, pushing him but he left adamant.. -“Say it.. I won’t let you go.” He said nuzzling in her neck.. Giving few kisses…

-“I will not say.” She said a bit slowly, melting in his wet kisses.. -“Say it Love. ” he said licking her collar bone.. -“Sanskaar please,.. ” she bit her lips to keep herself from moaning and melting.. -“Say it..” He said squeezing her waist, while kissing and biting on neck.. -“Hmm” she moaned throwing her head back, clutching on his shoulders., succumbing him to get proper access., “come on love, Am waiting..” Took her skin in between his teeths…

-“Jaaannn ” she said in between her moans.. He smiled and Began to kiss on other side of neck.. -“Come again Jaan, what u called me.” He asked.. -“Ummm…Jaaan.” She moaned.. He pulled himself back making her stand straight.. -“I love You ” he said.. To which she pushed him.. -“You are so bad Sanskaar, you everytime does it..” She glared..

-“What..?? ” acting as innocent soul.. -“you very well know ur touch,and kisses melts me.. ” she glared with complain.. To which he smiled trying to pull her again but she pushed him and ran away from there -“Not again Mr Maheshwari.. ” she said…

Sanskaar chuckled -“Uff she makes me go crazy.. ” he muttered before walking away..

Their Romance even continued as they danced for Uttra and chirag on hit Bollywood number -“Sanam Re”

Every one adoring them, he made sure not to do such moves which hurts her.. The smile never leaving her face, Happy, they were so happy..

Days passed, with each passing day their love, care increased for each other. ‘Swara and Sanskaar’ perfect definition of True Love.. Their love for each other proved nothing mattered for them but each other.. If He was ‘Heart’ she was ‘Beat’.. Never leaving each others side, taking stand for each other no matter was..

In this 4 months of time Sanskaar’s unconditional love made her forget everything, even her flaw, flaw of not becoming a mother..

Sadness, tears were far away from her. He never let her be sad, never allowed any bad thought and feeling come near to her. He filled her life with happiness, with love.

He needed her, She needed him. And they were together what else mattered.. But really it only mattered? Of course for both It was only thing mattered.. But for Family?

Everything was perfect as a fairy tale..  ‘A Prince, His princess and their Pure Selfless Love’. Until and unless there was a demand from sujata for Heir.. She desperately wanted To be a grany..

Swara used to get upset not because of her Mother-In-Laws demand but coz she wasn’t able to give them the happiness they wanted.. She used to think -“Sanskaar never says me but somewhere He to wants it..” Her depression and sullen face explained everything to Sanskaar though she never uttered a word..

When swara used to think more about it.. He erased her feelings and thinking with his ‘Soft Kisses’ and ‘Gentle Caresses’. He knew how much his proximity and touch made her forget everything.. She only feel loved when he was near.

Swara even asked Sanskaar to tell them the truth but he flipped the topic every single time. Sujata kept saying and they just stared at each other.. She wanted to tell them. But he ignored.. Swara’s words agitated Swara.

It was again a day sujata asking swara the same.. To which swara become nub.. Sanskaar who was having breakfast got irked by his Mom’s demand, daily, regularly, without any break. He can’t see tears in his Love’s eyes…

-” Je mahri Ek hi Iccha ki apne Pote/poti ka muh dekhu, unki kilkaariyan gunje je ghr me.. Unk k sath Kehlu.. [Its my only wish to see face of my Grand daughter/son, their cooing/Squeals echoing in house, playing with them.. Child of my only son..]” She demanded again..

Her unceasing Demand., provoked him.. He got up abruptly. -“Bas Kijiye Mom. [Enough Mom..]”

-“Bas Kyu Karu? Manne is ghr ka varis chiye, Ek Lauta beta hai tu mahra, Tanne aur swara se pota, poti ki ummeed na rakhu, toh kisse Rakhun fir…[Y ? I want heir.. U are my only son, if I won’t keep hopes from u and swara then to whom I should keep hopes with..” Sujata said..

Swara stared Sanskaar, her eyes glistening with tears.. She knew it will happen one day., She wanted to leave him just not to make his life a hell.. The thing she always feared of was happening now…

-“Nahi De sakte Hum aap ko varis.[We can’t give u Heir].” Sanskaar said, his voice choking at end.. Swara, she could feel the pain he was hiding, the pain he was in, only coz of her.

Everyone stood up in a shock.. -“Kyu, Kyu nahi de sakte?? [Why, Why you can’t] ” sujata asked..

-“Nahi De sakte, kyuki…. Kyuki…. Mein kabhi Baap nahi bansakta..[We can’t, Because,…Because.. I Can’t be a father.].” His hands turned into fists as his body trembled..his eyes squeezed shut. 

His statement startled her, He took the blame on himself, tears welled up in eyes and blur her vision.. She was shocked, he said such a big thing, in fact a big lie just to save her. He accepted the flaw which he didn’t hold in front of everyone..

-“kya ????? Kya Bol raha hai tu Sanskaar..[What ????? what are saying you Sanskaar]” sujata almost shouted..

-“Yes I can’t become a father…” He said it again.. His eyes fixed on hers.. Everyone was in utter shock by his confession..

Swara stared at the man standing in front of him, who easily took blame on himself for her, only for her, Not caring that everyone will think him as ‘A Man With doubtful personality’, not even caring about his reputation, respect in front of society.. He just cared for was ‘She’ only her.. No doubt he loved her truly.

Everyone’s voice sounded under water to her, she staring him without blinking. But will she let him take the blame, will she let him accept the flaw which he don’t have, will she let him down in front of his family, in front of society ?? Will she let him defame himself cz of her, being his soulmate, being his Better Half ??  No !! She won’t..

-“Don’t Lie them Sanskaar, Say them the truth.” Swara said, her voice mixture of pain, care, and disbelief.. It was only the reason she was leaving him ‘To not Let him down’ and by taking this blame he was destroying his everything..

-“Swara Shut up.. I have this fault.. ” Sanskaar eyes widened asking her to be quite..

Everyone looking at them.. -“Don’t lie Sanskaar, y are u doing this, ruining ur own image. Just coz of me.. This was the reason I was leaving you.. Not to let you down.  And u by saying this…..” She growl..

-“Swara not a word more.. Be quite.. Please.. ” he groaned.. Everyone was surprised seeing their love and care for each other.. But was she going to listen to him. 
-“No Sanskaar, I won’t let u do this.. Mom….” She began to say but he Roared -“Nooooo Swaraaa… U will not say anything.. ” but she didn’t paid heed of penny to his words and continued..-“Mom problem is Not in him…” Swara said.. -“No Swara, please. ” Sanskaar rushed to her to stop..-“Problem is with me, in me.. Its me Who Can’t be Mother.” Her voiced echoed in whole mansion..

Sanskaar shut his eyes listening it.. -“I can’t give happiness to him.. He is not one to be blamed, am the one..” She said her voice breaking with emotions..

Sanskaar held her as her legs began to feel week.. He held her up.. -“Y you did this Swara ?” He asked his eyes glassy with tears.. -“I can’t see u getting blamed and defamed only coz of me..” 

Her confession startled each member present over there.. Specially sujata.. She couldn’t say anything…

Sanskaar took her in, she was drained, emotionally.. No one ventured to utter a word. Everyone was in shock..

He took her to their room.. And hugged her immediately after making her sit on bed.. His hug showing the intensity of pain and love he had in him.. -“Swara u shouldn’t have done this..” He was crying… She hugged him back -“How can I Let u take it on u.. I can’t Sanskaar.. I can’t. I love you..” No words were spoken further.. They soothed each others pain..

Now everyone knew about it.. Days passed.. Sanskaar every time stood beside her.. Sujata began to taunt Swara.. Her taunts humiliated her, but Sanskaar every time was with Swara, taking a stand for her, supporting her..

Swara began to go in depression when sujata asked her to persuasive Sanskaar for second marriage as she can never give them happiness of child..

-“Tu toh mahre chore ko kushi na de sakti, par va ko mana to sakti hai dusre byaah k lie.. Mahri baat vo sunta nahi h.. Thari toh sunega.. Mana use agar va ko khush dekhna chati h toh, Va k vansh ko aage badana chati h toh.. Is ghr ko varis dene k lie mana va ko dusri shadi krne k lie… [ You can’t give happiness to my son, but u can make him agree for second marriage, he doesn’t listens to me, but will listen to u, convince him if u really wanna see him happy, convince him for taking our family name further with heir. Convince Sanskaar for second marriage.] Sujata asked Swara, in a authoritative voice. Though Annapurna, DP, RP tried to explain her and stop her, she never paid heed to their words.

She wasn’t only humiliating Swara in front of others but also torturing her mentally. Swara ran to her room listening her further tortures..  Sujata very well knew Sanskaar will not listen her, so in order to make him agree she was blackmailing Swara. Her words Aggravated Swara’s situation

Sanskaar never replied on sujata’s stupid demand of second marriage for heir, he just choose to ignore her.. He was totally oblivious his mom mentally torturing Swara. She never utter a word to him about it.

Though she facade her conditions, he very well knew about it.. He also asked her, if she agree to him they can shift to his house. She denied saying she can’t depart from family.. To which he agreed not forcing her more.

It was a day sujata again taunted her, that Day she decided to confort Sanskaar.. She was waiting for his arrival.. Her face already lost her Enchanting smile, her eyes always swollen which used to flicker with love.

The opening sound of door boggled her about his arrival.. He looked Dismal. Gathering courage she went near him.

He smiled at her when she took off his blazer and office bag from his hand..

He sat on bed loosening the tie..

-“Sanskaar I wanna talk something to you.” Swara said pouring the water in glass.. -“Yeah Sure, go a head Love.” He said taking the glass form her hand..

She gulped, sweat forming on her forehead, her muscles tightened as she gathered the energy to convince him.. -“Sanskaar Y don’t you listen to mom’s words, please think about it..” She said in a slow voice…

-“Which words ?” He said nonchalantly keeping the empty glass at the table..hinting her not to discuss about it.. She very well knew it, but she had to talk, -“About Second Marriage .” she said, her expressions determined, which was facade.

-“Only it can give happiness to all Sanskaar, Heir to mom and dad, Happiness to you.” She tried to explain… While his gaze turned to furious from soft.. -“Please Sanskaar accept for Second Marriage, we…..” Before she could completed, Sanskaar’s furious voice made her flinch.

-“Enough, is enough Swara.. ” Sanskaar growled.. -“what you think I will accept what ever you and mom say, how could u even think of me marrying someone else, just for the heir.. ”

-“But Sanskaar its only way which can give happiness to all..” Swara again tried to say but he got up.. Her words stabbed his heart. 

-“You always thinks about others happiness Swara, not me, did you even thing how much it hurted me listening this from you.. My happiness is only you Swara, only you, no one matters to me, how could u even think I .. I will accept it..u can’t induce me, not for this.. Do u think I can touch any women other than you? You never thought how much I will get hurt by u saying this to me.. Am not oblige to do it, to give heir to this family.” He roared..

Her heart fluttered with happiness listening that she is his ‘Only Happiness’ at the same time felt the pinch of pain realising how much her words hurt him.. She cursed herself for hurting this man, who love her without any condition, loves her with all her flaws.

Swara tried to hold his shoulder, but he jerked her -“Tell me Swara can you, Can you see me with someone else? ” he said looking at her.. His eyes blazing with fury and pain… She nodded in no, her cheeks wet with tears.

-“Tell me can u see me marrying someone else, touching her ? Can you Swara..” He said pausing for a minute to gather courage for saying those words..

Swara coiled her fingers on his arms, and cried.. -“No Sanskaar.. No… I… I can’t.. ”

He sat on bed lifelessly, tears welled up in his eyes, while she stared at him trembling with emotions.. -” You Asunder me Swara, You Asunder me, ur words broken me today, How could you u even think I’ll accept this awful demand of Yours… I never expected this from you.” His voice shaky with emotions and tears.. She could clearly see to what extent she has hurt him.. 

She sat on his lap, her hands enveloping his neck as he cried keeping her head on his left side of chest, right above on his beating heart.. Which was paining because of her today..

-“Am sorry Sanskaar am sorry, I just wanted to see you happy..” She said closing her eyes, her tears were a never ending flow.. He didn’t hug her back.. -“Only you are my happiness Swara, only you. If you are with me I can fight with the whole world… But.. but u never understood me Swara.. U never.. ” he said not responding to her hug.. She cupped his face and wipe out the tears from his cheeks, caressing his soft stubble.

-“Am so..sorrryyyyy Sanskaarr.. A..m.. Sor.. rry.. I..I will ne…verr.. Hurrrtt Y..oouuhh.. A..am..sorrryy f..for.. Gi.. Giving.. You th..e.. Pa..in.. ” she stammered between tears.. -“If god wants he will give me the happiness of being a father, only from You.. Not like this.” He had tears in his eyes… He kept saying ‘You hurt me today Swara, you hurt me’..

When he didn’t stop saying it in pain.. She sealed their lips and sucked his lips gently in a soothing way.. He stopped Murmuring and kissed her back in pain, sucking her lips aggressively.. She gasped.. His tongue sync in her mouth and roamed in wildly.. She gave him the authority.. Coaxing her tongue inside his mouth.

After a long aggressiveness, he sucked her lips softly, by which she knew he was calming down.. Her lips moved softly against his..

She hugged his torso.. He hugged her back -“Never say that again Swara, I won’t be alive..” She placed her palm on his mouth.. -“I’ll never anything that hurt you..” She said.. He smiled at her.. She hugged him again, this time tightly.. Both supporting each other, as both were drained emotionally.. He held her to her, Wordlessly and she let him..

From that day Sanskaar warned sujata if she again demand something like to him, he will leave the house with Swara and never come back again..

Days passed..

Sujata stopped humiliating, and torture her mentally.. But she indirectly taunted her.. Began to the praise Ragini as she was only who can give them child and heir to this house.. Swara didn’t mind her words.. As she knew if she gets sad and depressed by her saying and Sanskaar will get tensed regarding her..

Months Passed…  Like wise a whole year passed.

Everthing was normal again.. Swara was no more gloomy.. Sanskaar never let her be..  He neither left a single chance to Romance with her wife, some times sweet while sometimes wild and make her crimson red.. Nor she denied..

They shared everything, and y won’t they, they were soulmates.. They never left their silly fights which added more to their love..

She prepared his favourite sweet dish ‘Kheer’. Sanskaar was busy in office work so she thought to surprise him by taking the lunch for him..

She left for office.. It was lunch time in office, she reached there and directly went to his cabin, and knocked the door. 

-“Come in.” A voice came behind the door.. She stepped in.. Sanskaar was typing something in his laptop.. He didn’t see the Intruder..

-“You Here..” Sanskaar said, surprised. When she kept the lunch basket on table.. -“You are still working, its lunch hour Sanskaar..” Swara said.. -“Nothing swara, have to complete this presentation as I need to present it to investors in evening.. Little is left.” He said still typing..

-“You and Your meetings.. I’ve brought lunch for you.” Said she dragging a chair beside him..

-“I’ll eat later.. Need to complete this, Its really very urgent.” Said Sanskaar while she sat beside him..

Swara glared -“I brought it specially for you, spending hours in kitchen and you are saying ‘Will Eat Later'” she mocked..

Sanskaar looked at her and smiled.. -“Find a way for it too..” He winked.. She smiled getting what he actually means..

-“K wait, you do ur work I’ll feed you.” She said opening the lunch box..

He took a deep breath -“It’s Aroma is amazing, I can’t wait.. ” she smiled.. and put a spoon full of kheer in his mouth… -“Hmm” He hummed closing his eyes, savouring it.

While a satisfied smile flickered on her face, seeing him enjoying his favourite dish, which she made. She thought to tease him a bit.. Next spoon she didn’t feed him directly, but kept in front of him flipping it from left to right.. He tried to catch the spoon from his mouth.. But she laughed seeing his struggle… He smiled seeing her laughing wholeheartedly after ages.

He held her wrist staring at her, she stopped laughing and looked at him, he fed her the kheer holding her wrist while spoon was in her hand.. He ate the remaining kheer left in spoon.. Their eyes not leaving each other..

-“Sanskaar vo mera jhuta tha..” Swara said.. To which he naughtily replied -” Didn’t I Tasted Ur sweet mouth?? I do it everyday isn’t it? So ??Aur Vaise bhi Jhuta khane se Pyaar badta hai.” He winked before resuming back to his work… Swara blushed.. And continued feeding him.

It was almost finished when swara  kept the box on table abruptly and ran to washroom of his cabin.

Sanskaar got tensed -“Swara??? What happened.? ” he asked closing the laptop and marched to washroom..

-“Nothing Sanskaar.” Swara answered from Washroom… -“But what happened all of a sudden… Open the door Swara.”  Sanskaar banged the door again, his voice fill with concern.

Swara opened the door.. -“Am fine.. ” she said as she stepped out. -“But what happened ?” He asked again.. -“Nothing Just I was feeling nauseas.” She answered standing straight to him.. His expressions changed.. -“What did u eat in morning? From few days am seeing u running to washroom.. ” he asked holding her close., Swara overwhelmed by seeing his sweet gesture.

-“Yup but am ok.. Nothing to worry….. ” before she could complete, she again began to feel nauseas, as a result she ran getting herself out of his embrace.. Making him worry more..

This time he didn’t let her close the door and went back of her.. She puked.. He helped her by rubbing her back..

She cleaned herself -“I think we should once go to doc, you aren’t well..” He said handling her the napkin..

-“Offo Sanskaar Nothing to worry am perfectly fine..” She said.. But Sanskaar being Sanskaar never listened to her.. -“what Nothing to worry? U are puking, I think it must be food poisoning.. We are going to Doctor now..” He said in a stern voice.. -“Liste…..” He shut her down.. -“I don’t want any reasons, we are leaving now that’s it.. ” he said adamantly not caring about his presentation. 

She didn’t say anything as he reluctantly took her to hospital.. -“U never care about Ur own self.. Y are you so careless Swara.” He scold her whole way and she, she just stared him lovingly.. His cute angry face… He saw her smiling -“What ? Am saying something and u are smiling ?” He said looking back at road.. -“Tum Ho Na mera khayal rakhne k lie, .. [You are there na for caring of me] ” she said..which made him smile in a bit of anger..

Soon they reached to her doctor, as Sanskaar already took appointment with Dr. Shonali Batra on phone, they didn’t need wait.

-“How are you Swara ?” Doc asked a bit concerned as she knew about Swara’s flaw..

-“Am Fine Doc, ” Swara replied.. To which Sanskaar interrupted. -“What fine ? She isn’t fine Doc, from few days am seeing her Puking, she is feeling uneasy and some times She even feels like, fainting.” Sanskaar said in one breath.. -“Please do a proper check up of her.” Continued he, exhaling.

Doctor smiled seeing his care for Swara, -“I’ll Do that Mr. Maheshwari don’t worry, ” she replied to Sanskaar and continued looking towards Swara -“You are Very lucky to get such a caring husband.”

Swara smiled wide gazing at Sanskaar who was already smiling at her -“Yeah I am.” She replied, while doc continued to examine her, checking Blood pleasure. -“Blood pleasure is normal.”

After examining her fully -“It seems like she is ok.. But once we should do Blood test as it can be infection or something else.. ” She stated.. Sanskaar agreed, nurse took the blood samples of Swara..

-“How much time it will take ? ” Swara asked.. -“It depends we need to do few of them.” Doc said.. -“K then we can collect them later, ” asked Swara.. -“Sanskaar has a important meeting too.” She completed glancing at Sanskaar..

-“No problem, u can collect it by evening.” Doc smiled. -“I’ll collect it after office.. any medicines ? ” Sanskaar asked.. -“Not for now, I’ll prescribe after seeing the reports. ” doc answered as they got up to leave.

Sanskaar dropped Swara at home, and returned to office, after finishing his presentation he rushed to the conference hall as investors were already present there.. He was got busy in his work.. On other side Swara was busy in other house chores.

It was already 5 in evening, Sanskaar was sitting on his chair relaxing his head on the back, his eyes closed. After a hectic day he was having lil piece.. His lips tilted upwards in a small smile, his meeting went successful, for which he was working from months, investors were ready to invest in their company, everyone praised him. He sits straight smiling wide in triumph.

‘I must tell this to Swara she will be very happy listening it.’ He thinks , but next movement he stands straight remembering that he have to collect the reports..

He strides out of the cabin, marching way out straight to his car. He drove off.

As soon as he got in doc cabin, she greeted him.. -“Doctor, Swara’s blood reports!! ” he said, worry clearly reflecting on his face..

Doc called nurse to bring the reports.. After scrutinising the reports, she smiled -“Congratulations Mr. Maheshwari You are going be Father, Your undying love is taking a new form.” she congratulated him. -“Your wife is About 5 weeks pregnant.” She added.

Sanskaar stood there without any movement, he was shocked, happy, ecstatic, confused.. He was everything. He stood there numb, Wordlessly, like a child not knowing what to say or do.

-“I know no. Of questions may be running in Ur mind, I did all reports and got them normal, But when I did blood test for pregnancy and it was positive, it shocked me, It was me who did examine Her a one and half year back and said she can’t be a mother. This is just miracle, Or I must say miracle of ur both love, that u got this happiness. ” doctor smiled as she answered his unspoken questions.

He still stood there, his heart filled with joy. -” it’s a miracle, but It’s complicated, Extra care should be taken.”

-“Is it Real ?” He managed to ask in his dazed state. She glanced at him -“Yes It is Real, U guys are going to Have a baby.” She said with a nod.

-“Here am prescribing some of vitamins, swara is week, take care of her. ” she said penning down the names of vitamins.,

-“Thank you Doctor, Thank you, Thank you so much.” He said taking the prescription. Smile never leaving his lips. -“Aahan Don’t thank me, Thank god.” She said.

Sanskaar legs felt shaky with this unexplainable happiness.

He scrambled to His car, to reach home as soon as possible to his Lady Love..

Sanskaar’s POV :-

Such a hectic days it was, The project on which I was working form Months got successful, The smile and proud which I saw on my Papa’s and bade Papa’s made me proud on myself., sitting on my chair, relaxing my head back on chair I sighed, I must tell this to Swara, she will be happy listening it. I thought, and right behind second thought clicked behind my mind, Oh yeah how can I forget, I need to Collect the reports from Doctor Shonali, what will be in reports.. I got up instantly on my thought and marched out glancing at my watch showing 5 in evening.

I need to rush before the doc leaves saying this to myself I drove fast, as I reached to doc’s cabin my legs were shaky, what ? I was sweating, dunno what must be in reports, Oh god please make everything alright. I slowly went in trying to walk straight., gaining courage I asked about the reports to her.

-“Doc, Swara’s blood Report. ” I asked, She smiled and called nurse to bring the reports, doctor read the reports her expression a Shocked one, I got tensed then saw her smiling, she glanced at me, and the next words she spoke I felt my heart stopped beating, I couldn’t believe, wait did I heard wrong? No no I didn’t, her words echoing in my ears.

‘Congratulations Mr. Maheshwari You are going to be Father, Your Undying love is Taking a new form.’ Her words echoing everywhere. I felt like I was dreaming.. Her words that I had no hope that I’ll be hearing them in my life.

Everything sounded dim around only the word ‘You Are going to be Father’ echoing in my ears, I.. I.. I am going to be a father, Swara and me, we.. We are going to have a baby, a angel.

Her [Doctor’s] rest of words sounded underwater to my ears, I was trying to catch what she was saying. I just wanted to run straight to my Love and give her this news. I’ve seen her suffering through every pain but she never complained, she need not to tell me everything, I can understand her silence, I can read her eyes.

In between my dazed state and chain of thoughts I managed to ask ‘Is it Real’ I know my question was silly and y would she joke, but still I was scared that, that my happiness would vanish at next minute. She confirmed, Yes, Yes it was real, REAL. I was going to be a dad in real.. It wasn’t a dream, it was real. My baby was real. ‘My Baby, My’ I repeated it again and again in mind it sounded Amazing.

I barely heard doctor’s words, she was saying its a miracle, definitely it was, god never let us down. It was true, If we don’t do anything bad to others god will never do bad with us, He takes test, he took test of Our Love , and we passed out in it.. Nothing matter between me n Swara, the thing that mattered was just ‘Our Love’. Our love that never decreased for each other, ‘She is Mine and I Am Hers., Forever, till Eternity.’

When I was finally back into this world I heard Doc saying Swara is week as its complicated, and she is prescribing some medicines for it, I’ll never let Anything happen to my Love, she is going to give me the biggest happiness of this world..

Taking the prescription and reports, I thanked doc, I marched out with long stride and went to my car, sitting in I started the engine.. The wide smile never leaving my face, my cheeks hurting, but I don’t want that smile to get vanish., I was no more on land, my heart fluttering to this good news of my unborn child, My Unborn Child. ‘MY’ it sounded so good, Yes my Baby, Our baby, we are going to parents, I’ll be able to watch our child grow in her tummy, few weeks back she asked me for adoption of child, being a bit busy I said after a month we will see, but now I’ll be able to see her baby bump, her mood swings, Am going to be a dad, after coming in this world a lil one will Address me as ‘Dad’.. Omg am repeating it many times, and with every single time my happiness is getting doubled.

After Swara confessed that she can’t be a mother I had no hopes left in me, but, but god gave me all happiness, god gave me Swara, she gifted me a new life, light in darkness, Love in Hatrate, she is my everything, I just can’t imagine my life without her, yes coz she is my life. and today am feeling complete, a man who has the every single happiness of this whole universe., I want to see that huge smile of my love, I drove in high speed not caring about surroundings.. I just wanted to hug her tightly and give her the good news..

Sanskaar’s POV Ends.

Sanskaar reached home.., he marched directly to their room as he knew where she will be, he opened the door, and there she was hanging the clothes in their wardrobe.

At the familiar sound of door she turned with a smiled -“Sanskaar.” She acknowledged him continuing her work., where as he came in taking the baby steps. Thinking how to tell her. he thought to tease her a bit..

-“Swara?? ” he said drawing her attention to him.. -“Your Reports, Doc said… ” he continued nervously as she was gazing at him. He thought he must be the first person to Give this news to his wife. As till now wives give this news to their Husbands.

-“What she said Sanskaar.. ” she asked slowly finding him a bit nervous, -“She, She said That I, I mean That You…” He paused.. He was so near to her..

-“Speak up Sanskaar don’t scare me. ” Swara spoke a bit loud. Taking a deep sight -“She said That You are going to be Mother, we are going to be parents. ” he looked at her she had tears in her eyes..

-“Swa…” Before he could complete, he felt a burning sensation on his right cheek, it took him a minute to realise that She Slapped him.

He saw her, she sat on bed with ‘Thud’ tears welled up in her eyes, -“Stop Kidding Sanskaar in this matter..” She said squeezing her eyes shut, tears rolled down her cheeks.. -“You very well know I can’t be mother, How.. How can you joke in this… When u very well know..h..how sensitive this matter is. ” she continued, her voice shaky.

She wasn’t ready to believe in it, From day she got to know that she can’t be a mother, it sounded only myth to her. Sanskaar very well understood her situation.

She stood up to say something, but he handed the reports to her.. She saw the reports, while he spoke -“I know Swara its difficult for you, even I wasn’t able to believe on it.. But it’s true Swara, its the Beautiful reality of our life, Its the symbol of our love.,” he said.. While she was just staring in reports, tears not stopping from her eyes..

She without any word held his collar and hugged him holding the collar, -“Sanskaar, we..we..we..Are go..going to be..” She stammered crying out loud, -“Parents.” She managed to complete in a whispering voice…

She cried hugging him tightly, while he hugged her back with same need., he tried to calm her down caressing her hairs.. -“Yes Swara, we are, god gave us this happiness..” Tears of happiness rolled down from his eyes..

Swara’s POV :-

It was evening, Sanskaar must be returning back, I thought and opened the wardrobe, oh its messy. Let’s clean it. I said to my self and folded the cloths to keep in rack, after arranging the rack, I was hanging ironed ones on hanger.

I turned listening the opening sound of door, I knew it was he, I turned and passed a smiled acknowledging him.. And continued hanging hangers in cupboard..

He came in, I turned to him when I listened him calling me., he said me he has got the reports, he paused in middle, his expressions, nervous.
I asked him, he again started but didn’t complete, this time really scaring me, what must be in the reports Why he isn’t saying, is anything serious?.. Loosing my Control -“Speak up Sanskaar don’t scare Me.” I said and looked at him..

His next words pushed me in shock… What he just said I tried to catch, did he Say that I.. I am going to be a mother? But..But Its impossible. How is this., He is kidding. Kidding in this matter.

He was about to say something, but stopped as I landed a tight slap on his face, what, what I.. I slapped him ? Slapped HIM.? But I can’t let him joke in this thing, it is really a sensitive topic..My legs began to feel week, I sat on bed lifelessly..

I could feel my cheeks wet, I was crying, I didn’t bothered to wipe them away.. I said him not to take this thing in fun, I can’t be a mother and it’s really a painful thing.. I got up from bed to say him further.. But he gave me something..

I stared down the papers in my hand., it was My test reports.. I saw the report. It.. It..it was positive, I.. I am really going to be a mother?.. Am having a baby in me.. I.. I.. I was numb.. I just continued to stare at reports printing them in my mind..

His words helping me to grasp reality, without any word I held his collar and pulled him in a tight hug, I held his collar tight in my fists.. My Tears were not ready to stop, or it was me who didn’t bother to stop them.. I was happy, I was feeling ecstatic.. We are going to be parents. I stammered.. My voice chocked, I felt difficult to speak in happiness.. All I wanted was to feel the movement. 

It was a myth for me, a dream.. But it was a reality now.. I am going to give birth to a baby., My Child, Our child, I will be able to feel him/her growing inside me., I hugged him more tightly, as if trying to mould our bodies in one, This man never left me, not after knowing I cannot give him the happiness of being a father and take his name further..

But God gave us this happiness too, my happiness knew no bounds, I felt my heart will burst with so much of happiness and love. It was a miracle, someone said right if we gets something easy we will be happy, but that happiness we get which we are left with no hope, it will be thousands times more.

I was still hugging him, he was soothing me with his words, his love filled words made my heart flutter, I was no more in this world, I was somewhere else where I found happiness and only happiness…

Finally I am going to give happiness to my Husband, Finally our family will be complete with a little one. ‘Our Little One’.

Swara’s POV Ends.

Sanskaar twirled her in his arms, she laughed, her laughter echoing in room., “Sanskaar, haha.” She laughed again.. He made her stand straight.. -“I love you Swara, I love you so much.” He said hugging her again..

-“I love You more Sanskaar. ” she confessed hugging him back.. He broke the hug, and joint their lips in a blissful kiss, his lips moved gently against hers, she reciprocated.. It was a simple one none of both tried to push more, it was their gesture of expressing their love and happiness.

They decided to share this news with everyone after dinner, they went down and after having dinner they announced, Swara blushed as Ragini teased her, she was feeling shy, while Sanskaar was feeling proud..

All had smiles on their faces, everyone was happy, one of them was feeling guilty, and she was sujata.. -“Manne Maaf Kr de Swara, Maine na Jane Kya kya bola tuje, Bina soche samjhe tanne kitna dukh hoga, taqleef hogi, Manne Je kia h, vako maaf krna muskil h, varis ke Moh ne mhare ko andha bana dia tha chori., [Please Forgive me Swara, I have hurted u a lot, with my words, The things I’ve done, I’ve said are not forgettable, Greed for Heir made me blind, please forgive me.]” Her eyes glistening with tears, which were the clear evident how much guilt she was feeling in her heart.

Sanskaar looked at Swara, she glanced at him and hugged Sujata -“No Mom, please don’t say like that. Am not angry with u at all.” Swara said.

-“Sanskaar,..” Sujata tried to say.. But Sanskaar immediately hugged her, she cried on his shoulders.. All smiled at this family Reunion and other big reason of their smiles was ‘The unborn baby of SwaSan’.

-“Abb Mein ache se dhyan rakhungi apni bahu ka., [I’ll take good care of my DIL now]” Sujata said keeping hand round Swara’s shoulder, while Ragini added -“Hum bhi hai chachiji.. Hum bhi toh abb Maasi aur Chachi banne wale hai., [We are also here chachiji].”

Annapurna and DP blessed them, and RP too, while Laksh and Ragini congratulated them.. Everyone circled Swara, Sanskaar furrowed -“Arey What’s this ? I also want to spend time with my wife.” He pouted.. Swara smiled.. While sujata said -“Abhi na chore baad mein time sapend kr Lena apni bindni k sath quantity tame., [Not now son, later u can spend quantity time with Ur wife].” To which everyone laughed and Laksh corrected sujata -“Its Quality Time Chachi.”

-“Haan Haan vahi chore Qality tame., [Yes Yes That only Qality {quality} time.].” Said sujata, everyone laughed, Ragini teased Swara, she blushed looking at Sanskaar, who was already staring at her lovingly.

He came and side hugged her, -“Bada Utavla hue jaa raha hai je chora.” Sujata teased.. Sanskaar remained unaffected by it, -“If you can excuse us can I take her to room, she needs to take rest.” Sanskaar said staring at Swara.. -“No am OK Sanskaar.” She said but Sanskaar shushed her.

-“Ya ya Swara if Sanskaar is telling u to take rest then go with him.” Ragini winked.. Sujata and Ragini dropped Swara till room, she was feeling so much loved..

She sat on bed while Sanskaar bolted the door.. Sanskaar came and sat beside her, -“Well madam, pehli baar dekha hai Good news pr thappad., [Well madam, for the first time I saw Slap on good news].” He said, Swara smiles without any word she kissed his Right cheek where she slapped Him. He smiled when she side hugged him, -“Everything is so perfect Sanskaar, am feeling so much loved all are so happy, only because of.,” she paused saying.

Keeping hand on her belly she Completed -“My Baby. ” she said and listened Sanskaar too said the same thing placing his hand on her belly.. Both laughed looking at each other and corrected it in an union -“Our Baby.”

He softly caressed her belly under her saree.. While she rested her head on his chest, Taking her in his embrace, as they slept, with huge smiles on their faces..


Swara first to get up, she smiled sleepily looking at Sanskaar and his hand which was on her belly, she slowly placed his hand on side, and got up pecking his forehead.

She got ready and found him still sleeping.. -“Sanskaar, get up see its getting late u have to go to office too, get up..” She said loudly drying her hairs.

He dint even moved an inch, Swara sighed and went near him. -“Sanskaar get up.” She shook him getting irked.. But in response he slept again blinking at her in sleep. -“You have to go to office Sanskaar, get up.” She shouted.

-“No office from today.”he said sleepily, his eyes still closed. Her eyes widened -“What ?? What u mean by it ??why you will not go office..?” She asked, pulling him..

He sat on bed and rubbed her eyes like a cute child. -“Am not going to office from today.” He said looking at her.. -“Kis khushi mein?,. [In what happiness?]” She asked pressing her lips in a thin line. -“Mere baby k khushi mein.” He hugged Swara who was standing near him, resting his head on her belly pecking it softly.

-“Its too much Sanskaar, you will stop going office for this?” She parted him and looked at him with unbelievable expression.

-“Who said am stopping, I’ve shifted my office here, I’ll be working from here now.” He announced with wide smile making her sit beside him.. -“But Why?,” she asked.. He passed a mocking glare -“To stare our neighbour.. Of course to take care of my princess and Angel.” He said wrapping his arm round her shoulder.

-“I can take care of my self and Angel.” She replied, -“No ways, Am going to take care of you both, Doc already said that its complicated.” He said staring at her intensely.

-“But..” She tried to speak. -“No ifs and buts, what I said is final, no more arguments.” He dictated.. She very well knew she can never debate and win against him. She felt happy in giving in.

-“Now com on give me My morning kiss.” He said in a husky voice, his gaze fixated on her lips. His fingers Clasped on her shoulder, while other was on her waist.

It wasn’t the first time kiss, they had made love for nights but still her heart drummed hard against her ribcage. She closed her eyes, when she felt his lips caressing hers.. He pecked her lips before taking them in to a passionate kiss, they kissed each other ending up Swara lying on bed beneath him..

He got up helping her sit.

-“Where are you going.? ” he asked when she began to march outside.. -“Kitchen.” She replied turning back. -“Y ?” He asked again.. -“To help mom, badi maa n Ragini.” She answered.

-“Who allowed you ? You aren’t going anywhere, and u are not supposed to do any work.. You need rest.” He stated sweeping her feet’s off floor, carrying her back to bed.

-“What’s this Sanskaar, Why can’t I work now. ” she asked irritated. -“Because I am saying, doc said you are weak and you should take rest.” He said. His truculent attitude forced her to be quite, sujata and Ragini came with breakfast for Swara, which contained every fave dish of her and fruits.

Sujata pushed Sanskaar to side And began to feed Swara -“Eat this Swara.” While Sanskaar stared at her relentlessly. He got fresh.

Days passed like wise, Sanskaar used to work in study or office, in every 1 hour he comes to her, to enquire regarding her health, none of them allowed to work her, she had to do only 2 things eat by Sujata, Badi maa, Ragini or Sanskaar’s hand and rest whole day.. He never allowed her to descend staircase alone,when she wanted to feel like going down he used to carry her in his arms. he mostly used to work in their room, where as Swara used to watch TV getting bored. They visited Doctor for regular check ups.

Everyone was taking good care of her, when he went to attend meetings in office she tried to work but Ragini instantly kicked her out every single time not allowing her to work..

She became irritated towards Sanskaar day by day specially cz of her mood swings.. For silly things she used to irritate him, but he never got irked by her mood swings, in fact he loved his childish Swara even more. Her cute demands like he hasn’t kissed her like yesterday, he didn’t hug her, why she wasn’t in his embrace when she got up, he didn’t made her eat the first bite with his hands, she loved enjoying his attention, she knew she is only his centre of attraction, but she loved to gain extra attention, and he happily gave it to her.

Its been 15 weeks of her pregnancy, her belly started to expand into cute baby bump, her cheeks turning more chubby, Sanskaar found her more cute, while she complained that she is gaining weight, but she was super happy to see her stomach size increasing in round shape.

She wanted his all time only for her, talking with her, feeding her, pampering her, embracing her. He loved all her tantrums.

They always used to address baby as angel, and it was really an Angel for them.. It was mandatory, he making her sleep daily in his embrace, caressing her baby bump, showering her face with soft kisses, irrespective of his work, he makes her sleep on time. Later on he used to complete his work in their room., She was his kiddo. 

One evening Swara was desperately waiting for Sanskaar, staring at the watch she was counting minutes., -“Its been so long y he isn’t here, he promised me that he will be back at 5 pm but see its 5:05 pm. ” she sat on bed, her lips pointed out in a cute ‘pout’.

He came in smiling wide and went near her, she got up only to knelt down on bed., -“How are you feeling now Jaan?” He asked keeping the bag on side table.

-“You are 6 minutes late Sanskaar.” She shouted.. -“sorry I got struck in traffic.” Said Sanskaar with a cute sad face, she melted.. -“Its ok.” She said giving a quick peck on his lips.
She began to check pockets of his blazer and jeans, -“What are u searching. ” he asked.. -“My DMS [Dairy Milk Silk]” she said checking his back pocket of jeans.. Her expressions turned furious when she didn’t found her beloved DMS. -“Where is my silk ?? You didn’t bring ?.” She roared.. -“Vo actually, Swara.. ” before he could complete she sat on bed crossing her arms on her chest, -“Am not talking with you, I already said you 10 times before you left that I want silk, but you, you forgot.. I’ll neither talk with you, nor sleep with you, get out of the room.” She announced annoyed, her nose becoming read.

He slowly took out ‘DMS Roasted Almonds’ from his inner pocket of blazer and placed it before her.. -“I want bubbly not this one.” She complained.. -“But in morning u said to bring this one.” He said innocently.

-“I wanted to eat this in morning, but now I want to eat bubbly.” She said looking at him with cute red nose. She again turned face from him.

He sighed and took out three more silks from his inner pocket, all were different one bubbly, one caramel filled centre and other orange peel, and presented it to her. Her eyes shinned with a huge grin on her lips as she grabbed them all from his hand, and soon unwrapped bubbly..

While he sat beside her.. -“You brought every flavour.” She asked cutely while eating it like a child, the melted chocolate sticking to her lips..

-“Yup, I brought one unit of every flavour, how can I forget about mood swings of my cute kiddo wife.” He said taking off his blazer.

-“Am not kiddo.” Swara glared. -“You are, you are kiddo My Love.” He said.. -“No am not.” she said turning to him..

-“Then what is This.” He said, -“What.. ” she asked while he leaned and took the melted chocolate from her lips with his lips, -“This.” He said pointing at his own lips.

She smiled and took back the chocolate from his lips with hers, and licked it off..

She saw him staring her -“You wanna eat.” She asked forwarding him, he smiled a bit naughtily -“Definitely I’ll eat, but not from this..” He said and pressed his lips against her chocolate Coated ones, without warning, He slowly licked her lips with his tongue, before sucking them softly, she smiled and opened her mouth for sharing her chocolate with him.

His tongue roamed in her mouth tasting it, he sucked her tongue taking his share of chocolate from it. His mouth devouring hers. She loved the way he played her masterfully.

He broke, -“Its really very tasty,” he said making her crimson red.. She side hugged him, he embraced her, while she continued eating. His hand caressing her bump above her night cloths.

Days passed, passing whole one month, everyone took good care of Swara, she now began to sit in study more as Sanskaar used to be there, Sanskaar makes her bath,after feeding breakfast to her, he Carry her downstairs in his arms, while she sits there and he does his works.. In between they Romanced when they wanted, they had full privacy, no one disturbed them any time.. She made Sanskaar, her habit, it was miserable for her to imagine a day without seeing his face, he was always around her.

Each day swara faced a new experience, it was her 5th month of pregnancy, she was sitting in his study, while he went upstairs to bring an important file, getting bored she looked around and found a shelf, its upper rack contained a transparent plastic bag, she could see exiting novels covers in it.

Standing near it she remembered, ‘Sanskaar has told me not to lift any kind of weight or climb on Anything high.’ She thought for a minute, but her love for novels made her go against Sanskaar’s words. “Its not too much high, and what amount of weight books will have, I’ll get them.” She said to herself and dragged the stool from side. Slowly climbing up she reached To the rack she aimed to.

She slowly took the bag of books from it, its weight was quite more than she expected, she was about to get down, suddenly she felt a cramp in her stomach, her expressions changed coz of pain.

-“What are you doing there ? ” Sanskaar roared as he rushed in throwing the file. He caught her in his arms. She lost her grip on bag, resulting it falling on floor.

She squeezed her eyes shut coz a wave of severe pain passed down in her stomach to abdomen. He noticed the change in her expressions.. -“What happened swara ?? Look at me? Swaraaa !! ” he almost shouted in worry.

He directly took her to their room, tears streaming out from her close eyelids made him go insane.. Listening his shouts everyone gathered there.

-“What happened to swara ?? Sanskaar !! ” sujata asked when she saw him carrying swara. He didn’t answer his gaze fixated on her.. -“Swara ??” He cried out..

Placing her on bed all circled them.. -“Laksh call Doctor.” He growl seeing tears in her eyes.. While her hands were holding her baby bump..

He held her palm and rubbed it sitting beside her.. -“Jaan please say something..” His voice chocked.

Everyone looked worried.. Tears welled up in his eyes when he placed his hand on her bump.. Holding it securely..

She slowly opened her voice -“Ahh.. I.. I was trying to…take those novels from shelf..as..as.. I took them… I felt pain in stomach.. Angeell..” She managed to say in pain.

Sanskaar looked up at her, his expressions turned out furious.. But he calmed down himself, seeing her condition, she was worried about Angel while he was worried about her more.

He cupped her face with one hand while other one was on her belly, joining their forehead he stared in her teary eyes.. -“Shh nothing will happen to my Princess and My Angel…I’ll not let anything happen to them.” He said.. His voice calming her, soothing her pain..

He kept saying soothing words in his soft voice to her, in between pecking her lips to draw her attention to him and stop her thinking about pain, everyone present there had tears in their eyes..

She calmed down with his words and pecks., when he felt her totally calming down, he slowly kissed her lips, before he could withdrew she reciprocated, he kissed her back.. -“I Love you swara, Nothing will happen to You, till Am alive.” He said staring in her eyes. His forehead still resting on hers..

She stared back in his dark brown eyes getting lost in them, forgetting about pain, fear, Everything..

Doc came and did her check up, Sanskaar never leaving her hand.. -“she Lifted up weight, I already said she is weak and its complicated.” Said doc looking at swara and Sanskaar alternatively.

-“Everything ok ? swara is fine na ? ” he asked concerned..

-“Ya she is fine, but keep in mind from next time she shouldn’t lift any weighted thing.. Or it can create more complications.” She said giving her pain killing injection..

Doc left, while Sanskaar was still sitting there.. Everyone left after sometime staying with her, sujata sent Milk for Swara.

SwaSan were alone in room. -“Am ok Sanskaar don’t worry.” Swara said cupping his one cheek. He glared at her -“What ok ? When I had already said u not to lift anything which has weight then y did u climb over there ?” He hissed..

She smiled -“Am sorry Sanskaar, I was feeling bore and seeing novels I got agitated to read them.” She said. -“You should have asked me, I’ve would have got it for you, you should have waited for me.. But no u always like to be Jhansi ki Rani na?” He said angrily.. -“You know what my condition was seeing u like that, in pain, in tears.. Please don’t do anything like that..please swara your life is precious than any other thing in this world.” His voice a bit soft as he continued..

Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks while a delightful smile plastered on her lips.. -“I’ll never do that pakka, am sorry..” She said..

While he took the milk glass from table and she made faces, while he kept his face hard.. -“Drink it.” He ordered.. But she made a cute face -“I can’t drink this milk, it taste so yukk..” She said In a childish voice.

He tried hard to control his smile -“Finish it Swara,” he said again.. -“But Sanskaar.. ” he interrupted again.. -“Nope, am not taking no as an answer u are going to finish it and that’s Final.” He declared..

She gulped it in one go, he wiped her mouth.. And make her lay down properly., bending down to her baby bump he kissed there.. She giggled.. He placed more kisses on her tummy making her laugh, -“San.s.kaa..rrr.”  -“What ? ” he asked, again kissing all over her tummy..

-“Ahhahah please..” She laughed again, -“What Did I do? Am just loving my Angel, papa loves Angel a lot.” He again kissed..

She snuggled closer to him when he layed down beside her after covering her with duvet,  not embracing her.. He smiled and cocooned her in his arms placing a good night peck on her forehead. She sighed, sleep soon took over their bodies., transforming them to their dreams world..

From that day he never left her alone, not even for a single minute, if any urgent meetings were held, Laksh did them all for Sanskaar. Swara regretted her act, not cz he wasn’t leaving her alone, in fact she loved him beside her all time, but his business would effect cz of it..

Ragini, shomi buy many of baby dresses, soft toys, cradles Everything.. Even Sanskaar took her for shoppings and daily evening walks at beeches and parks as doc said.. one wardrobe was filled with baby cloths and products. It was of both girl and boy. 

Today 6 months completed of her carrying their Angel.,

-“Swara Get up we need to go to hospital for Sonograph.” Sanskaar said softly waking her up, she has really became lazy this days, sleeping all time..

She burrowed deeper in duvet denying to get up, while he caressed her baby bump, -“Get up princess, we are going to see our Angel today, Aren’t you exited.” He asked pecking her forehead.

-“5 minutes more Sanskaar please.” She said., -“Its For third time u are saying more 5 minutes more, ok u sleep am going.” He said getting up from bed.

She held his hand before he could even take a step.  He smiled, his plan worked, he turned, helping her sit.

-“We need to go, get ready.” He said getting her cloths from cupboard.,

She didn’t moved but gazed at him with annoyed look., -“What happened? ” he asked.

-“You never remember to give my morning kiss right.” She glared while he smiled and went near her, jointing their lips, he kissed her soundly on her rosey lips.

-“Morning !! Shall I get u ready ?” He asked, she smiled -“Gladly.” She answered., He helped her.

Getting ready they went to hospital, Dr. Shonali welcomed them and asked about her health..

-“How u feel now Swara ?” She asked, -“Am fine.” She answered returning her smile.

She prepared her for ultrasound, applying the gel, she moved the wand on roundness Swara’s stomach and typed something in computer, the picture appeared on screen.

-“Here is Your Angle,” showed doc -“Baby looks healthy.” She continued..

His eyes got occupied with a unique shine, shine of Love, love  towards his baby, smile never leaving his face, while she stared at him, She left a happy sigh seeing his happiness. They were seeing their baby for the first time..

Sanskaar held her hand -“Our Angel, Swara.” He said, his eyes fixated on screen as Dr began to show them..

She placed her on his, -“Yes Sanskaar.” Her voice husky with emotions.

They stared the screen.. Doctor said baby is fine, Nothing is to be worried..

They thanked doctor before leaving, they were really happy, everyone was happy listening that everything is fine.

Sanskaar dropped swara at room at night as whole day she was with Shomi and Ragini., he went down as DP called him for a small work..

Swara was standing in balcony, the past memories, Happy memories, His memories.. flashed behind her close eye lids, How they met, He helping her, His confession, her realisation, Their mutual Confession, their dates, marriage, their First night when they celebrated their union, his care, and now they were going to be parents..

Suddenly the wind turned cold and it started to rain, she grinned closing her eyes, facing towards sky. The water drops touching her face making her sigh in contentment..

She was feeling the rain placing her hand on her bump, she could feel the baby move.. It added more to her happiness, feeling her baby movement inside her..

-“Swara, what are you doing in rain come inside.” She turned when heard Sanskaar’s voice.. -“No, I want to enjoy in rain.” She said looking at him.. -“You will catch cold, come inside Jaan.” He said coming near to her..

She was fully drenched in rain, he held her hand to take her in, but she held his hand back -“Please, I wanna Dance..” She said.. -“With You.” She completed coming close to her placing her hands on his shoulders respectively..

He smiled, and held her waist protectively, how could he deny her.. They danced slowly without music, moving their bodies slowly.. He made her turn and back hugged her, rain making them wet and more romantic.

Placing his hands on her round belly he rested his chin on her shoulder, leaving his hot breath on his wet neck, she trembled as he kissed her neck biting it slightly.. She sucked in a harsh breath.

Their attention soon drawn to her baby bump as Baby moved again, he could feel his angel, he smiled caressing it, baby again moved.. They stared at each other.. They were fully drenched.

He carried her in, -“You are all wet, wait I’ll bring other Night dress for you.” He said and came back in a minute with other set of night cloths.

He began to unbutton her Night shirt to make her wear other one, but she held his hands halting his movement.. He furrowed..

-“Make Me Love Sanskaar.” She said looking deep in his eyes. He sighed -“Will it be ok with you ?” He asked.. -“Hmm, I want to be urs again, Make me urs, Make Me Love.” She said, her voice coated with love. Her eyes showing how much she Love him, she need him.

BG  :- “Beintehaan by Atif Aslam & Sunidhi Chauhan from Movie Race 2.” 

-“Ok, ” his voice a bare whisper.. His lips pressed against hers very next movement, taking it into a passionate kiss. Pulling her close slowly, he continued sucking her lips, ‘Delicious’ he muttered in between., she smiled and kissed him back Wildly., he was soft, she was wild.

Her hands went all way to his blazer to remove it off, he helped in her act.. Throwing his blazer down, her fingers worked on his shirt’s buttons, while her lips nibbling his.

Opening his shirt’s buttons her hands explored his manly torso. His hands moved sensuously on her curves while unbuttoning her night wear..

The room was dark with no light added more to their excitement.

He entered his tongue in her mouth exploring its secrets again, he never got tired of kissing her, in fact he aimed for more and more. She moaned in his mouth as he squeezed her bosoms above of last barrier..

He went slow, her hands travelled to his hands which were on her soft curves and made him press more, more harder..

His hands travelled back to unclasps her inner, where as his lips giving trial of wet kisses on her jaw line..

As soon has his fingers unhooked. The Lacey inner which was confiding her curves fall down between there legs, revealing her beauty to him. He bit her ear lobe slightly and licked it as he came down kissings and biting her neck all way, he slowly touched her bosoms kissing her neck, it’s peaks erected with his touch, wanting to be played masterfully by him.. While Swara’s hand was caressing his back wildly digging her nails in his shoulders, she threw her neck side ways closing her eyes moaning, giving him better access.

His lips reached to her Cleavage licking it, while his hands were playing with her peaks, circling them with his thumb.. -“Ummmm…mmm… Aaahh,..” She moaned when he replaced his fingers by his lips on her one bosom peak, he swirled his tongue on it before nibbling it, while his other hand pinched the other peak, stroke it with his thumb.. Her eyes closed while her moans filled their room.. She pushed him more on her,.

He sucked and bite her, his other hand worked on the strings of her bottom tied below her round belly., her bottom ripped out in a blink down in her legs, exposing her s*xy legs, her skin feather soft..

After giving equal attention to both curves he placed a quick peck on her baby bump, before taking her lips again in to a kiss, her lips swollen with his kisses.. His hand caressing her upper body.

Mere a lacy inner left on her satin soft body, he swept her in his arms and made her lay on bed. Unzipping his pants and boxers he came beside her, taking her lips in a bruising kiss, and massaging her curves, she kissed him back pulling him even closer, but he didn’t push for more as it can hurt their Angel..

Kissing her Shoulders and nape he travelled down to her Cleavage followed by her bosoms, his lips hovering on her tips alternatively.. He went further showering her belly with soft kisses, while her hands clutched the bed cloths out of pleasure..

His hands caressing her bare tights, while he ripped off her lacy inner, she was dripping for him, an unshamed moan passed her lips as he rubbed her down vigorously, creating sensations in her, her legs spread automatically to accommodate him.

He pumped his finger in and out giving her the more pleasure, her needs for him increased even more.,she whimpered wanting more and more, he thirsted her with his finger..Her lips never leaving His name., she arched back as he inserted the other finger in, pumping in and out harshly, -“Ohhh.” She moaned her eyes closed..

A moan of protest escaped from her as he pulled away his fingers only to spread her a little wide and settle between her legs. He kissed her lips for long before riding inside her.

Damn she needed him badly her desires were on peak for him., he knelt down rubbing her with his length vertically, she moaned feeling him on his entrance.. His touch made her quiver in anticipation.

Her heart studdered, her breathing shallow, when she felt him moving inside her, Slowly.  A deep groaned escaped from his mouth as he moved in slowly in her tightness..

He moved slowly, inch by inch not pushing hard, he controlled his hard desires as it may hurt her.. She moaned again and again feeling him inside, slowly and deeply filling her complete., she wanted hard but he set the limit..

He rested inside her pulsing as he hit her home, he moved in and out slowly, she whimpered in complain at his slow tortures.. -“Sansssskksaarrr..” A moan was heard from her, he was panting heavily. He was cautious of her stomach.

His hands rested on either sides of her, keeping himself not to put weight on her. He increased speed a bit and he took her lips in a hard kiss as he made love to her.. He thirsted inside deep and slow.

He swapped between slow and fast thirsts, driving them to the edge.. He hit hard for final time, she collapsed, while he exploded right behind her filling her complete., she could feel him all over in her stomach,her stomach warm with his cum, his touch on his every inch., their bodies trembled with their climax..

Smile never leaving her lips, she was happy., very happy, she was again claimed by him, She felt belonged. Belonged to Him, Belonged to Her prince.

Pulling off from kiss he pulled himself of from her, she could barely keep her eyes open., covering them with duvet he pulled her in his embrace, she snuggled deeper in his chest hiding herself in his torso.. Her stomach touching his abs.

He caressed her hairs pecking her forehead, she sighed in contentment, and slept peacefully.. Sanskaar too slept cuddling her..

Sanskaar used to accept her every demand, what ever she asked irrespective of time and place, he made her love several times in this two months after that night., he never pushed her for more, he was gentle to her, always..

Her stomach size increased more and more when her 8th month got completed., He always had a proud smile seeing her expanded tummy which was carrying his Baby, their Baby..

They were sleeping peacefully cuddling each other, clock struck 3 am at night, she got up and found him sleeping, she shook him-“Sanskaar, get up.” She said shaking him..

He got up immediately.. -“What happened Jaan ?? Are you.. You fine ??” He cupped her face in tension, his hand travelled down to her belly.. -“Angel is fine ?” He asked..

-“Arey Nothing happened we both are fine, but..” She said biting her Lower lip.. -“What ??” He asked.. -“I wanna eat Raw mango., now !!”

His expressions turned shocked -“What ? Raw Mango that too now?” She nodded like a child -“Please I want too eat it now get it for me, even angel want to eat.” She said making a cute face..

-“But where will I find raw mango now ? ” he asked scratching his head -“Its 3 AM, Sleep for now tomorrow I’ll bring.. ” he said, And turned to sleep but stopped to seeing her shooting daggers at him.

-“I want now means now, get it !!” She ordered.. -“But where we will get it from no markets will be open now.” He reasoned her out.. -“Our neighbour Mr. sharma has mango tree.. Get it from there I saw lots of raw mangoes on it few days ago. ” she said making his eyes widened.

-“But you know, how much Khadoos he is., how can I ask him that too at this time..” He questioned back.. -“Arey who is saying you to ask him and bring, Just jump in climbing the wall and pluck few of them and come back, simple.” She gave a way..

He gave her an Unbelievable look -“What !! You want me to steal, mein chori karun? ” he asked. -“You don’t love me na Sanskaar, you can’t do that much for me.” She again started her emotional blackmailing, and fake tears.

-“Arey? How can you say that I don’t love you.” He asked. -“Then bring me Mangoes and prove it that you love me.” She said..

He very well knew that he has no escape now. he agreed, while she demanded to take her with him..

He carried her down stair in Arms, she asked him to take car, as they can run if caught..

They reached to Mr Sharma’s house, his pet dogs were sleeping.  Sanskaar got down from car while she sat in as he didn’t allowed her to get down..

He slowly climbed the wall and reached the tree.. Plucking the mangoes he was about to get down of tree but mistakingly a mango Fell on the Dog sleeping under tree..

It started barking, -“Please don’t bark my frnd if I wont take this, my wife will not only bark at me but bite too.” He said joining his hands in front of dog… Swara got worried for Sanskaar.. While he jumped on wall directly and climbed down, by time Mr sharma was up by dog’s barking..

-“God please save my Cute Hubby..”she prayed controlling her laugh.. While he climbed down the wall.. Mr Sharma started shouting ‘Chor Chor Chor’ and began to throw stones due to darkness he couldn’t see Sanskaar..

Sanskaar got in and they drove off before Mr. Sharma could catch them.. Swara was laughing like hell.. While Sanskaar glared at her.

She got off the car as they reached to a deserted place, and ate Raw mangoes with spices sprinkled on them.. -“Ummm so Tasty.. ” she said.. While he bent down his head near her belly. -“See baby Your mumma, not giving me anything in return, say her na papa also needs something., will u ?” He was talking with his angel..

Swara startled as she felt baby kicking, -“Sanskaar…Angel kicked..” She shouted in excitement placing hand on her Baby bump.. -“What!! ” his voice emotional and eyes filled with love staring at baby bump.

She took his hand and placed on Her roundness to make him feel their babies kick.. -“Waoohh My angle kicked again.” He said feeling the kick.. -“Yup angel listened to  Papa.” Swara said staring Sanskaar with love..

-“Then my treat.” He winked naughtily.. -“Here you go My prince.” She said before smashing her lips on his.. They kissed.. Before droving off to home where he made her sweet love.

One more month passed making SwaSan’s love bond more strong.. It was final I.e., 9th month of her pregnancy..

She was playing candy crush in his phone while he was working on laptop, all of a sudden he heard her shouting looking up he saw her holding her tummy and crying in pain.

He left the laptop there and rushed to her, recently they visited doc and she said still there is time for her delivery, as per her it was on 2 or 3rd sept. But pains started to her today 28th August..

-“Swara what happened?? ” he asked panicking, calling everyone.. -“Take..Take me to Hospital Sanskaarrrrr.. Aahh.” She shouted in pain..

He carried her down, sujata Sat on back seat with Swara, holding her, while Sanskaar drive the car.

Everyone came in other cars..

-“Doctor, Doctor !! ” he shouted reaching to hospital swara was in his arms.. -“This way. ” Doc guided and took them.. Everyone waited out, Doc asked Sanskaar too to go but Swara held his hand not leaving him.. -“Please Let.. Let him be here Doctor..” Said Swara in between cries of pain.

Sanskaar sat beside her, holding her hand, while she was crying and shouting in pain, clutching his hand hard, his nails tearing his skin.

-“Swara am here Nothing will happen.” He said, she felt irritated..

Doc and nurses came when her labour pain increased more and more to uncontrollable extent, -“Swara Push.” Doc guided her.. She was tired her energy drenched though she tried to push.. -“Aaahhhhh.” She shouted in pain while pushing.. -“Swara Push.. Please don’t give up.” Sanskaar’s words rang in her ears in between pain, giving her new energy..

She pushed hard, after half hour of pushing she was exhausted bit still didn’t give up for him, for their baby..she cried out loud with final push and Baby was out..

Baby cried, they heard the first cry of their angel.. Doc took the angel, while SwaSan stared at each other smiling, he bend down and kissed her lips softly, pecking her forehead. -“Congratulations Mrs Maheshwari.” He said.. While she smiled, her eyes drowsy.. She slept..

While Doc handled Baby to Sanskaar -“Congrats, Its baby Girl.” Doc said.. Sanskaar took baby with trembling hands, tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks as he saw his Angel and kissed softly on her chubby cheeks. She slowly opened her eyes, her big eyes were same of Swara but brown like him, and nose Cute like Sanskaar, she was so soft..

His heart fluttered when he saw his Angel looking at him and pushing legs out, Her pink lips were turned into small baby pout.. As she cooed..

Her fingers so small, Sanskaar happiness knew no bounds, he stared at his Angel in his arms and princess sleeping on bed.. He was in total awe.

Everyone took princess in their arms and blessed them, sujata never leaving her..

Sanskaar gave Angel to swara when she got up.. She stared at her in awe, -“Sanskaar, Our Angel.” She said her voice chocking with emotions.

-“Yes, See she have your eyes..” He said, -“But colour is of urs, deep brown.” She said staring at Angel.. -“Her lips are like you see..” He said touching her lips slowly.. -“Nose is same of urs..” Swara stated.

-“But what name you guys kept ?” Ram asked !!

SwaSan stared at each other as Sanskaar said -“Sofiya.”

-“What’s the meaning of name ?” Ragini asked in excitement, -“Khubsurat.” Swara answered. -“Khubsurat means Beautiful.” Sanskaar continued. -“She came in our life and made it beautiful and perfect.” SwaSan completed together pecking Sofiya’s nose..

Swara fed her milk, later they got discharged and took Angel at home..

Sanskaar was so happy, and y won’t he be, he was a father now of a beautiful angel..

They love Grew more with their angel, everyone took good care of angel..

They lived happily ever after with their Angel without any problems and worries..

****Pens Down****

So here it got completed !! Phew such a huge one. I hope u guys liked it, it took me weeks to write.. Please do leave Ur precious feedback down..

Such a huge part of 25,000 words so now can I expect 125+ comments that too long one, for this super long update ? Silent readers if now also be silent then its Shame guys !! Be silent no need to read my ffs !!


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