You are Mine (I made her laugh) Ch. 4


I came back to home..I saw Aisha and that boy…she seemed very happy with him..I wish I were in his place..they both went to same gate which lead to 2 houses…I know one is Aisha’ the other one is her next door boy’s. .

I entere to my was neat and clean it means nanu appointed a maid for me..I took a quick shower. made a cup of coffee and went to my balcony. ..I saw Aisha through her windows. .she was doing her prayer. .I realized it is Magrib (fourth rayer in Islam) time. .I never did my prayers properly. .I only went masjid (mosq) for jumua in mum wanted me to do prayers on time like I did before. .I don’t know when I started skipping prayers…seeing Aisha’s prayer my heart wanted to pray…I prayed Magrib after years…!!!! oh Allah I am bad Muslim. ..I seek forgiveness from Allah…

after prayer I went to balcony again..

‘u r changing man’ my inner voice said

am I???

‘yeah u are’

someone is coming to Aisha’ s balcony :O who will be it??? oh it was her next door boy :/ I got angry seeing him there..Aisha came to balcony and talked to that boy..again she is smiling. she is laughing. ..I wanted to kill him..only I have the right to make her laugh!!!

‘what did u just said?’


‘u like her Zayn’ my inner voice laughed

‘I don’t’

‘you do’

I didn’t said anything. .am I like her??? I don’t know. .

suddenly she looked at my balcony. ..PERFECT SNAP..but she can’t see me coz I turned off all lights before entering here..

I went to sasi’s cabin. .


“yeah Zayn”

“I want Aisha’s number”

“okey” he gave her number. .I turned to go

“one minute Zayn”


“don’t call her after 10”

“what u mean?”

“I mean don’t call her after ten in night”


“her father don’t like boys to call her at late night”

“okey” I again turned to go..sasi called again

“if u want to call her after 10 then u can call Nivin. .he will give the call to her” sasi said

“who is this Nivin now?” I got angry

“her friend and is his number” sasi gave a card..

“no thnx sasi I will call her before 10” I smiled and went back to my cabin. .

I had lots of work. I reached home at 9:14..I freshen up and had my dinner. then watched tv for sometime…suddenly something pop on my mind.OMG I forgot to call Aisha. .only one day is left for annual day.I looked at wall clock. .it is 9:55 oh no…I grabbed my bag..I searched for her card in it bt couldn’t was almost 9:57 I opened watching machine where I kept all my dirty clothes..where is today”s clothes. ..I started searching finally found my jeans and shirt.9:59 I searched in it too…no npt there too…only 10 seconds remain…I can’t do anything bin this 10 seconds. .so I simply count it..10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.. tada..time up..I slapped my head…now I have to call sasi and ask Nivin’s number from him..

“sasi can u please text Nivin’s number? ”

“okey” hearing this I hang up..after few seconds I got a msg from him..I called to Nivin. ..

“who is this? ” the next door boy asked on phone

“Zayn. .I wanna talk to Aisha”

“oh you…the guy who hited Aisha” Nivin said

“I didn’t hit your girlfriend man” I yelled

“for your information she is not my girlfriend. .we are friends okey???” he said in an angry tune

listening this I smiled a wild smile…literally I was happy. ..damn happy. ..

“I am sorry (man I iust said sorry??) can I talk to Aisha please? ” I requested

I was happy coz they both r not in a relationship πŸ˜€

I saw Nivin jumped to Aisha’s balcony..he opened her door and went inside. .how can he enter a girl’s room without knocking? ???

“assalamualaikum” a sweet voice came from the other side of my phone. .I came to my sense

“waalaikumsalam” I said

“what can I do for you?” oh my Allah. .she is so sweet

“ms.Aisha I called u to tell about tomorrow’s plan”

“okey…go ahead mr.Zayn”

man…she called my name πŸ˜€

‘dude she just said ur name.why r u acting weird? ??’

he is right…why I am so happy. .she wasn’t the one who called my name first. ..but when she called my felt different.

“tomorrow is Sunday. .we have to check our cameras and etc…tomorrow u will be free na?”


“we have to go to ur college. .get ready at 9am”

“okey. ..anything else?”


“for what mr.Zayn? ”

I ignored her question

“good night ms.Aisha”

“good night mr.Zayn”


we were in her college. .it was decorated. .we took some pictures of it..Aisha is so sweet. ..

“is this what u wanted in ur life?” suddenly a question camr from her


“becoming a photographer”

“being the Zayn Mansuri I always wanted to be a photographer and want to travel”

she laughed at my answer. ..being the Zayn Mansuri I hate when someone laughs at me…but I like her laughing. ..I just stared at her..she somehow controlled her laugh…I came to my sense..

“what is ur dream then?” I asked back

“being the Aisha Rahman I always wanted to become a photographer and wanted to travel around the world” she said in same tune

..I chuckled at her answer..she is funny…wait did she imitated me??? or real is this her dream??

“so our dreams are same” I said..I was confirming. .

“yep…” she smiled at me..a dimple appeared in her left cheek..where did it came from? ??I didn’t noticed it before. .

we talked about ourselves. .she has two younger sisters and a younger brother. .she and Nivin are friends from childhood. .their families are so close. .I told about myself too..she too like bike rides. .she is totally different from other girls. ..and the most beautiful think about her is she didn’t put any make up except kohl…her eyes it was amazing. .I never see such an amazing eyes before. was hazel with a light shade of blue…it was big and beautiful. ..

we talked about nonsense and laughed a lot..I made her laugh… (I am proud of myself)the entire day she didn’t touch me!!!!! that’s why I said she is different from other girls. ..

when I reached my flat…I felt empty. ..when she was with me I wasn’t aware of time…I put my body coach…I sighed…I looked at my is Magrib time..I went to my balcony. .yep..she is praying. ..I wondered she didn’t skip her prayers when she were with me..

(flash back)

during azan she sit quite and told me to be quite. .

“don’t talk in azan time” she said..

I nodded. ..I am agreeing to

“I am going to prayer hall for zuhr (second prayer)

she went..I sat on bench in college garden..she came after doing her salah

“did u do ur salah?” she asked


“r u a Muslim or not?” she asked

“I am a Muslim” I said

“if u r not practicing ur religion then u can’t say that I am a Muslim or I am a hindu. .u know if someone practices their religion he is called Muslim, Christian, Hindu etc if he is not practicing then he can’t become a Muslim, hindu or Christian” she has a point dude. ..I stood up and went to near masjid

‘u r changing’

‘for good’ I replied to my inner voice

(flash back end)


I slept with the think of tomorrow coz Aisha will be with me for the whole day. ..literally I was jumping inside. ..


if u have any problem or questions related this story ask in comment. .I will try to answer ur questions..

thank u for reading and supporting buddies. .

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