Hey guys…I’m Preethi Reddy…this is gonna b my first ff….yey..!!! I’m so so so excited…i hope u all will like it…n i don’t mind discontinuing it if u ll dislike it..feel free to express ur point of views…n 1 more thing is that its just an imaginary story n its no way related to d script of original swaragini except for d character names…i hope
ull like it…

n here i go with d characters intro….

Swara Reddiar- she s tamilian n a telagite…sweet,innocent n a shy sort of a girl.. has a younger brother Arjun…loves her mom , dad n her bro a lot..

Ragini Gangadhar- she s a kannadiga.. nerdy type , straight forward, short tempered, n loves her family too..

Sanskar Reddy- a cute Hyderabadi boy,straight forward , bold and egoistic aswell as has too much of pride n attitude being a Reddy…has 2 elder sisters Divya n Deepthi n loves them a lot n his family too…

Laksh Ramesh- he too is a kannadiga…silent n very shy type..he s only comfortable with his friends n does not mingle much with others..

so this story revolves around 4 ppl as v know swasan n raglak who r actually stangers n how they study in the same class
Swara n Ragini are so different in their nature as d same way of Sanskar n Laksh

Swara’s innocence, shyness n Sanskar’s boldness, arrogance
Ragini’s boldness n Laksh’s silence
these couples natures r poles apart but
destiny always plays its role n it proves that opposite poles attract…

OK let me start…

Engineering Univesity…
Swara n Ragini enters d gate at d same time n go to d same classroom…
Swara being shy thought of making friends n she initiated d talk with Ragini

Swara- hey…im Swara
Ragini- hlo…im Ragini
(rag is a nerdy type so doesnt speak much)
swa- so how do u do?
rag- preety well…
before v they could continue the bell rings nd d lecturer enters n takes d classes…

Swara does nt like maths at all
she observes Ragini solving everything in maths…
swa- omg u seem to b maths nerd…
rag (smiles) – cus its math n i love math…
swa- wow thts great can u help me out in math please….??!!
rag- what r friends there for…for sure ill help u out..
swa- aww…thnk u so much…

finally bell rings after 50 mins
other lecturers went ahead only with introduction…
it was Sanskar’ s turn to introduce…
Sanskar- I’m Sanskar Reddy…
lecturer – y did u take up EC course??
(all d lectures were asking d same questions to everyone)
San- I wanted to become a journalist…but my dad dint agree so no other choice they landed me in engineering…

Swara who heard all these was like –
( wow…so straight forward , bold n he s too honest…wish evn i was like tht n all guys r also like him brave n bold)
evn Rag thought d same tht he was bold enough…

But Rags eyes were on Laksh..
no one knew tht Rags had crush on Laksh..

it was laksh turn
Laksh- Im Laksh…i took up engineering cause it interested me so much tht made me feel like inventing new machines n stuffs…
Rags was like- (wow…seems interesting)

Laksh isn’t tht good looking but itseems like Ragini had a crush at first sight when she saw him riding his bike at d entrance…

Swara did not have crush on anyone till now nt evn on Sanskar…
she believes in true love…which she wants for life long..

Let us see how does d fate n destiny plays their own game in these 4 ppl life…

i hope this was good atleast fit to b read…if it was bad pls do let me know…sorry for taking away ur precious time…pls let me know good n bad bth r appreciated….

#preethi reddy

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