Be mine forever (Shivika OS)

Shivaay searched for Anika in the party.He had been so busy with his buisness associates that he almost forgot that his wife was also there.He cursed himself under his breath.

Oh Anika! Where are you? He thought as he looked around for his lovely wife.

His beloved wife was no where in the sight and then he spotted her in the most unexpected place.THE BAR. With a glass of wine in her hand.

Wine? Anika doesn’t drink he thought.

He made his way towards her and then he noticed how beautiful his wife looked. Like an angel. He lost himself in her.The captivating eyes of hers, in which he lost himself, everytime he looked,were beautiful.He had been captivated by those eyes.Innocence and purity,her eyes reflected.

She had those pink and kissable lips.He had always wondered how it would feel like to have her lips against his.How those pink lips would taste.The blue dress she wore,perfectly fitting her body,revealed her curves.

He realized that he was drooling over his own wife.Then his eyes fell on a guy, who was busy checking his Anika out.How dare he?She was just his.Only he had the right on her and seeing a guy drooling over his wife,made his blood oil with anger.

Anika,oblivious of the surrounding gulped down the wine.Her throat burned as this was the first time she had alcohol in her life.She didn’t mean to drink it but seeing Shivaay with a girl,who was supposedly his childhood friend made her heart burn in jealousy. Being the impulsive person she is, she decided to drink.

Then she saw him coming towards her. She was still so mad at him,how could he leave his wife alone in the party?She was in no mood to forgive and then suddenly I guy asked her for dance.

She smirked.Perfect.She needed to teach Shivaay a lesson so that he doesn’t do it ever again.This was her perfect chance.Smirking, she said yes to a guy she barely knew.

They had just started dance when she felt him pull her,from arm. She knew her plan had gone exactly the way it should had.She smiled at the thought of him being jealous.All the while they danced, she could see him still burning in jealousy.

They both swayed to the beat.Shivaay pulled Anika close.His one hand on her waist and other interwined with hers.How could she dance with someone else when her husband was present? If she really wanted to dance, she could have told him. Then he realized, she must the felt the same way he did, when she saw him with Tia. Jealous.

“What the hell do you think you were doing,Mrs.Oberoi?” He asked, gritting his teeth as they finished dancing.He dragged her out of the party.

“What?” She asked,trying to act inoccent as if she didn’t knew a thing. She knew for a fact that Shivaay wouldn’t repeat this mistake ever again.She tried hard to supress her laugh.

“With that guy”

“Uh…him.He just asked for dance so I said yes” She told him as they sat in the car.

“You are just mine. Get that straight in your head,Mrs.Oberoi”He whispered in her ear, which sent shivers down her spine.

He drove them back home.After they had reached,Shivaay loosened his tie and rested on the couch.After a few minutes, Anika came in the room and sat beside him, caresseing his hair. He looked so cute. She pecked his cheeks lightly and then her eyes turned wide in horror as she saw him stare at her.

“What do you think you were doing?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“I’m- I’m sorry” she stuttered. They weren’t one of those couples who kept kissing each other though they loved each other.

He let out a chuckle. “It’s Ok baby! I’m all yours” He whispered in her ear and kissed it. She moaned lightly and he smiled at seeing the effect he had on her. He couldn’t control, not after she made those sounds.

He pressed his lips on hers and pulled her by waist.She was stratled for a moment but then responded with the same passion. Her hands reached for his hair and the other cluthched his collar. If something could be called perfect, for them it was this moment.

“Be mine, forever” He mumbled.

She blushed a deep shade of scarlet and Shivaay got his answer.He smiled as he carried her in his arms,to their bed. After this they were ONE FOREVER.

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