You are Mine (First Meeting) Ch. 2


faima, ananya,aditi,lakshmi and hayathi. .thnx buddies. ..

chapter 2

Aman was waiting for me.when he saw me he jumped in to me..


I hugged him back..I broke our hug. we headed to our car.

“Aman. .let me drive”

he gives car key..I drove fast..

“bro..this is not London” Aman yelled..

“chill yaar” Aman is my uncle’s son..he is 2 years younger than me.bur this dude is a play boy..he flirts with every girl..being The Zayn Mansuri I don’t like to flirt with girls. .I respect every women..and I hate those girls who has no self respect. ..

in Aman’s view I am too rude towards girls. ..

it was raining here..

“Zayn. the break” Aman screamed..I was about to hit a girl if Aman didn’t screamed. .I put the break.before my car hit the girl a boy pulled her towards him..

“Thank god” I sighed..I opened the door and went to them.boy was helping the girl to get up from means they both fell on floor.

“are you okey? ” I asked

the boy turned to me.he was still holding her hands.I only can see her back.being the Zayn Mansuri I don’t care about girls. .so I looked at the boy…woh…he was angry. ..

“are u blind???don’t u see the signals” the boy started shouting at me..

” I can ask the same question. .” I said..

“excuse me!!!! we were crossing the road u were the one who disobeyed traffic signal” …he has a point…

the girl turned. .she was drenched in rain.her forehead was bleeding..she tried to stop the boy..

“Nivi..its okey…just leave it..everyone is looking at us” she looked everywhere. .but she didn’t looked at ME!! ME!!!! THE ZAYN MANSURI. .every girls want to date with me and this girl is ignoring me..something is wrong with this girl..

“blood” boy said to the girl.

“what” asking this she touched her forehead but the wrong side.

“your head is bleeding and u r saying leave it??? it is u that’s y I am shouting at this guy” boy said to the girl

oh…I got it…this girl is his girlfriend. . wow..

“Nivi. .I told u I am please come we are drenching in rain and u will get cold” she spoke. romantic. .but being The Zayn Mansuri I don’t like romance. .

” we are sorry…the girl said to me..listening all this Aman came with an umbrella. .I forgot that I was also wet im rain with the boy and girl.seeing them Aman get surprised. .

“hey Nivin and Aisha…” Aman said

“hai Aman…r u with him?” the boy Nivin asked.the boy was not bad at all..he is handsome. ..the Zayn Mansuri is admitting that a boy is handsome. no..its not gonna happen..

“yeah he is my cousin” Aman said..

the boy Nivin looked at the girl Aisha.she was shivering in rain.she hold the boy’s hand..I took first aid box from car and forwarded to the boy Nivin.

“here…dress her wound”

he grabbed it from me turned to the girl Aisha.

“Aman. .can u please open your car’s door?” Nivin asked to Aman. .

“sure” Aman opened the door for him.he made the girl sit amd started cleaning her wound. .she looked at me but there is no smile in her face..but something. ..something special is in her…


how was the chapter? ?? whether I continue it or not??? coz I am getting less comments..

r u irritated with ‘being the Zayn Mansuri?’?

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  1. Gud dr 🙂

  2. No i like his charecter boys need to be like him awesome dr

    1. thnnx dr

  3. Nice ruby n who’s nivin.

    1. thnx dr..I will tell it in next chapter dr

  4. Ohh…plz continue it… It is really good…u should not stop dis…even if u get less commentsss….u knw i even imagined zayn as dulquar…nivin as nivin poly itself….oh god ennik nivin poly ye jeevanaaa…
    Waiting 4 nxt part….till den…love u …

    1. ninte selection kollam vivi..zayn nte character nu dulquer match anu.appo Aishaye arakum??? anyway thnx dr

    2. Hai vivi I am also a big fan of Nivin Pauly. When ruby said about nivin in intro I also imaged nivin Pauly.. And nic selection for zayn..
      And how about Nithya Menon as aishya becoz their jodi was hit.. And if nivin is having a pair i would definitly suggest nazriya… Love their jodi…

      1. nazriya aishayude role nu fit avum..coz religious dress um modern dress um oru pole suit avunna aalanu nazriya. nalla names undayit enik orma vannillallo 😛 XD

  5. nice but little write more

    1. sure mira and thnx

  6. Plz continue itha…….it’s really interesting..dnt say like that.I thnk he s the man.?

    1. okey dr and thnx

  7. Ruby it was a nic first meet.. I loved Zayn’s character… Love ur story.
    Ruby eni story continue chayano annu chodichal njan vazakidum.. Comments kuravanagilum njagal illa… So don’t worry and u will have many silent readers also as I once was… Love you dear and be confident…

    1. I am writing this only for u guys…enik athra sangadam onnulla…enthayalum sthiram comment kitunundallo…love u dr…u r encouraging me lot

  8. its really interesting…

    1. thnx rishi and nive

  9. It’s going good…..
    Zayn and aisha…..
    Cute couples

  10. Wowwww ruby, it’s superb first meet. ..zayn expected aisha to notice him as other girls usually do..but noooooo…our aisha is not like who will fell for somebody’s charm…lovely encounter. ..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  11. Nice story di.

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