You are Mine Ch. 7

I didn’t see Aisha for few days.when I saw Nivin I asked him about her.he told me that she got sick.her ammi is not allowing her to get off from bed.I wanted to see her.

“I want to see Aisha” I said before thinking once

“okey I will take u to her” Nivin said.

I went with Nivin.Nivin told Aisha’ s ammi that we r working together. when I entered her room she was sleeping.her hair was scattered on pillow. .it was dark black thick hair..I realised that she wasn’t wearing head scarf.Nivin took a scarf and a band from her closet.he sat beside her and made a bun.she woke up and sat on bed.Nivin wrapped the scarf around her head. i was wondering.Nivin is a hindu and Aisha is a Muslim but he cares for her belief.

she looked at me with uncomfortable. .coz I saw her without wearing a hijab.

“hai” I spoke

“assalamualaikum” lol what a dumb**s me

“walaikumaslam” I replied to her salam.

“take a seat Zayn” Nivin said.he was sitting beside Aisha.

“how do u feel now?” I asked with concern

“I feel better. .but u know ammi is not understanding me.she is insisting me to take more rest”

“yeah..every mum is their children’s doctor. ”

“Aisha. ..sasi called me today”

“what he said?”

“we have a photo shoot in Bangalore. we both are the photographers.”

“how many days for it?”

“five days”

“okey. .we will go and tell sasi that Nivin will accompany us..I mean me.

I nodded at her..why she wants Nivin to come with her? we r going for our work..whatever I brushed off thw thoughts.

after few minutes I left.Nivin still stayed with her.I was really surprised about their relationship. .it was pure and honest one I have ever seen in mh life. not only Aisha and Nivin’s but also their families. .both family shared a beautiful bond between them.


you know how can I write about Aisha and Nivin’s passion for each other and their caring towards each other’s religion. .

I have a friend named Nitesh.we are best friends. we used to mention each other kamine/kamini.we insult each other(don’t take it as negative. .it is our love) but we share everything to each other.if we didn’t talk for one day I really start to missing him and he also.and u know he cares about my belief. he is a hindu and I am a Muslim. if I talked to him without praying my salah (namaz) he scolds me and told me to go and do ur prayers and come to me after that.

I love him so much.this story is dedicated to u my kamina.

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  1. Ruby just loved Nivin and Aisha’s bond… Its very gud to see such true and pure relations..
    And I have seen Nitesh comments in ur other ff… You both are really lucky to have such cute frndship..

    1. yep dr thnx and I am really Lucky to have u in my life

    2. yep dr ..thnq…hey anu ni padikuvano?

      1. Ya njan padikuvanu..

      2. school or college?

      3. Ruby Actually I am doing CA.. So went to a private institute. And now cls are over so at present home study..

  2. Superb episode dear. Nivin n aisha’s bond is amazing. Lucky to have such pure friendship n friends.

    1. yep dr.. thnq

  3. Hey ruby so short update yaar

    1. yeah I lost interest in writing. ..I donno why

  4. Dats really sweet .. i wish i had a frnd lyk dat … but my mom doest even allow me to talk to a boy … even if dat boy is my cousin …LOL
    N all my other frndz are sweet, so no kaminis ….
    Who knows i might also get such a frnd
    Luv u n take care 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I am from an orthodox family but my parents don’t have any problem with me to talk or be friends with friend is also cute yaar..I am a kamini bt he is sweet and respect girls. but I like to call him kamine..

  5. Wow awesome frnd …. Me striving for a frnd like tht … U r lucky dear … Just don’t this bond to break …. No one’s eyes should fall in ur bonding ….
    Allah Hafiz and to ur frnd shiv Shiva …. Hehehe
    One question if u don’t mind … Are u in clg ?

    1. I am doing nothing. .I wanted to pursue b.ed but my dad wanted me to get marry. ..finally he won I lose 🙁

  6. Anu HiFi me too to pursuing CA studies …
    Wich stage are u now ??

    1. Inter and u??

  7. Ruby
    Sathyam paranjal njan ente lifil umma uppa yum kazhinjal ente munnil frndsinaan sthannam.enik 2 bro and 1sis um und.pakshe sis mrg kazhinju poyi.bros avarude lokath avarude frnds mathrame ullo.athin sheshama familyk sthanam.ath kond thanne ente broyum sisumellam ente ffrnds.LKG muthalulla ella frndsumayum njan ippozhum contact und.athil ente bestee navya aan.enik enth santhosham undayalum vishamamndekilum avalaan athyam ariya.ath kazhije ente family ariyo.athrakum frnds ennal jeevana.thante ffile nivineyum aishayeyum kandappol enik ente frnds ormavannu

    1. rose..lucky girl..cheruppathile frnds umayi ippazum contact unden parayumbo ethra deep ayirikum ninte friendship. .

  8. Oh u r married ? Sory … I thought u r studying

    1. 🙁 yep dr married to an unwanted person

  9. Its a awsome aisha &vinis relation is so sweet nice

    1. thnx Rishi

  10. Ruby sorry to ask you but are u not happy with ur marriage ? …
    Anyways I am not tht even mature to advice u but still felt of just telling u one thing … Don’t worry for wat u don’t have. … But try to B happy with wat u have….
    Sory if I am talking too much….

    1. no dr..u r ryt and u can say anything to me..u can scold me, angry with me..coz u r my frnd…I am happy with whatever Allah gave me. I am not the person who became sad for small things.

  11. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, there are so many beautiful relationships like this n I also have experienced…you’re lucky to have friends like nitesh…always share everything with your best friends…they’ll truly believe in you n give you best advise. you loads and very tight hug my sweeeeeet friend…Allah will keep you happy always, aameen, Summa Aameen

  12. One more thing, don’t think much…life is not like’s really different…who knows Allah made your husband the luckiest guy on earth to have you as life partner n you too find him the best one for you…once you be with him, you’ll know him more n understand him…everything is hard in beginning specially marriage, first few years very hard but then with time it becomes beautiful…please don’t mind it…I just spoke my heart out … love you loads my sweetheart

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