You are Mine Ch. 6

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chapter 6

I have to work in the photos so I stayed in my apartment. ohh I foegot to get the. photos which Aisha clixked. I took my phone from my pocket to call her.same time my door bell rang. I left my phone on table and went to open the door. surprising me it was Aisha!!!! wow she is here, in my place! !!! I forgot that I am staring at her for past 3 minutes. .

“Zayn. ..” she tapped kn my shoulder. I came back to my sense. .

“er…haa…yeah. ..hai” I stammered. ..stupid me!!!

“where r u man????” she smiled. .a wide smile.

“I am…sorry. .come inside” I invite her.

“wow ur house is beautiful” she said

“thank u…what u prefer coffee or tea?” I am hosting her…lol the Zayn Mansuri becoming very nice to a girl.

“no thanks” she said

“so u like cleanliness unlike other boys” she told surprised

“yeah…being the Zayn Mansuri I like everything in its place” I smirked. .

“me too…being the Aisha Rahman” Aisha said in teasing. ..she always teases me when I use ‘being’

“being the Nivin Ayyar I don’t like to keep everything in its place” I turned to see who..oh it is Aisha’s next door boy Nivin. .he laughes at his own joke…sad to say 🙁 Aisha too joined him.

Nivin joined with us in our work . he is not the one whom I thought. ..he is very nice like Aisha. he didn’t show any ego..

we worked for one hour then we decided to make some food. I told them they r my guests I will make food for them.but they both didn’t listen to me.

“mmmm…what u want to eat guys?” Nivin asked

“biriyani” “sadya” lol I said biriyani which is non veg and Aisha said sadya which is veg.

“ente (my) Aishu don’t u get tired of eating sadya?” Nivin asked annoying

“ u never get tired of biriyani” Aisha give a tit for tat

“okey fine…can we start now?” I asked to both of them..they nodded. .we 3 prepared our lunch. .

we were fighting and cooking at same time..Nivin was the kid..he is a careless boy..they were fighting like siblings..I and Zayra used to fight like this. . being the Zayn and Aisha we both like everything clean and in its place. ..and off course being the Nivin he didn’t care about anything. ..he was making my home dirty and I was the one who enjoyed it coz whenever he did ulta Aisha scolds him…

we completed our work before evening. .Aisha got call from her father so she and Nivin left. .
when they left I felt alone..I never felt alone when my so called friends lefy me..but Nivin and Aisha behaved like we know each others before. ..

I called to sasi and said him to our work is completed.


it was Sunday. ..I lied on bed and played in my phone for some time. .I was in my night clothes. . someone rang the door bell..I didn’t order for food then who will be it???

I opened the door..I saw Nivin there..

“hai dude….had ur breakfast? ” asks Nivin

“nope. ..”

“here is your breakfast. ..Aisha sent it” he gave me the cover.

I wondered why she get me breakfast? ?? is she like me the way I like her??

‘dude u admitted that u like her’ my inner voice said

‘why r u hearing me always? ‘ I asked

‘coz I am u..u r me’ inner voice laughed..

“dude…come out of ur dream world” Nivin was sitting in sofa.

“say thanks to Aisha” I said

“okey” he took his phone from his pocket and called someone. .

“Aishu…Zayn said a thank u” then he hang up the phone.

man what the!!!! this boy is mad…

“bro u have ur breakfast…I am going” Nivin stood up

“what’s so hurry dude.??”

“every said we plays volleyball in beach” Nivin said

“that’s cool…I will come with u”

“okey have ur breakfast and get ready. .I will be in my home” Nivin went

“by dude”

I had my breakfast it was delicious. ..Aisha is an amazing cook!!!!

I went to beach with Nivin. .we played for hourse…I met his friends. . they all were very nice…they are not like my so called friends. ..we all ride our bikes on the beach and splashed water on other friends. .mwe had lots of fun which I never had..I am enjoying this life.

we had our dinner at a hotel..the hotel was near the was a common hotel not the star hotel.every type of people comes there to eat.they were poor, middle class and rich..hotel’s owner was sitting as cashier. .he gave some food to the beggars who can’t afford the food.everyone seems happy. ..I didn’t see stress in any1’s face..and the food was so delicious. ..

“this food is like Aisha’ s food.” I said happily

“dude u thought that Aisha made that food? ” Nivin asked..I nodded in yes

“she can’t cook man…ammi made all those foods” Nivin laughed

“why can’t she?” I asked like an idiot

“coz she don’t know how to cook” we both laugh out loud. .I was so stupid. .. 😛 😛

my days are awesome with Aisha and Nivin. ..I want to admit that I am falling for her…but being the Zayn Mansuri I don’t want to admit it so easily. ..

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  1. Nice episode yaar

    1. thank u @tatasumam

  2. Zayn is my favourite singers name ” The zayn malik ” LOL 😛 dats y my user name is zayn
    Todays update was awsome ….. n zayn doesnt want to admit coz he is the zayn masuri .. very egoistic ..
    Thanks for d update TC
    N keep smilling n lots of luv ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. thnq so much dr….I have a doubt r u a boy or girl???

  3. Ruby back again with a wonderful chapter.. I loved this episode and finally zayn agreed that he likes Aisha… Loved it dear… Update humsafar also if possible…. Love you…

    1. sure dr..will upload it today coz this is ur day my bestie so I will do whatever u say 🙂

      1. Thanku Ruby.. And nee innu update chaythilagilum njan happy anu. At least you considered my wish na… Today is one of the best day and best b’day ever… And a big thanx to u for making it specl… I am lucky to have a frnds like u…

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  4. Superb episode dear. I think he’s enjoying normal life. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??

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  5. Awwww what an awesome story kutti i loved it hey i like kutti name in malayalam so thats why i said kutti to u is it ok na

    1. it is ok dr..kutty means kid or child. .we calls it with love…

      1. Ya i know dr i can easily understand malayalam thats why i said kutty to u

  6. Varshagalk shesham kandath pole ulla oru feeling ruby.enik ethra santhosham ayenno thante ff kandapol.ente santhosham paranj ariyikkan kazhiyunilla

    1. really I missed u so much dr

  7. Simply superb continue,wat next dear

  8. O ruby my dearrryyyy, it’s hilarious superb episode. light n happy environment. ..loved it…being roma I love uuuuu n this story very much…soo refreshing n unique. ..zayn’s inner voice always make me smile wide….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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