You are Mine Ch. 30


We r here, in Nivin’s home to celebrate onam.onam is after 10days so I got so much time to spend with my family. Eva was with us.Nivin introduced Eva to his and my family. Eva was really happy that she could celebrate onam with our family we made pookkalam (rangoli with flowers).celebrating onam, vishu and two eids with our family is one of my favorite. After few days Amma started to like Eva. Eva was polite to everyone. We even went watch our ‘old men’s’ football. It was so funny. We all return with stomach pain.when we report the match to our mothers, they both started laughing till stomach paining.but the two old men was so serious. 😉

“Eva..” Amma called Eva. Eva and I were gossiping. She went to Amma. Amma strokes her hair. “We r thinking about ur and kannan’s mrg” Amma said.Eva blushes.I hited on her upper arm playfully.
Amma continues “we want to talk to ur parents, mole (daughter)” Eva’s face got pale.only I, Zayn and Nivin know about her parents separation.
“Amma, actually her parents got seperated 4 years before. She is living alone” I put my hand on Eva’s shoulder. I don’t like when Eva get hurt coz she became mybest friend too.
“I am so sorry mole.I didn’t know about this” Amma gave her a hug.Eva’s eyes filled with water. Amma brushed her tears away.

“Don’t cry for someone who didn’t care about u..u have two family now not one like everyone” Amma slapped slightly on her face.Eva chuckled.
“Lakshmi said ryt” ummi kissed on Eva’s forehead.
“I am so so lucky. Coz I have two moms and pops…oh my god I will die coz of over love” she laughed in her tears.

“Never ev, if someone die coz of over love , then Aisha must die now” nivi said playfully and put an arm around my shoulder. I smacked on his head.”we r talking about ur mrg” I say
“Really, Amma!!! I am only 23!!” Nivin said as if he don’t want to marry now. 😉

“But u said u will make our family to understand that we wabt to marry soon” Eva
said with a naughty my best friend is dead now. .all eyes are on Nivin.there was our fathers, mothers, Nithya, my 3 siblings, Zayn, me and the love birds.
I and Eva looked at each other and burst out laughing followingby Zayn. Then it turned to a group laugh..

“You. ..” Nivin ran behind Eva. .

After onam iyyer family take out a good day for Nivin-Eva marriage. We all went for shopping. We took hours to buy clothes, sandals and everything.

“Aisha..u r too busy in nivi’s mrg and totally forgot about me” Zayn made a pout expression. I put my hand around his neck and pressed my body to him.he put his hands on my waist and pulled me even more closer.he lean close to kiss me but someone knocked on the door. I pushed him away and went to open the after tomorrow is Nivin-Eva mrg so it must be my girls.

I was wrong. It was my younger bro Ashin.
“I am out” he said while hugging me.
“What! !” I didn’t get him
“U r in ur room, abbu-ammi in their room, ashi itha (ashima) ashna itha in their room, in mine and ashima’s room zayra and nitu chechi (didi) in guest room jiju’s parents. Should I sleep with u? He asked. I looked at Zayn. But Zayn expression was saying no and now I am stuck in between my little bro and naughty husband.
“U can” I said and gave him space in our bed.I lay down beside Ashin.

Zayn’ s pov

Her annoying bro came to ruin our romantic moment and he is lying beside my wife! Where suppost to be me 🙁 I lay beside my little annoying brother in law.he put his leg in Aisha’s waist and buried his face in her chest and started snoring. I looked at aisha she waa smiling. .”stop it aisha” I said annoyed.she laughed at me” u r cute when u act like angry”
“I am not acting. I am angry on ur annoying bro”
“Come with me” she took my hand in her’s and lead me to terrus.we stood under the sky holding our hands.Aisha’s head rest on my shoulder. I kissed on her head.”I love u ” she whispered. I twirled her around and my hands rested on her waist just like before. This time I am going to kiss her whatever happens.I took her face in my hand and pressed my lips against her lips.immediately she kissed me annoying bro, just she and me.
Aisha’s pov

Nivin-eva mrg.Nivin got ready in to a kerala groom and eva in to a kerala bride.both r looking awesome.

The rituals started. Marriage was in Brahmin style coz iyyer family is belongs to Tamil Brahmin. I really enjoyed the wedding. Zayn was with me all the time like we r the newly married couple. 😉

Our dad gave something as their marriage gift to Nivin-Eva and he gave us the same cover.we both couples look at each other and opened the cover. It was our honeymoon tickets to Paris!!!
it is honeymoon time…so let them enjoy their honeymoon. 😉


~~~THE END~~~

Finally completed my third story. I am so relieved.EMERALD was my third story but it still incompete. 🙁
Now starts mission Emerald. I will complete it soon coz I want to focus more on She and Her kidnapper. Love u all..

My birthday girl LACHU, this cake is for u from me..enjoy it alone 😉 but we will come and snatch every slice and will do ur make up with cake 😉 …lv u and take care…

Credit to: Ruby

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