You are Mine Ch. 29


I skyped to Nithya, Nivi’s sis.she was happy to see me.I told her that I want to talk to Amma. Amma came to my view.

“Amma” I gave her a broad smile. She gave back the same smile.

“How r u, Aishu”

“Fine, Amma. How r u and appa?”

“He is fine.ur appa and abbu were started to go for playing football”

“What!!!” I dropped my jaw.they both are playing football.ya Allah, both appa and abbu were too lazy to do even morning walk and now playing football! ! 8th wonder of the world.

“Actually, their friends made a football they both started going. I am glad that they r doing some exercise in thr name of football”

I laughed at Amma’s words.

“How is going ur fast?” Amma asked.oops I forgot to say that it is Ramadan. I kept fastening in all Ramadan and it is my first Ramadan without my family andwith my husband.

“Going well, Amma. Nivi is also kept fas” she knew that nivi would keep fastening with me coz it was his habit to fast with me in Ramadan.

“I knew. How is Zayn? I didn’t ask u about him”

“He is fine, Amma. I want to say one thing” I said. I want to say about Nivin’s so called ‘like’ towards Eva. But I am going to say the truth.

“Is everything ok between u and Zayn? ” Amma was worried. She thought that I am talking about us, me and Zayn. “Amma, it is about nivi”

“What did he do now? Did he trouble u”

Why Amma thinks everything negative?

“No, no, is something different” I said with a sheepish smile

“Itha, is it about love?” Our little sis Nithya asked.she was sitting beside amma and hearing everything. Amma smacked her head and said “don’t talk, nonsense, Nithya”

“Yep, nitu..u r ryt..Nivi is in love” I said

“Ente kanna!! (oh my Lord!!) Amma put her hand on her chest.I and Nithya laughed at het.she always put her hand on her chest whenever she got shocked.

“Your kannan found his radha, an English radha” I chuckled at my own sentence.

“Wow…so my ettathiyamma (bhabhi) will be an English woman” nithya jumped from her seat in excitement.

Amma was still in shock.”I can’t imagine a girl in short clothes in my home” she said.

“Amma, Amma, Amma, she know our culture. In fact she love our culture”

“But, aishu..” Amma was still confused.

“I will make u meet her.u will get to know how good is she.”

“Ok.u r coming for onam.ryt?” Amma asked

“Yeah, Amma. Amma I think someone is on to u later” as I heared door bell ringing.

“Take care” she said before cut the line
I opened the door for Eva. Todayshe is breaking fast with us.she started fasting when she get to know about Nivin’s love maniac 😉
We both made food. Nivin and Zayn came before magrib was last fast. Tomorrow is eid.we r celebrating it with my in laws.

We got ready to go to Zayn’s parent’s home.Zayn invited eva too.I talked to my parents and siblings on phone. I helped mum in cooking. We went to masjid for eid prayer.
We had our lunch together. I and Nivi made payasam everyone loved it.

“I want to kiss that hand who made it” Zayn said. Nivi forwarded his hand to Zayn.

“I am talking about my wife’s hand” Zayn made a fake angry face.

We went for picnic. Eva really loved our family. Eva’s parents were divorced when she was sad of her.she was really enjoying eid with us, with our family. She treated by my family like a daughter.

When I saw tears in Eva’s eye, I hugged.

“Thank u so much, aisha.u and Zayn made my day.I am feeling like I am a part of ur family” she said.

“Hey, u know, u r my family. I know what feelings u have towards Nivin. But u r not admitting it” I pulled her away.

“How can I confess my feelings, Aisha? I don’t know whether he feels the same or not”

“I know him better than any1, ev.he loves u but he has the samr fear as u.go and tell him what u feel” I provoked her

“R u sure” I nodded at her.

Nivin’s pov

“Hai” Eva came to me


“Payasam was nice” she start thr convo

“Thank you” I said. She smiled at me.but my heart says that she has to tell something.

“Do u want to say something? ” Iasked

“Er…umm..I think..”she stammered

“U think? ” I was curious

“Ithinkiloveyou” she rushed out the words.I couldn’t get it for a second. When I realized what shr said she was gone.

She said she loves me!!!

I searched for her.she was hugging Aisha.Aisha looked super happy. I blushed 🙂

Ramadan:holly month for Muslims
Magrib:4th prayer of Muslims
Kannan:Lord Krishna (kanha ji)

Credit to: Ruby

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