You are Mine Ch. 28


Two months passed.everything get to normal.everything cleared between Aisha and Zayn. Nivin spent his free times with Eva. They both get to know each other very well.

Zayn’s pov

Nivin stopped interfering in our romantic moments.actually he was lost in his thoughts. .maybe he started liking Eva. Aisha decided to ask him.

It was Sunday. We three were in backyard having our evening tea.

“Nivi” Aisha called Nivin. He looked at her with a question look.

“You are always lost in ‘someone’s’ thought” Aisha said

Nivin shook his head ” no, aishu”

“I mean in Eva’s thought” Aisha teased him.Nivi choked on his tea.

“It proves u like Eva” I say

“U too, Zayn” he wiped his tea from mouth.I nodded at him.

“Now, spit” aisha ordered..Nivi cleared his throat.

“Ummm…well..I don’t know what Eva feels about me..but I think I …um..I like her” Nivi completed.

“Wow nivi..u r in love!” Aisha jumped from her seat and hugged nivi.I laughed at her childishness.

“Aishu. ..oh god..I can’t breath girl” Nivin pulled her away.

“You are in love, man! ” Aisha again jumped. Nivin held her by shoulder. .”listen, Aishu, I am not in love. I said I like her” nivi said

Aisha gave him a sad expression. πŸ™

“Soon he will be in love” I said as I gave her a side hug.hearing this her face lighten.

I and Aisha decided to call Eva for dinner. Nivin was super happy. He helped Aisha in everything.

Someone knocked on the door.Nivin said it is Eva. So he weny to open the door.

The two girls started their chating.Nivin was busy in staring Eva. And the left one is me..I was bored.

“Aisha” I call

“Yeah” Aisha looked at me.

“We should prepare table” I say and went to kitchen.

Nivin’s pov

Aisha and Zayn went to kitchen. Eva sat beside me.

“U r looking beautiful” I sy.eva blushed. “U too” she said.we talked about random things.Zayn called us for dinner.eva was surprised to see all her favorite foods.after dinner we had desert. Aisha talked to eva personally. I don’t know what they both talked and I can’t ask it infront of Eva.

I dropped Eva in her home. She was all silent on the way to her home. But she seemed happy.

I asked aisha about what she talked to Eva.

“I said that u like her” aisha said simply.

“What!! Why!!!” I was shocked.

“Relax, buddy.she was blushing. .u know” when aisha said this I blushed. Suddenly my phone was from eva but aisha snatched the phone from mr and ran away..

“Aisha…give it to me” I ran behind her but zayn held me.

“Aisha..what is in that msg” zayn asked

“Oh em geee” aisha screamed


“Look” aisha gave back my phone.the msg was saying ‘I like u too, Nivin’ Aisha and Zayn started teasing me..

Really sorry for the late and short update..I know this story is boring. .only one chapter is left.

Svveety, nishi and sindhu…sorry for not commenting on ur stories dears..I read all of ur stories. .but I couldn’t comment..really sorry buddies. .

Love u all..

I made a group in fb..if anyone wanna join, here is the link..I want to be in touch with u all…

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Wow..nivin n eva are in love..wonderful..No swt hrt its not at all boring..its so cute n swt..But if possible try not to end..we will miss nivin,aisha n zayn..

    1. thnq so much dr..

  2. oh my God it’s so cute…….awesome di.

    1. thnq so much nishi dr

  3. Superb episode n amazing story dear. How r u dear? Anything wrong?
    Keep smiling…. Luv u….

    1. hey lachu, I am fine dr..don’t worry dr nothing is wrong. . πŸ™‚

  4. Its so cute episode. I loved nivin, and aishu teasing him… Its too gud… Loved it.
    Ruby how r u dear?? Missed u ..

    1. I am fine dr…I missed u too u tc

  5. Its superb dear..r u a Malayalee

    1. thnx Abhi. .yeah I am a malayalee

  6. Superr dr

    1. thnx hayu

  7. Hey…..nce one…..plz dnt end soon…..

    1. thnx dr..once u asked me thar am I on fb or not..yes dr I am no fb with the same name

  8. Nice epi….
    When will u post “She and Her Kidnapper”???
    Eagerly waiting for it

  9. Its not at all boring dear… I really enjoying ur stories.. its wonderful epi… I think nxt one is nivi and eva marriage…

  10. Awesome episode, nivin in love wowwww. …she too likes him ..awwww…so cuteee n lovely story zaysha together again. ..just perfect everything. …this is very cute n lovely story not boring at all. ..I just loved it very much. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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