You are Mine Ch. 27


Zayn’s pov

I thought Aisha will leave me forever but she just moved to another room.i tried to stop her.she just avoiding me and nivin always gave me death glares.she stopped talking to me so did nivin. I want to convince her but I should convince nivin first.

Days passed without talking to Aisha. Only relief was I can see her daily. It was painful to live without talking to her.i decided to talk to nivin at office.

“Nivi,I want to talk to you”

“If it is something professional,then u can”

“It is personal,nivi”

“I don’t want to talk about it,Zayn”

“For god’s sake,nivin,please”

“Okey” he agreed to talk.i told him that I got to know that Aisha’s husband always doubts he wasn’t good for her..that’s why I decided to send that photos. If he were good he never doubt her if he wasn’t he plan worked. He wasn’t good enough for her.she deserved better than him.

“And u thought that u r better for her?” Nivin frowned his eyebrows. .

“You said that,nivi”

Nivin’s pov

Zayn was right. I told him earlier that if he married to Aisha then she will be is not his fault. He loved her that’s y he wanted her to be with him.but it was a cheap trick.mubarak was bad too..that’s why the cheap trick worked on him..I and Aisha isn’t angry on him coz of her broken marriage. We were angry on him coz her father stopped talking to her..

“Zayn,do u want Aisha back?” I knew he want her coz he loves her.

“Of course,nivi”

“Then make her father understand that she is the best daughter in the world” I told with a smile

“Thank u so much nivi..u r best” he hugged me and bide by…

Zayn’s pov

I booked ticket for kerala.i didn’t said anything to either of aisha or nivin.i want to give her a surprise.

I arrived kerala and went to her home straight. I said salam to my in laws.her parents were shocked to see me alone.

“What happened,zayn,is everything ok?” Her mother asked

“Did aisha do something wrong?” Her father asked..I was unhappy with that question

“Abbu,she is a good girl.she can’t do anything bad” I told him.he smirked at me..I continued “u know,how much she loves u?she always cares for u.i know why u r not talking to wasn’t her fault. It was all my fault. I am the culprit.punish me not her”

“What r u talking,Zayn”

“I sent that photos to mubarak.he was a jerk.thats why he behaved badly and u believed can u believe him,abbu?”

“He gave proof”

“What proof?” I asked.he went to his room and came with some photos. He handed me the photos. It wasn’t the same photos which I sent to him,which aisha was some morphed pics..he deliberately made aisha’s dad to hate aisha!!!

“Abbu it is not the pic which I sent to him” abbu looked at me shocked.i gave him the original photos.

“This is aisha and nivin’s photos. I didn’t see anything wrong in it.they both can hug each other coz nivin is her brother” her father said..

“Brother??” He said that maybe the both iyyer and rahman families are like one family..

“Yeah zayn,they r connected with br*ast feeding.nivin’s amma br*ast feed aisha and I br*ast feed him” aisha’s ummi said..

“That’s why they r so close” I smiled.
They both nodded at me.i had my lunch with them.i told abbu to call aisha. He called aisha and she was on cloud nine. She smiled again after so many days.

I went back to london in next flight.i went to our home.i went straight to my room. I opened my wardrobes. There was aisha’s clothes. I smiled.she moved to our room.

She looked at me with guilty.i smiled at her and pulled her into a hug.she hugged me back and whispered sorry.she was crying.i broked the hug and wiped her tears.nivin placed his hand on aisha’s head and smiled.i gave him a broad smile..

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  1. Ruby you are a Malayalee??? I don’t know about which serial’s ff is this… I only begun to read it from seeing Bangalore days’s pic

    1. Yep,I am a malayali dr..this story is not based on any is my own imagination dr.thnq for reading and commenting

  2. Ohhhh….wrlds bst bst frnd….nd bst hubby…..??

    1. Thnx sara u.

  3. So this is the reason for her rude behaviour towards zyan in 1st episode

    1. Yes dr..

  4. Wow ruby this episode was so cute… Now everything is gud between all.. Just love this story…. Update nxt part soon..

    1. Thnx dr..I wrote chapter 28 but my ltha touched the back button and ellam vellathilayi 🙁

      1. Oh my God… Eni enthu chayum. Erati panic ayalla…
        By the way Enthu chayuva eppol.. Kura days ayallo.. Busy with ur family I guess?? Come Back soon.. Miss you..

  5. Everything is settled now …so happy. They r amazing. Luv u….tc…

  6. awesum episode….update nxt epi asap…zayn is soo sweet …n nivi is bst buddy

  7. Wowwwwwww yaar

  8. ruby show nivis marriage…tht will b gud…both couples cn stay together..

  9. Sindhu K S V

    Awesome episode dear…Loved it…she is lucky to hav such a frnd n husband..

  10. Lve u toooo?

  11. Awesome episode, finally misunderstandings cleared…thx to nivin for idea for getting her abbu back…loved it very much. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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