You are Mine Ch. 26


Zayn’s pov

I couldn’t understand her words.she told me to not touch her.

“what happened, Aisha” I grabbed her hands in mine but she jerked it away.I looked at her hand.she was holding something. was it that photos? ?? oh no..

“Aisha. .I..” she cut me off “I don’t want to hear anything Zayn. .u r a liar.u were playing with my life and feelings”

“u r taking me wrong. .I can explain” I cried

“no Zayn. .no need..I don’t want to listen anything. .u betrayed me..u made my father hate me…” she breathed heavily and continued “…I hate u zayn I hate u” she covered her face with her hand and cried.I stayed helpless. .I hugged her forcefully and said

“Aisha, please listen to me once..I always wanted to tell the truth amd apolo…” she cut me off with pushing me away..she stood up and gave the photos to me and said “enough of ur lies mr.Zayn Mansuri” she rushed to our room.I went behind her but she slammed the door at my face.

“Aisha…please open the door. .” I tapped on the door for whole onr hour.but she didn’t open the door.

“what r u doing Zayn” someone asked was none other than Nivin.

“she isn’t opening the door” I said while wiping my tears away.

“what” he pushed me and slapped on the door ” AISHA. ..” he shouted but she didn’t answered for her best friend. Nivin looked at me angrily. .

“she never locked herself up until it is a big issue. ..” he came near me and grabbed me by my collar.I never except this from Nivin. .

“what did u do to her ZAYN” he shouted at me and pushed me to the door. .”why did u hurt her, man”

I stood up and opened my mouth to say something but his eyes fell on the photos. he took it from me..he was fuming in angry. .he slapped me hard..”what the fu*k Zayn”

“look Nivin, it is not what u think..” I was angry on him for slapping me..but I deserved it.

“don’t utter any word Zayn. .u just spoiled her relation with her father and u r saying that it is not like that” he tried to punch me but I hold his hand and fist it..

“why u both don’t want me to speek up” I asked. .

“coz u dont deserve it Zayn” yeah he is right. .I don’t deserve it but I can’t live without Aisha. ..I love her so much…I came out from my thoughts when nivin tried to broke the bedroom door.I too helped him coZ I want to see Aisha and tell her the truth..when we broke the door Aisha was lying unconscious. I rushed to her bt Nivin stopped me “stay away from her” he took her in his arms and took her to his room. .

“Aisha. .Aisha” Nivin poured water in her face. she opened her eyes and our eyes met..I sighed..I was worried when I saw her unconscious. .

“Nivi” she called Nivin and hugged him.she called in his arms..

“Aisha” I forwarded my hand to touch her.Nivin pushed my hand away and shouted “I SAID..STAY AWAY FROM HER”

Aisha’s pov

Nivin shouted at Zayn “stay away from her” I saw pain in his eyes. was he really cared for me? then why did he sent the photos which made my ex husband to think thar I am a bad girl and I am wandering with every guys.

the photos were mine and Nivin and some of mine and wasn’t any bad photos.but my ex thought like that and coz of this my father stopped talking to me.he thought I was wrong. Zayn left the room. .Nivi calm down me.

I was hurt coz Zayn did it to me..if it was any other man I never get hurt.the one whom I loved was the one who gave me pain.


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  1. ohh feelng bad fr aishu…hope they both sort out their differences soon…
    hey ruby r u endng this ff??

    1. Thnx dr…

  2. ohh feelng bad fr aishu…
    hope they both sort out their differences
    hey ruby r u endng this ff??

    1. Yes dr only four chapters left

  3. hw much tym does it takes to publish d comments?? if nyone knws plzz rply

    1. It is unpredictable. .they post our comments when they have mood 😉

  4. Its because of so much love why she cant understand that

    1. Thnx dr.

  5. So sad of aisha

    1. Thnx dr

  6. So sad ….but did he do that intentionally or not? Update soon

  7. Poor aishu… I think she will soon realise why zayn did that…

  8. Flng sad fo aisha……mst of grls lves their dad vry much….it’s hurts…in gent of dad her imge is destroyed…ya it wll hrts…..hpe tht wll sort out it easily .whenever ma mthr scolds me it vl nvr hrts…bcz it’s hr daily routine?..if ma dad scolds thn hurts me…..nd wat abt aishu he’s not tlkng wth her.?

  9. Oh poor aisha…did he do this so he could marry her? Bad move zayn…awesome story ruby…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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