You are Mine Ch. 25


Zayn’s pov

I and Aisha were preparing breakfast.

“aishuuuu..” Nivin shouted from stairs. she was about to go but I told her that I will check on him.

“what nivi, why r u shouting? ” Nivin was standing eyes closed.

“where is Aisha? ? call her..I want to see her first” he ordered me


“today is my first on office so I want to see Aisha’s face first. .”

“why Aisha? ? u can see me” I told him as I put my hand on his shoulder

“she is very lucky to me.” he went downstairs with closed eyes.I held his hand for safety.

“Aisha. .please come here” I called Aisha out.she came and looked at Nivin surprised

“hey, Nivi why r u closing ur eyes” Nivin didn’t replied. he grabbed her by her shoulder and made her stand opposite to him.he slowly opened his eyes. aisha smiled at him.

Nivin took an envelope from his pocket and gave it to Aisha.

what’s it?


she opened and got surprised. .she hugged Nivin. .”congratulations buddy”

“thnq ma’m” Nivin’s hand rested in her waist. I got a little bit jealous 😉 she looked at me.I gave her a smile.she came to me and hugged all jealousy gone 😛 she whispered in my ears a thank you.

it was Nivin’s appointment letter. we all got ready and went to our work.

Nivin’s POV

it was fun to live with Aisha and Zayn. I stopped interfering in their romantic moments.don’t think that I became good 😉 I started to go out with Eva. we became good friends.she wants to live in Kerala forever.

Aisha’s POV

Zayn and Nivin were in dad’s office.I came home early. .I thought to dust all room. I dusted all room only our home studio was left.I started my work.some books and other thinks were put on the shelf. I took the books and some envelopes from shelf.I cleaned shelf and put the books curiosity told me to open the envelopes.they were three.two were some appointment letters.I opened the third one.

I stopped breathing. my throat went dry..lots of questions floated in my mind.

how can Zayn do this? ? I thought he loves me for real.he was all fake.coz of him my abbu stopped talking to me..tears started flowing. I was shattered , betrayed and I became hopeless in one second.

someone opened the door.It was husband who married me with a cheap trick.I looked at him through my tears.

“Aisha” he rushed to me and held my shoulder.

“what happened? ? why r u crying? ” he was looked concerned. I threw his hands away..

“don’t touch me Zayn” I shouted at him.I never shouted at anyone for any reason.


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