You are Mine Ch. 24

Nivin’s pov

Aisha and Zayn take me to some places of London. .lol we are enjoying like our old times.and our triple bike ride it was awesome. .Aisha know bike racing now..

We were singing loud.people give us a weird look.we take a lot photos. Weird selfies 😀 and sometimes I spoiled my ‘lovebirds’ romantic moments 😛 😉

We went to watch a movie.

“Aishu sit beside me” I say

“Aisha will sit beside me, after all I am her husband” zayn said

“And I am her best friend. .so she will sit with me” I protest

“STOP” Aisha shouted and she sit in a seat and told me to sit left to her and Zayn left.but again I argued. .I was making chance to argue with her.

“I was ur right always but now why left” I pouted

“Its replaced nivi” Zayn mocked

Aisha slapped in both of our hands and told us to “shut up and watch”..

I placed my hand in chair’s handbut it was very soft.I looked at the chair’s hand.the hand was fair and wearing a bracelet. How come a chair’s hand like a lady’s hand? I looked upward. Ohhh it was a lady 😉 she smiled at me

“Nivin??” She she know my name?? I looked deeply in to her face..EVA!!

“hey, u r here too” I said..we talked untill movie we forgot about the movie. We exchanged our numbers too.

We came home late night.

“Who is she? ” Aisha folded her hands under her chest

“A friend” I scratched my head


“We met yesterday in restaurant and today too.she is a school teacher and I think she is good”
I completed my sentence.

“Oh she is good..Zayn, u hear our Nivi is saying someone good” she teased me.Zayn put his hand around Aisha’s shoulder and he was like he is agreeing with her.I made a pout.

“Okey okey…go and sleep u monkey” Aisha pushed me to my room.
” continue ur romance, lovebirds” I locked my room when Aisha came to punch me.

Zayn’s pov

Aisha was happy coz of Nivi’s arrival.we went to our room. Aisha changed in to her pj so did I.she was standing on balcony. I hugged her from back.she looked at me and smiled. She placed her hands on chin rested on her shoulder.

“Thanks, Zayn” she said

“Hmmm” I kissed on her neck.

“Zayn…” She called me like ‘stop it zayn’ I gave her a ‘mmm’ and continued kissing. She slapped slightly on my face.

“What” I asked in disturbance.she shrugged her shoulder and giggled. She was laughing at me and disturbed me!!! “I won’t leave u Aisha” I said spinning her.

“Really” mocked. I pulled her more close and kissed passionately. I took her in my arms and went back to our room.

I placed on her bed.we shared an romantic eye lock..
(Now u can image what happened between I am not writing more about this 😛 😉 😀

Thanks for reading and commenting my buddies.
Tomorrow (6th march) is my favorite cousin’s Nikkah. He is my best friend from my childhood. .and my bhabhi is just awesome. .she is also my best friend. She always encourages me to write more stories and she is one of my silent reader too..haha…I just love both of them very much.

Wish you a happy married life ASHNI (their name combo) dedicating this chapter to u ashi and nida…
I always says to my cousin that if I were a boy I make u both part away and I will marry nida(bhabhi)…just kidding. .I always support love marriages

I am sure this chapter will post after their Nikkah lol 😉

Credit to:Ruby_Ryan


  1. Lakshmi

    Superb episode dear. Nivi n eva forgot about u…tc..
    Wish ur bhai n bhabhi…. a very happy married life…

  2. Aastha

    Hey. Ruby
    How r u ??
    Wow very lovely episode…. Sorry I couldn’t comment because my exams r coming and there’s hardly any time to read yr ff but I know u r an excellent writer
    I love yr ff very much
    Hope u remember me
    Love u loads

    • Ruby_Ryan

      off course I remember u dear..I was thinking what happened to u..anyway happy to see u again..I am fine dr .what about u?study well dr

  3. Ananya

    Ruby wow nic chapter.. Just loved.. And wish ur cousin and ur fav bhabhi a happy Married life…. ??

  4. Nive...

    Ha ha ha… Ruby you’re right they posted after your cousin marriage… Happy married life to your cousin and bhabi… 🙂 🙂

  5. Ruby_Ryan

    thnx for ur wishes anu, lachu, sarah, hayu, nive, sindhu and rishi..telly is not posting my replies on ur comment 🙁

  6. Roma

    Awesome episode, so happy to see ayesha n zayn together. …congrats for your ashni marriage. …love you loads…love is most important factor of marriage…without love it’s no worth…me tooo very big supporter of love marriage. ..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.