You are Mine Ch. 21


“Nivi…stop it” I screamed. .he was laughing “no”

“Put her down, Nivin. She will fall” Zayn spoke..

“Okey” Nivin put me down.I was feeling dizzy. Zayn hold me.

“Oh prince is worried for princess” Nivin teased.Zayn chuckled.”let me help u, aishu” Nivin started helping me.

We had lunch from mt home.

I said salam to everyone. Ummi was crying and so did my little bro Ashin. I hugged ummi, ashna, ashima and ashin.I went to my abbu..he gave me a tight smile and didn’t hug me eyes filled with water.appa grabbed me and pulled me in to a hug and whispered in my ear “he loves u but he is being stubborn.I will make him talk to u..give me some time” he parted me from him.”okey appa..I will wait for the day.” Appa kissed on my forehead.

“Amma” I gave a bear hug..amma was also crying. ” I will miss my kid” she said.”me too Amma” nitya was looking at me with watery eye.

“Hey, don’t cry” I smacked her head..”itha” she hugged me and cried and my all siblings huggedme and we had a group hug.I didn’t saw Nivin there.wherr did he go?

“Amma, where is Nivin? ”

“He must be in ur room” ummi said instead. I went to my room. Nivin was in my balcony. I put my hand in his shoulder.

“Nivi” I called him.he turned to me and gave me a sudden hug, a tight hug.”I can’t live without fight with u” he said in his cry.I pated his back.”me too nivi”.we both cried in each other’s arms.

Nivin came with us to airport.

“Take care, u too” Nivin hugged both of us.”u too nivi” I and Zayn said in unison.

We reached London. Zayn house was large, his room also.Zayra take me to watch the house.Zayn’s family is just awesome. His parents gave us a new home as our wedding gift.but I told Zayn that I want to spend some time with his, now our family.he agreed.Zayra was just like ashna. She always annoys Zayn. Whenever I see him fighting I remember I and Nivin’s fighting. .I really miss him.

I called Nivin and talked to him.he was missing me too.

Zayn come to me and asked what happened. I shook my head.he hugged and said “I know what u r thinking” I looked at him but my eyes were filles with water.

Zayn’s pov

Indeed she is missing Nivin. Her teara were threatened to spill.I want to make her smile.I cupped her face “look at me, Aisha” she looked at me.I kissed in her both eyes. A small curve appeared in her face.I kissed on her lips..after two seconds she kissed me back.we pulled away each other for air.our forehead rested in each other’s forehead. .she smiled, the smile which I always wanted to see in her face.

Zayn and Aisha shared their first kiss…;-) battery is low and I am starving lol…I will go and eat something then I will start writing next chapter. Did u had ur dinner?? This is dinner time but I think tu will post it on breakfast or lunch time.. 😀

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Credit to: Ruby

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