You are Mine Ch. 20

Wedding night

I entered to our room.Aisha was wearing a night dress.she smiled at me as I did.we talked for a while.

“We should sleep now” I say..Aisha nodded. I kissed on her forehead. I intertwined our fingers and slept.

Aisha’s pov

It was fajr time. I looked at Zayn. He was holding my hand while sleeping. I stroked his hairs. He openes his eyes and smiled.

“Good morning wifey”

“Good morning…get up..fajr (first prayer) time”

“Let me sleep for a while” he made a puppy dog face.I pinches his cheek “no, hubby” I got up from the bed and went to bathroom. I made wuzu and took an abaya and hijab and my prayer mat from closet.

“Aisha, we will do prayer together” he said and I nod.

I and Zayn prayed together and we read Qur’an. Zayn went to take bath.I took clothes out for evening we are going to London. I will miss my hometown πŸ™ fighting with my siblings and nivi and nitya (Nivin’s sis), I will miss ummi’s knock on thw door, I will miss Amma’s music class, I will miss appa’s comedy and I will miss my abbu most πŸ™ tears formed in my eyes

“Aisha!!” Zayn called me..I was lost in my thoughts “huh”

“Where were u lost” he was fully dressed.when did he came from bathroom? ?

“Nothing. . I am going to take bath” I went to bathroom with my clothes. My Churidhar was matching to Zayn’s shirt.

After getting ready we both went downstairs.

“Zayn, what happened to u, u woke up early” Zayn’s mum teased him.he scratched back of his neck.

“Come kids, have breakfast” she called everyone for breakfast. .after breakfast we went to my home.

I was packing my stuffs. Zayn was sitting on my bed.we were talking too.

Someone hugged me from back and spin me..

Who will be it??? Our ‘hottest’ guy alive or ‘cutest’ guy alive.

Next chapter is in progress. .I will end this story on March 5th…

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Ananya

    So Zayn is changing his habits.. Nic episode.. And that person will be our cutest guy alive…

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