You are Mine Ch. 19


Miss u Roma, zayn and devu
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Chapter 19
Today is our engagement. Am I nervous? The Zayn Mansuri is nervous? ? No never.I can’t be.

“Zayn…you are nervous” Zayra exclaimed. “I am not” I gave her a glare.she put a hand on my shoulder and said “Zayn, your eyes are sayiiiing…I cut her off “saying? ”
“You are nervous” she laughed at me and ran to downstairs. I chased after her.

Everyone was in living room. Mum, dad, uncles, aunts and my cousins. My dad’s relatives I mean my paternal uncle and aunt came yesterday from London. I bumped into someone.not someone, the same girl who kissed me 2 years ago.what was her name? ?? Whatever. .I thought she was falling so I grabbed her arms and she took advantage of it.she hugged me in front of elders..shameless girl.she was enjoying. I parted her from me and looked at her with hatred and shouted “WHAT IS UR PROBLEM AMNA” everyone gathered their attention to us.Zayra kno two years back thing.she came to me and held my hands and squeeze it.

“Bhai..leave it” Zayra said in a low voice. I looked at Zayra then mum spoke

“Zayn. .calm down is ur engagement day and u r shouting at ur cousin” mum don’t know anything about this girl

I just get out off from there.Aman came to me and started his teasing section.

After an hour

Aisha and her family came. She was looking beautiful. Elders made us sit.I smiled at her she smiled back. Nivin started teasing us.she was blushing all while.

I put the ring in her finger.her hand was shaking. She was nervous. I squeezed her handn and gave her a node. She node back and slipped the ring in my finger.everyone clapped for us.

After one week

Our wedding day.our Nikkah was in local masjid and reception in an auditorium.we went to masjid. There was Nivin and his father too.I was surprised to see him in masjid (mosque) he was talking with Aisha’s abbu indeed about Nikkah.
Kazi(who leads prayers in masjid) called Nivin.he was around 50. they both hugged in happy. They talked something and laughed at.

Nikkah done.officially I and Aisha now husband and wife. 🙂
After Nikkah everyone came to congratulate me.

“U snatched my aishu from me” Nivin hugged me.

“I didn’t snatch her..she choose me coz I am the hottest guy alive” I said back

“But I am the cutest” nNivin and I laughed “I agree nivi”

We went to auditorium. Nivin take me to Aisha

“ ur ‘hottest’ hubby” Nivin gave a side hug to Aisha. She put her head in his shoulder. Nivin gave a kiss on her head.

“Zayn, I am giving u my best friend. Never ever try to hurt her. Otherwise I will take ur life”

“Never boss” we hugged again. He placed aisha’s hand in mine.

I had wait for few minutes more to talk to Aisha alone.



“Congradulations on our wedding” she chuckled at me “u too, zayn”

After our meals. .it was photo section. Nivin and Aman was makir weird poses.entire day was unforgettable. .after all it was my wedding day. 😀

“Bad women are for Bad men and Bad men are for Bad women.
And Good women are for Good men and Good men are for Good women.”(The Qur’an 24:26)

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Ruby…. superb episode dear.Woww they got married.luv

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  6. I’m here my sweeeeeetheart ruby. …very slow reader I am…now on page 59 of these ffs…..not sure how m I gonna catch up…but trying my best to read fast between my work, home, kids n you name it…so busy but can’t stop reading these amazing stories. …it’s my medicines to keep alive…episode was really superbbbb. ..the engagement, niqaah…wowwww awesome. ..nivin n zayra…so cute. you loads

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