You are Mine Ch. 16

I was admiring Aisha’s beauty.her face was few inches away from mine.a pain come to my heart suddenly. .coz of me my Aisha changed…but I will make everything fine..

Nivin got up.he was walking in sleep..omg I have to stop him..but how can I? Aisha’s head is resting in my hand.I can’t disturb her sleep but I have to stop Nivi from going. .he went towards the door and hit his head on door. I thdew a pillow at him.

“nivi” I called him in low voice

“who brought this mountain here…get lost u b***dy” he was shouting at door.he unlocked the door.

“no……nooooooo” I put Aisha’s head in bed and rushed to Nivin. he opened the door and stepped out.I pulled him back. and shut the door.

Aisha opened her eyes. .I and Nivin fell on floor.

“what’s going on? why did u open the door zayn?” she is accusing me!! me, who helping her 🙁

“not me..this stupid did” I got up from floor and kick Nivin’s thigh with my leg.he was still sleeping. .

Aisha came to him and we both made him stand.he fell on Aisha’s.I didn’t like that :\ 😐

“aishu…I love u..I can do anything for ur happiness. ..u r my…” Aisha cut him off

“I know Nivi. ..for God’s sake open ur eyes” she slapped slowly in hia cheeks..but this kumbkarna is not gonna wake up.

I give Aisha water and signed her.she understood what I want hwr to do..she pour the water on Nivin’s head..he opened his head and shook.

“did he always like this” I asked Aisha. .Nivin didn’t came to his sense

“only when he sleep lately” Aisha gave a slapp in his head..Nivin come to his sense.

“good morning” he greeted us.

“bad morning” we said in unison

“u was about to ruin this morning” I said slapping his shoulder

“didn’t ruin it na…let’s go Zayn” he walked to balcony. .

my hand was numb coz Aisha’s head was in my hand for whole night.I didn’t notice it till now.

“I can’t jump”


“my hand is numb”

“u r jumping with legs not with hands”

“I have to use hand too”

“buddies pls be quite. .come with me I will take u to outside” Aisha opened the door and sign us to follow her.we tip toed like thieves. we reached hall.there her siblings having breakfast.

Nivin went straight to dining table

“niveee” Aisha called him

didn’t he woke up?? I think he is still in he isn’t he called ammi.

“ammmiiii” Nivin shouted..he sat on a table and smiled to Aisha’s siblings

“good morning. ..”

“didn’t u brushed ur teeth?” Aisha’s 10 yr old bro Ashin asked

“nah…don’t disturb me I am here to having my tea” he hited the boy

“here..ur tea” Aisha’s ammi placed the cup in front od Nivin. she looked at me surprised

“are…zayn. .when did u come?”

“when did he went? ” Nivin asked..I have the urge to slap him hard

“what” ammi asked again

“ammi..don’t worry about him..if u want to worry then worry about me and serve the food to me” Nivin was acting like this is his home and his ammi

she slapped his hand “he is our guest”

“aunt I have to go.I came to meet Aisha. .I have to go to office too” I bide by and went. Aisha came till door.

“Zayn. .” Aisha called me.I turned to her

“can I come with u to office? ? my scooty is in service center”

“sure…get ready on time. .I will come to pick u” I was happy happy. ..she asked for lift!!! I was like I got Oscar 😛

I talked to my mum on phone. .I called her every day and tell her what happened with me..coz she was worried when she get to know that Aisha got married..ahe was sad for me and she thought I will harm myself. .she always told me to confess my love at least now.. I told her that I want my old Aisha back then I will tell her what I am feeling for her

Aisha became normal day by day. my parents came to calicut and they stayed in aman’s home.


my little sis faima..u asked me that u have a doubt that whether Aisha’s story is my own or dear..Aisha’s and my life is not same…bt Humsafar and my life has some sisimilarities…

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  1. Hey so awesome dear … PLZ update like this only …. Thank uuuuuuu
    Making me mad day by day … Wer is humsafar dear ??

  2. What similarity what u r saying ruby plzzz dont say like that dr i cant imagine even in my dream also horrible life that is ohhh god stay happy dr always dont bother about surrou dings and peoples…..

  3. Superb dear. Nivin is really crazy.
    Luv u …tc…. Bye..

  4. Very gud ruby nice epsd carryon

  5. luvd it and nivi was awesome today………………………………….u rocked it dear………..

  6. Assalam alaikum…..i dnt knw wt to say…itha….I cnt image wt ua going through…bt ua always in ma dua…nd dnt law faith…thawakkalthu alallah

  7. Superb I like it.l like nivin character so u dr for making such a beautiful ff.

  8. And ruby njan palakkadanh.nee padikaano?

  9. thnx devu, hayu, lachu, rishi, jwalu, fai..

    waalaikumusalam dr…I am ok hayyand fai…

  10. Ruby this story is gud dear. Just loving each character.. Love ur stories..
    Ruby how are you dear?? Pinna similarities annathu kondu antha parayuna… Eniku orkan vaya.. Ruby daivathil vishwasiku. He will make everything right….

  11. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, loved it. ..this nivin is an adorable piece…zaysha…so cute…love you loads

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