You are Mine Ch. 15

it was midnight. .I and Nivin jumped to Aisha’s balcony.Nivin opened the door with the spare keys. .lol he has her room’s spare key.

“wait a minute” Nivin signed

“why dude” I didn’t understood why he want me to wait.

“I know u love her.but she don’t. u can’t see her in her sleeping position. .so stay here” he order me like a big bro.

Nivin went to Aisha and he wrapped the duvet on her, he put a scarf on her head too..then he signed me to come.

we both stood beside her bed.we didn’t turned on the lights.

Aishaaaaa…..we called her like ghosts.Aisha rubbed her eyes and looked at us.she widened her eyes and screamed


ya Allah. can Aisha scream like this??? I am sure I will become deaf..Nivin jumped to her bed and placed his hand in her mouth.

“Aisha. . its me and Zayn. ..stop screaming”

she stopped screaming and pushed Nivin’s hand

“u idiots. ..scared me” she slapped on Nivin’s shoulder.

“Aisha” Aisha’s ammi called her from ousted of the room.

“hide somewhere…u both idiots” she hurried us.we both hide under her bed.

“yeah ammi” Aisha opened the door slightly.

“why did u screamed?” ammi asked with concerned

“it was a bad dream ammi…u go and ok” she made an excuse

“recite Quran and sleep well” ammi caressed her face and went.

she sighed in relief and locked the door.she looked at us in angry.

“sorry” we both said in unison and held our ear.

“now tell me what’s the surprise”
Aisha hugged her chest.

“oh we forgot” I took out Aisha’s favorite sponge cake and chocolates


“u both got mad…who ates cake in the midnight?” Aisha seems serious

“we ate..right Nivi” I put the cake on table.Nivin shook his head.we both cut the cake and started eating. .

“what the!!!! it was for me..and u both r eating” she beated us with pillow.

“have it” I put a large slace in her mouth.

“zay…..” she couldn’t complete coz of cake.

“Nivi put the dvd on”

“which dvd?” she looked at both of us

“the same dvd which we watched when we were in banagalore” Nivi hited his shoulder against Aisha’s

Aisha got dumbstruck. ws know that she will get afraid. .that’s why we brought this dvd 😀 devil us…

“ can’t play this” Aisha stopped Nivin

“why…r u afraid of ghost? ” I teased her

“no I am not…I want to sleep. ..u both get lost from here” she sat on her bed

“we r ur guests aishu…don’t talk like this to ur guests” saying this Nivin put the DVD In DVD player.I decreased the volume.

“Zayn. ..please stop it”

“then admit it u r afraid”

“I am not”

“okey then get ready for watching movie”

I and nivi sat on the bed and we started watching. .Nivin pulled her towards us she fell between both of us.

“nivi” she slapped on Nivin’s head.

“sorry. .now watch” he ordered

she unwillingly watch with us..I was looking her whole time.when the ghost came in screen, she covered her face with the duvet.I pulled the duvet and we started fighting for duvet.on the other side Nivin was enjoying the movie. maybe he is pretending. .

when I pulled the duvet Aisha fell on me.we shared an eye lock.she felt shy and got up from my side.Nivin pulled her again to sit.she gave a kick in his leg.

“aishu..u kicked me…I won’t leave u” they both started pillow fighting. ..Aisha was laughing after a long time…I felt happy.

they both tired..I gave them water.

“ladies first” Aisha grabbed the water from my hand..

“now keep quite. ..let me watch” I said to both of them as I sat beside Nivin.

“what” Nivin looked at me

“movie” I looked at tv avoiding Nivin’s gaze.

“okey…” Aisha sat between us.

“why r u sitting between us?” Nivin asked

Aisha was about to argue bt I interfered

“let her watch Nivi. keep silence”

whenever Aisha got scared she held our hands.once she hide behind my back.I put my hand on her’s.

we don’t know when we slept. .when I open my eyes.Nivi’s head was in my thigh and Aisha’s was in my hand.

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  1. Aishuuu ,….my fav nazy
    Ruby ….enikku othiri ishtamayi ……….paranjariyikkan pattathatra ishtamayi ………….pinne ..thattikondupoya (kidnapper) katha eppozha post cheyyuka ?,??.,….

    1. njan adu ravile sent cheiditund..tu eppoza post cheyyann ariyilla. .thnx dr

  2. Wow its awsome yaar

  3. Wowww it was awesome yaar

    1. thnx hayu

  4. Superb update ruby. They r amazing. Will be waiting for next update. Luv u…tc…

    1. thnx lachu…I will send next chap in few minutes

  5. Nivin is a grt frnd. They are trying their level best to help her regain her lost hpyness..Awesome story..

  6. Oh ruby it was so gud.. Just loved their fights and talks.. So cute… Loved this update dear..
    So ur are inter connecting humsafar with this one.. Sounds interesting.. And how are you doing dear.. You said u were typing like crazy.. Just take care ok.. Love you…

    1. I m doing well dr…I donno why I want to end my all stories soon…I will post 3 more chap today.I already sent 16th chappy and she and her kidnapper

  7. Ruby ithu bayankaram thanne.nalla rasam indu da ithu read cheyyan wow lovely

    1. hey dev thnx dr..veendum oru malayali kude

  8. Kiddu chptr….ratriyill ghost story kandal…pinne ennik orakam vartheyilla..
    Pinne i think aishu is feeling something something towards zayn..
    Der eyelock moment…aisha feeling shy…oh God!!!write soon!!
    Love you Ruby my Jewel!!

    1. thnx dr…enik ishta rathri pretham movie kanana..ente aniyathik pediya ennalum ente kude irunn kanum..njan chumma avale pedipikum eppozum fretham enn paranj 😛

  9. Wow Ivide orupad malayalikal undallo.Malayalam comments kaanumbol sandhosham thonnunnu.ruby Ith valare nannayitund.Enik Ninte charactersinte name kaanumbol thattathin marayath ormavarunnu.all the best for ur future dear.

    1. me too…character nte name orthond Irunnappaza thattathin marayath orma vannad 🙂 appo Aisha angu fix cheidu

  10. Ruby ninte veedh evideya?

    1. Malappuram dr..niyo?

  11. Awwww Ruby though u r crazy writing . ….. But me gone crazy reading it dear….
    My god aishu and zyan god bless them …. Nivin u r the best frnd I have ever seen or read …..

    In the 21st century still… some see religious differentiation but Wer on the world one will get a frnd like nivin ….

    So awesome darling Ruby ….
    Wer is humsafar and kidnapper??

    1. kidnapper is posted. .humsafar will post after ending this story

  12. I too like to watch ghost movies during night times … But after the I will sleep peacefully …. No ghost disturbance at all … Lol

  13. Wowww… its very nice… nivin is such a good friend…

  14. Ninte ff valare nannayitundada.Ente home page matshanh.ninak ishveerinte oru ff ezhuthanpattumo.nannayirikkum.

  15. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, loved the craziness of these trio…so cute n hilarious. ..loved it to the core. …very sweeeeeet n beautiful story…aisha coming back to normal…so sweeeeeet. …n zayn trying his best to make her feel better…n the eye lock. ..wowwww so cute…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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