Million Dollar Girl 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells Tayaaji that he want to buy the shop..Tayaaji asks why this much kindness???Virat tells he started loving Avanti…Tayaaji slaps Virat and beats him tell not to show his face again..Kavya goes..Vicky tells he will drop..kavya tells she will go..Vicky tells he is going that way only…Vicky starts the bike but stops..Kavya tells that Vicky there is nothing between the,,,Vicky tells he realized that it was a crush and he love some one else…Kavya gets happy and tells she is very happy..Kavya sits and go..Ranvijay sees..Virat sees a couple and recalls his and Avanti fight,,The boy comes and asks Virat what is his problem???Virat tells that only lucky people will get their love..Virat comes in Avanti’s room and tells that he miss Avanti as no one will fight with him..He

feels alone,,Virat tells “I love u” to Avanti…Virat cries and tells Avanti to get up and fight with him..Virat cries..Virat sits and cries..At night Yamini comes and sees Virat…Some people come in a Van and try to kidnap Yamini..Virat beats them..Virat pushes the people and beats…Yamini falls..Yamini cries and tells Virat that they will go away from heer…Virat tells he cant go..Yamini tells that Virat cannot blame himself for Avanti’s incident..Yamini tells that Avanti will die some-how..Virat shouts shut up…Yamini cries..Virat tells he will find out the person who is the person behind it..Virat reads Avanti diary where Avanti says she wish For one day Virat take only her name..Virat tells he will do this only today….Virat sleeps..Yamini comes..Virat calls Yamini as Avanti and tells to g o away…Yamini tells If Virat is gone mad..Virat tells no Avanti..Yamini goes..Virat laughs…Yamini tells she have to do something as Avanti matter is getting serious..Yamini comes infront of Rajat and sits..Yamini holds Rajat shirt and tells him that he is sitting here and eating apple..What about the deal???Rajat tells its little difficult..Rajat tells he will do For Yamini..Yamini tells to go and do something..Rajat goes…At hospital Doctor goes from Avanti’s room..Rajat comes in Avanti’s room and tells its the right time and no one will known that he is here..Rajat tells Avanti that last time she saved but this time he prepared all..Rajat takes out injection and tells that this is very dangerous poison..Rajat injects Avanti..Suddenly Vicky comes and sees…Rajat drops the Injection..Vicky asks what RAjat is doing here..Rajat tells that Avanti is a nice girl..Rajat goes..Vicky angrily sees Rajat and gives his handkerchief..Vicky tells Rajat came to see Avanti something is fishy..At office Zubair comes and says good morning to Bhuwan..Zubair tells Good morning Virat…Virat tells Zubair Good morning Avanti..Zubair asks If Virat is gone mad??Zubair tells Bhuwan whats wrong with Virat..Zubair tells that Virat need a doctor…Bhuwan tells that Virat really loves Avanti..
Virat’s uncle sees Virat diary…Virat comes and takes the diary…Uncle tells what is this??Virat tells legally house belong to him..Virat asks when Uncle will sign the paper???Uncle tells he will never sign the paper..Uncle tells that Virat’s name is because of him And Virat cannot sell the house..Uncle tells Virat to tells his name…Virat tells Avanti singh..Uncle is shocked…
Uncle tells his name is Brij bushan..Virat smiles and tells Avanti..Uncle says tell his name..Virat tells “AVANTI SINGH BRIJ BHUSHAN”…Uncle throws the chair and goes away..Virat tells he is saying all this because of Avanti..

Precap::Virat raises Gun towards Tayaaji and tells to give the shop

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Omg!it was a very nyc epi!
    Specialy when virat takes avanti’s name infront of zubair n brij bhushan!
    Best epi!
    Wish avanti gets well soon!

  2. nice epi. Hope that avanti will recover soon. It will be nice to see virat n avanti in relation….

  3. Thanks for update!!!!!!

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