Million Dollar Girl 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat comes and realeases Rajat..Rajat thanks virat..Rajat sees Avanti and tells that his memory is sharp and will remeber…Police officer tells that Avanti should be ashamed..Avanti tells it was a small prank,,,Police officer warns Avanti and tells if next time it happened will neve leave Avanti,,Avanti tells sorry,,Avanti cries,,Virat tells to remeber what he said,,As he dont know when he will beome animal..Avanti gets scare and goes,,thinks about what happened..Vicky,,,dJ..and kavya search for Avanti..Everywhere ….Avanti is in dilemma,,Vicky,,DJ and kavya talks to Avanti but she is quiet…Avanti tells that Rajat is out of jail..Avanti comes home..Avanti’s mother asks where was she..Avanti tells she went to village and then mandir,Ankit asks which temple..Avanti sees

tap water and remebr Virat throwing kerosene..Avanti runs inside the room closes the door lies on bed crying…Avanti’s mother tells kavya to go and see what Avanti is village Vicky teaches children,,weaver’s comes and tells Vicky that they wanted to meet Avanti,,,Vicky tells avnti is at home,Weaver tells that they wanted to meet Avanti and thank her…..Vicky tell she will call and find out..Avanti cries sitting in room..kavya comes and asks what happened..Avanti acts to read novel..Kavya tells that vicky was calling..Kavya tells that Avanti should go to village..Avanti tells she dont want to go anywhere..kavya asks if Avanti was crying ??Avanti tells noo…Avanti is stressed,,Kavya tels Avanti to eat medicine and come out of room,,Avanti tells okey,,Kavya goes….
Weaver comes and meet Bhuwan..Weaver tells Bhuwan that they didnt see Avanti anywhere!!Bhuwan tells not to be worry once Virat deal is over Weavaer’s children will get admission in school…Weaver tells they want their children to study only in avanti’s school.Bhuwan tells that Avanti has done magic,,he have to find Avanti.Avanti’s mother tells her to get up…Avanti gets up..avanti’s mother tells to do breakfast and go to shop..Avanti tells she will go in sometime..Avanti’s mother tells that she is going outside for somework..Avanti tells no,,Mother tells that she is not going somewrhere..
Avanti drinks water..Suddenly sees someone..Avanti tells “OM NAMASSHIVAY”..Avanti goes near window..Suddenly turns and sees Virat..Avanti gets scared..Avanti tells how Virat is here…Virat sits and tells that Avanti is not coming to shop..and he can see the change..Virat tells if Avanti’s plan changed to give shop to him..Avanti tells she will not give..Virat holds Avanti..Avanti gets scared and shouts..Virat tells that avanti is a coward person..Virat turns and laugh,,VIrat says he want Avanti’s shop..Avanti tells she will not give..Virat press Avanti’s mouth and suddenly sees Avanti’s shop key’s ..Virat takes the key.Avanti tells to give it back as she is not scared of him anymore..Virat opens the lighter and tells did Avanti remebered anything???Avanti gets scared and cries..virat takes the key and goes…

precap::Virat gives the key to Rajat..Rajat tells that Virat has proved that he is his brother

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Y is this virat being this harsh to avanti

  2. virat u r 2 bad….

  3. Total waste!how cld virat do this to avanti?
    Dnt he realise any feeling fr her!
    Hate u virat!
    Feeling sory fr my avanti!

  4. Stupid Rajat shld be slapd!!
    I agre wth u natasha!
    Ur comments r always rgt!

  5. I gues nw bhuvan wil say to al d weavers to suport avanti n this wil mke virat’s factory plan flop!
    Bhuvan mgt start lyking avanti n this wil mke viraj jelous n realise a luv feeling fr avanti!

  6. U r rgt Natasha!
    I hope d same bt avanti shld tke a revenge by rejecting viraj!

  7. Yes,avanti shld reject virat as he shld b punishd!

  8. i have doubt tat virat’s ex girlfrnd is avanti

  9. no way…she z nt her ex

  10. Aaj ke epi kaha hai?

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