Million Dollar Girl 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti sits at Ghat and cries..Virat come and puts jacket tells to calm down..Dj stands in her,,Bhuwan comes from backside and puts his hand.DJ gets scared and shouts..Bhuwan tells to be quiet..DJ tells If father will see it will be bad..Bhuwan tells that he was missing her..and tells that his relationship started just now..BHuwan tells that it seems like they known since ten years..Dj tells to shut up as its her bedroom..Bhuwan tells they will go somewere far from father..DJ tells okey..
Avanti cries and tells Virat..VIrat tells that Avanti played a nice game with Zubair and his designer..Avanti tells VIrat is also not less…VIrat tells he cannot see alone a girl sitting at ghat of Banaras..Virat calls Avanti “BANARAS QUEEN”… and tells lets goo..Avanti and Virat

walks..Avanti sees Rat and shouts..Virat holds Avanti..Virat tells that Avanti acts like Bond of BAanars but scared of Rat..Avanti tells sh eis not scared of Rat but she feel yuck by seeing them,,
DJ and Bhuwan comes out of a restaurant..DJ sees Avanti coming..DJ moves Bhuwan into corner..Bhuwan asks what she is doing??Dj tells Kiss..Dj Puts Jacket..DJ and Bhuwan kisses..Avanti and Virat comes walking…Virat sees and tells that Banaras has became Modern..Avanti tells yes…Avanti goes..DJ removes the jacket..Bhuwan tells soo soon,,Dj tells lets go…Avanti asks Virat what surprise zubair is giving???Virat tells dont know…Virat shouts RAt…Avanti shouts and hugs Virat..Virat laughs..Avanti tells that She will see Virat…Virat tells already Avanti is seeing..Avanti and Virat looks at each other…VIrat tells that from Ant,,Lizard..Insects he is not scared..Avanti asks If Virat is fearless??Virat tells yes…Avanti shouts snake..Virat asks where its and move back..Avanti laughs..Avanti tells that she was joking…Avanti tells that Virat was telling was not scared..

Rajat And Ranvijay drives and bumps into Avanti And Virat,,Virat shouts to stop…Rajat sees and tells that loser’s and winner,,RAjat tells that Virat become Avanti’s PA??Virat tells why Rajat is driving like this???Virat sees girl sitting..Virat tells Rajat that he is driving with girls also As he used to like boys..Girl shouts and tells Rajat before he didnt said that he is a gay..The Girls comes out of car and goes…Virat and Avanti laughs…Avanti comes home..All are doing dinner..Mother tells avanti to come home on time…Avanti goes in her room..Avanti tells that her mother is also Tayaaji’s side as they buy the shop..Kavya comes and tries to remove her tatto…Avanti tells tatto is permanent,,,Kavya tells tatto is going…Kavya looks in mirror and tells that Tatto is not that bad…Anotherside Vicky serves food in dhaaba..VIcky gets a message of kavya saying that tatto was temporary and he lied her..Vicky tells something he have to do now…Avanti and Virat is sleeping…Avanti and VIrat gets a message of Zubair…”Today have to find a warehouse”…Avanti gets shocked and tells what..Virat too gets shocked by seeing….Virat comes Office.. Avanti tells she came first..Avanti tells Zubair called them but he will be sleeping actually…Phone rings..Virat picks up…Zubair tells that two file are kept on table in which its all company details are provide..Both have to agree Property dealer’s…
Avanti and Virat goes to a office..Avanti tells the Officer that her Company is very big and have a very good startup..The person tells that he will not work with big companies He tells sorry and gets up…Virat stops him..Virat tells that they will do three years contract and furthur the contract may be extended..So the company have alot of profit..Virat tells its his choice If they want to extend his buisness or not…Zubair’s secretery comes and calls Avanti…Avanti tells that she will come once meeting is over..Secretery tells its urgent..Avanti goes…Virat asks the person how the payment will be??Zubair tells Avanti to stand up of the table..Avanti stands..Zubair tells that the person would have gone because of Avanti..Zubair tells its Avanti punishment to stand and smile and his secretery have to see.,..Secretery tells Avanti to smile..Avanti smiles..Secretery goes..Avanti tells her cheeks are paining smiling..Virat comes and gets shocked seeing Avanti.. Virat throw ball on Avanti..Avanti shouts and falls Virat holds Avanti and BOth falls..Avanti and Virat looks at each other..

Precap::Avanti and Virat goes into a room..VIrat tells its very dirty…Avanti tells they will clean

Update Credit to: Ansari

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