Million Dollar Girl 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti counts the money..Avanti’s mother comes and asks from where she got this much money..avanti tells it Vicky..Avanti’s mother tells that her shop will close If Avanti uses illegal money..Avanti thinks..Avanti tells that If really shop will close what she will do..Avanti gives the money to small poor childrean and tells to eat whatever they want..
Police arrests Rajat..Rajat is in prision..Rajat’s mother calls Virat and tells to release Rajat..Virat tells he promise If Rajat doesn’t come he will also not come..Virat sees the video again..Virat listens Avanti’s voice..Virat tells Avanti trapped Rajat He will never leave her..VIrat at night slowly goes at Avanti’s house..Avanti is sleeping…Virat takes Avanti,,,Avanti’s mother comes..He

hides..Rajat’s friends bring pizza for him in jail..rajat eats..Anotherside Vicky goes avanti’s house..kavya opens the door..kavya tells Avant is missing…Vicky tells not to worry as he will search..Vicky calls DJ..Another side Avant is in a dark room..avanti gets scared..Someone comes..its Virat with red blood hands..Avanti tells she is not scared of anyone..Avant tells to open her hands..Avanti cries for help..A man falls down..Virat shows to Avanti..Avanti tells her mother will come to know..Virat laughs(Evil)..Virat sees and tells her mother cannot save her..Virat puts knife on Avanti’s face..Avanti tells to leave her..Virat tells his brother is in jail..Avanti tells She has done for buisness..Avanti cries..Virat tells Avanti that Rajat is own blood,,,Avanti cries and tells to leave..Virat opens Avanti’s hand and tells to run..avanti runs…Virat holds Avanti’s hand and tells to run..Virat sees Avanti angrily…avant tells Virat is doing bad..And he will feel for it..Avanti Puts kerosene..Virat tells that Avanti said his father fraud and put his brother in jail…Virat opens his lighter,,,Avanti shouts to leave her..VIrat tells If he burnt Avanti then no one will know..Avanti tells she will do whatever he want..Virat tells he will give one chance…Virat tells Avanti to come closer..Virat tells Avanti to go to police station and confess that she trapped Virat’s brother..Avanti tells she will go police station..Virat tells if anyone come to known that he kidnapped Avanti that next time he will never leave…Avanti goes..

precap:Virat tells Avanti not to do anything like this next time otherwise his inner animal will born again..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. We want romantic n caring virat not an animal virat!
    Bad epi

  2. Yeah…. Dint like this epi… But liked virat’s performance

  3. weird episode……
    hated it.

  4. Wishing 2 c more virat avanthi character

  5. Where is 2days epi?? Plz post soon …thankz for ur efforts ansari

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