Million Dollar Girl 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti goes in the cabin and aabout to sit,,,Virat comes and tells its his chair…Avanti sits in the chair but falls…Secretery comes and apologises,,Virat tells that Avanti is used to ot…Avanti goes and sits anotherside…Virat goes drinks water…Avanti goes near,,,Virat comes and snatches it..Zubair comes and tells what the hell???Zubair calls shutp up duffer,,Virat tells that he is the face of company he will sit hear…Zubair falls alchol on chair and tells now to sit…Zubair tells If Virat and Avanti fight is over he want to known the name of company till tommorow..kavya tries dress and thinks about Vicky,,,Ankit tells Kavya to give money..Ankit tells that they are doing shopping Hi father dont have money to pay…If next time Kavya buy clothes then

he will burn…kavya tells to get lost..
Avanti writes “FACE OF THE COMPANY” on board…Avanti calls Vicky and tells to come as fast as possible..Vicky tells to turn and see..Avanti sees ,,Vicky comes…
kavya wears green dress and comes..Vicky tells she is looking awesome..Vicky tells that kavya enjoyed the ride..Kavya tells that Vicky is mistaken..Avanti tells kavya that she is looking good in new dress..Vicky tells kavya didnt like the dress..Avanti tells to give the dress..Kavya tells okey..Kavya goes…
Vicky tells name of company “YE SILKY SILKY BANARAS”…Avanti sees Vicky angrily…Anotherside DJ is sitting at Ghat….Bhuwan plays guitor while Dj sings…Bhuwan and DJ about to kiss…Suddenly DJ gets a call..DJ tells that she is coming…Vicky tells Avanti is DJ is crazy because she called him mother.Atleast should have called father..Avanti laughs..DJ comes..Avanti tells Vicky and DJ to think,,,DJ tells she will thinks..Avanti,,Dj and Vicky thinks,,,Avanti tells she dont like the names,,,BHuwan calls DJ…DJ cuts…Vicky asks who is calling DJ???DJ tells that its Bhuwan his cousin he is having some work..Vicky tells what??DJ tells now stop it as she have to Find the topic….DJ tells “SILK”,,or “Silk ke”…Avanti tells its rubbish and outdated name..Virat comes home..Bumps into Rajat..Rajat tells to see and walk..Virat tells he heard that Uncle is in loss..As all his plan of Constructing mall is vanished..Rajat tells not to be overconfident as still Virat is doing job..Virat tells that in sometime Rajat and Uncle will come on road..Virat tells Rajat not to forget as as without him they are nothing..Virat goes…
Tayijii tells Avanti’s mother that Avanti is soo spoiled..Tayijii tells that avanti cannot bring the shop back,,But they can…Mother asks how??Tayijii tells that Brijbhushan has some loss and he is selling shops..Avanti’s mother tells that they cannot buy..Taijii tells that they will take around 6-7 lakhs,,Mother tells okey…Taijii tells one condition that Ankit will sit at shop inspite of avanti,,,Mother agrees tells atleast shop will be at home..Taijii gets happy and tells that they will do Kavya and Avanti’s marriage…Avanti listens all…Avanti comes and tell Vicky,,DJ and Kavya…Avanti tells that she heard Taijii talking..Avanti cries,,,DJ and kavya tells to stop it…Avanti tells If she get the name then she will get a new direction

Precap::Avanti tells Zubair that she decided a name..But she will also tell options..Zubair says how stupid….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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