Million Dollar Girl 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dj tell virat to kiss bhuwan.bhuwan ran away.
Next morning kavya was sitting and thinking moments with avanti.ranvijay was exercsing there.he found kavya.ranvijay toushes kavya,vicky sees this.vicky sadly goes kavya also goes.
virat was watching avanti at outside when he walked away he heard avanti’s voice,he rans and get inside of the room,he talks to avanti and thinks moments with avanti.

on daaba vicky tries to give dj a suprise,but he saw a mark in dj’s neck,they both argue for this reason.vicky angryly goes after that dj finds a gft by vicky.
dj goes and apologise to vicky and both hugs,bhuwan sees this and both says buwan to apoliogise to vicky.bhuwan and dj hugs vicky sees this.

on hospital kavya was talking to avanti,ranvijay sees all this and tries give food to kavya.but she angryly goes.

on daaba dj’s father comes when she was playing music he argue with dj and angryly cries and goes near bhuwan.bhuwan makes dj happy.

On avanti’s bucket list it was written to buy her shop.
virat asks money to rajat.but he dont give him.
virat goes to maamaji and he agrees.

rajat and maamaji has planed something against virat..

precape:rajat tells to yamini that virat love avanti.if she bring back virat he will create distance between them…

Update Credit to: zananeer123

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