Million Dollar Girl 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti teaches children..Rani’s father weaver comes..He thanks Avanti for teaching..Avanti tells Rani is very intelligent and has a very bright future..He thanks soo much Avanti and goes..Rajat eat’s at Vicky’s dhabba..Vicky sees Rajat..Rajat tells to concentrate more on serving people,,One couple is sitting..Husband forgets to bring money..Wife tells now have to wash dishes..Vicky tells no one have to wash dishes as today as it is free..Today he is giving treat..
Avanti comes and scolds Vicky as he is not picking up her phone..Vicky tells that he was busy in work..Avanti tells she want Doctor..Scientists to meet village people as they will be influenced..Vicky tells that his Dhabba is famous in all Banaras famous people like engineer,,doctor comes here..Vicky says

he will bring..Avanti gets happy and thanks Vicky..Avanti tells that this people will tech inspiring story’s….They come and narrate their story..Avanti thanks them..Bhuwan and Virat discuss..Bhuwan goes…Virat comes and tells Avanti that she is stil here..Avanti says yes She is planning for Virat’s failure..Virat tells that Avanti will fail..Avanti tells she will never let the deal happen..Virat says that deal will happen..Kavya tells Avanti that If weavar signed the paper’s then all bad will happen,,,Avanti tells she have to do something to distract Virat..
At night Avanti tells DJ and Vicky to think something..Dj tells that Virat’s character is very good Soo they cannot accuse them..Vicky tells let it be both brothers will not leave Avanti..Avant igets an idea..Avanti thanks Vicky as he gave idea..Avanti tells now she will spoil Virat’s life…Next day at dhabba Vicky brings fake sim and gshows to Avanti..Vicky changes his voice and calls Rajat..Vicky tells he is Ashok and he want to bet money on India..Rajat tells that he will not believe anyone like this…Vicky tells he have sent money in letter box..Rajat goes and collects the money..Rajat tells Ashok(Vicky) to sms the details..Vicky agrees….At home DJ..Vicky and Avanti see match..Vicky sees photo and asks whose this..Avanti’s mother tells its his brother in law..Kavya soon to be husband..Vicky sees pictures and tells they are not good..Avanti’s mother tells to shut up as Vicky is a kid..She holds Vicky’s ear and tells not to inform Avanti..Vicky agrees..Vicky gets upset….Avanti and DJ gets happy as India won..Vicky calls Rajat and tells India won he want money..Rajat tells he is waiting at Ghat..AVanti and Vicky goes at ghat sees Rajat..DJ brings a boy and tells name is “Ashok”..avanti tells soo what..Dj tells that Rajat will recognize..Avanti gets happy..That Boy Ashok gets scared and tells no..Avanti tells she will give money and will do party..The boy goes and sits near Rajat..And asks money Rajat gives Rs20 thousand..Ashok takes..Vicky records Video..Avanti gets happy..ashok comes back..
At night avanti brings the dishes..Vicky and Dj eats..Avanti tells that she is giving treat as Vicky and Dj are her best friends..Dj tells vicky to bring the bill as no trust of Avanti..Vicky tells yes..Avanti gives 1000 money to Vicky…avanti tells now Rajat’s image will be spoiled..Avanti tells they will give this evidence to police..Dj tells Rajat come to know they will be in prision..Avanti tells she have idea..

precap::Virat comes at police station and asks Police officer who trapped Rajat..Officer tells that they have Evidence..Virat sees Video and listens Avanti’s voice..Virat kidnaps Avanti

Update Credit to: Ansari

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