Million Dollar Girl 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

virat was getting ready to go to out.virat finds his watch missing he found it with yamini.yamini asks for a hug,virat hug her.she says i want another hug virat said i just gave u.she says she want a proper hug.virat hugs her and goes.when virat was walking he felt down because of a shoe and with virat chess board also felt down.rajat and ranvijay comes and said that u wasted our to have keep it were it was before.virat kept it and ranvijay ask for a small favour virat do it.rajat was suprised and ask virat for a glass of water,virat goes…

after going out virat opened the diary,it was written that virat have to do anything anyone says for one day.virat says not only for oneday i will do it for my whole life,u just get well soon..

on daaba,dj comes out after a bath and was talking with bhuwan on phone she wearing just towel.suddenly vicky mistakly comes and go out by saying sorry to dj.
Dj comes out after being ready and ask to vicky hows she looking,vicky says she is looking awesome…Dj has to go a interview and she goes…

On the office virat was showing a presenatation to zubair and bhuwan.he asked for break and was drinking coffee and he said to zubair and bhuwan. virat said This coffee is bakwaas he cant drink this,bhuwan says go and make your own coffee virat goes to make coffee…
when he was making coffee he heard avantis voice and he talked to her…every one says coffee is nice…

dj was waiting for bhuwan to go to meeting,dj calls bhuwan he said he cant come cauz he is busy and suggested to go with vicky…
dj get the contract and she hugs vicky and they both went to hospital says all talks with avanti and she not replying.they both cries by thinking old moments.

virat comes to hospital
Dj argues with virat.
kavya comes and stay at virats side.virat goes…

bhuwan and dj has planed something.
they had entied in office at night when everybody goes.
suddenly virat comes and dj again argus with him.

Update Credit to: zananeer123

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