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Million Dollar Girl 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti’s mother calls her..Avanti telsls it is pushpa’s phone..Avanti text kavya..Kavya takes her mother…Avanti tells Dj that Virat is calling her..Dj tells no need to go..Avanti tells she have to go..Avanti goes..Anotherside Rajat sees match Her mother comes and brings paratha’s for her..RAjat eats and gets happy..Rajat tells where is Virat..Rajat’s mother tells not to worry as he will come..Vicky drops Avanti..Avanti thanks Vicky..Vicky tells its okey..Vicky asks he should wait..Avanti tells no need..Vicky goes..Avanti asks what happened why he called??Virat tells that Avanti is his PA and by his order only Avanti can go..Virat tells avanti to bring his black file from Car..avanti is about to go..Virat stops her..Virat tells he will go..Rajat call Avanti..Avanti

gets an idea..Avanti pick up the call..Avanti acts and tells Virat no to be naughty If his brother will come..Avanti tells to stop..Rajat cuts the call..Avanti laughs..Virat comes and tells where is Avanti sitting..Avanti tells that she dozed off..Virat tells to bring the cabinet files..Avanti checks the files..Suddenly Rajat comes and tells what is going onn..Rajat tells that sometime before he call and he listen all..Virat checks the call list..Rajat tells that no girls are left in Banaras except Avanti..Virat tells Avanti what all this..Avanti tells she will tells baout the affair to Rajat..Virat tells he will call police and tells to say..Virat tells Rajat wont believe her..Avanti tells that he will believe servent who brings food daily..Avanti tells to dismiss her from PA job otherwise she will tell,,Virat tells okey he will dismiss Avanti from the job…

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Avanti tells Rajat that she was playing a prank..Because she was bored doing PA job..Rajat tells that Avanti has crossed her limits..Rajat tells Virat to come home as mother made parathas.Rajat goes..Avanti smiles..
Weaver is eating food..Weaver tells where is her daughter,,The girl Rani comes and shows homework tells that she came first..Wevever gets happy..Rani’s mother tells they were planning about RAni’s marriage but she want to study..Weaver tells that he will talk to Bhuwan..
next day Weaver comes to Bhuwan’s house..Weaver shows Rani’s notes to Bhuwan..Bhuwan tells that avanti is really caring about children future..Bhuwan tells to let Rani to study further and Go Avanti’s school..Weaver gets happy and goes..Bhuwan tells he have to known whether Avanti is really teaching students or acting..
Dj tells her mother to pack food..Dj’s mother today is her last day..She tells Dj to follow the rules..Dj tells Avanti’s mother explained her all..DJ tells nothing wrong in periods as it is natural..DJ’s father comes..He tells that this rules are been following from before only..Dj tells that this periiods are naturally girls should be trated like this…Dj’s father slaps her..Dj gets shocked..DJ’s mother tells that Dj is a girl..Dj tells its waste to explain him..As all Society will follow this..Dj tells his father that to follow this rules and goes..He tells that this all is being happening because of Avanti..At night Vicky is sitting near ghat and Asks River ganga that he and kavya will be together???Vicky tells he will confess his feelings to kavya..But if he said Kavya’s mother will do her marriage to someone else..Avanti comes and asks what happened..Vicky tells what to do..To confess his feelings or not..Avanti tells that she is zero in all this..Avanti tells love and buisness decisions should be decided itself..otherwise in future..Other’s will be blamed..Vicky tells Avanti always thinks about buisness only..
Dj comes and sits..Avanti asks what happeend..Avanti tells that Dj’s parents belongs to Hitler centuary..DJ tells that why her parents are doing all this,,Avanti tells that she have searched in internet and all things are rubbish..Dj tells only her parents does like They are like this only..Avanti tells to chill..DJ’s mother call her..She tells DJ to come back home in 20 minutes and not to be with Avanti,,Dj tells she will not come back home as already her Periods are going on..Dj gets Angry and cuts the call..Avanti tells Dj to be chill..Vicky tells that sometimes its happend..Avanti tells in this way Dj can live with them atleast…Avanti smiles and tells DJ And Vicky to give high five..Avanti,,Vicky ,,DJ hugs each other..and gets happy..

Precap::Avanti,,Vicky makes a video of Rajat..Giving money..Avanti tells now she will clean bold Virat..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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