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Million Dollar Girl 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weaver search for Bhuwan as he wanted to fill the form..Weaver doesnt get bhuwan,,Kavya tells Avanti that they will help..Avanti tells wait someone will help..Weaver’s daughter comes and tells that she will fill the form..Weaver tells that its not children toy..Avanti tells if it is wrong she will fill the form..All children fill the forms..Bhuwan sees the forms and asks who teached the children.Avanti tells she teached..Bhuwan iis surprised..Weaver gets happy..Bhuwan gets happy seeing Avanti..Virat comes Avanti sees and run..Virat comes and holds Avanti and tells that she did forgot the deal..Virat tells If next time Avanti did any other thing than his work than he will complain to Police..Bhuwan gets angry..Bhuwan tells that Avanti works for Virat and didnt said also..Bhuwan goes…Avanti

tells why Virat came at this time..Avanti tells Vicky to drop Avanti..Vicky drops Kavya..Vicky and Kavya is at dhaaba..Kavya tells that she think Vicky is in love..Vicky asks how she known..Kavya tells that How Vicky behaves..Vicky tells he will Say later..
At Dj’s home..DJ’s father asks flower’s for pooja..Dj gives..Her father shouts at DJ..tells that his religion breaked and he have to wash the whole temple..DJ tells that He is doing all this because she is in periods..Dj’s mother tells her to stop…DJ tells that it is not 1970’s it is 2015..And tell that still leaving at old customs…Dj tells that they are still leaving in old centuary and they doesn’t care about her daughter gave much importance to rituals..DJ goes..
Virat tells Avanti that she is on time..Avanti tells yes..Avanti asks what work she have to do??Virat asks for a head massage..Avanti tells she will no to do..Virat tells he will call to police..Avanti tells to do whatever,,Virat calls to police Avanti snatches the phone and tells she was just joking..Avanti massages Virat and switches on the camera…Avanti tells that from next time she will never throw cow dung,,avanti tells its over and now she will wash her hands…Virat tells its not finished..Virat opens his tshirt buttons..Avanti tells how shamless Virat is..Virat tells that Avantii is his personal assistent..Virat tells that he will call police..Avanti tells to call…She too have Evidence..Avanti shows the video,,Virat pulls Avanti closer to him..Avanti and Virat looks at each other..Virat’s servent comes with food..He tells that comes at wrong time as everytime see both of them together..Avanti moves away from virat..
Vicky teaches the students..Avanti comes…Vicky asks where was she,,Avanti tells Virat was giving works,,Avanti tells children that she is taking small test..Avanti takes test..One girl solves and shows Avanti..Avanti is shocked..tells very good..The girl tells that she want to touch stars and moon like kalpana chawla..Vicky sees and gets shocked..Dj tells Avanti that she wanted to stay at Avanti’s house,,Avanti asks is any problem going at her home..Dj tells that problem is going on with Periods..
Avanti tells her mother that she didnt put restrictions on her and kavya..Avanti’s mother tells that before they have put this rules to give comfort to women but later when mixed with religion Some people started following these rules..But she doesnt do anything like this..DJ tells Avanti’s mother that she is very good her parents are unable to understand this…Virat calls AVanti and tells to come..Avanti tells she cannot as it night,,Virat tells he will inform police..Avanti says she is coming..Avanti tells she have to do something to get rid of Virat

precap::Avanti calls Rajat and acts..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. How many days DJ’s periods last????????????

  2. Haha…. May be want to give a message to all those ppl who still blindly go by the rules without trying to understand for what and how these rules were set

  3. thnkz for update

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