Million Dollar Girl 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells Mother that today is important day of her life..Avanti tells her mother and kavya to come..KAvya tells she will come in the press conference..Avanti tell she will never Virat win..Virat drives in car but gets late due to traffic..Virat leaves the car and goes but people tells Virat to ,,Vicky calls and tells avanti that Fish is trapped..Avanti calls and tells Sanyukta that Virat didnt figured out what was the problem in his car..
Avanti comes in press conference,,Zubair tells he has decided who will be in his company..Zubair tells “Avanti Bansal”,,,Zubair tells Avanti to talk about the project..Avanti texy kavya to come.kavya tells her mother to come…Mother tells she is not intrested to go in the press conference..Kavya tells please,,Mother tells no..Avanti

talks about the project…Avanti tells that we need idea for a change..Avanti tells that she gave basic idea but other details Virat thakur will tells…Virat comes…Virat looks at Avanti,,,Avanti goes and sits ner DJ..Dj tells why Avanti came??Avanti tells its no use of becoming face of the company as her mother and kavya didnt came…
Virat tells about the product..Virat tells that online site will sell luxiourios projects Banarsi products..Reporter’s asks Virat If Buisness works??Virat tells yes…Virat asks How is the marketing strategy??Virat tells they will known..Rajat and Ranvijay goes…Avanti comes…Virat tells they fight everytime why she made him face of the year??Virat tells Avanti the reason behind the game…Avanti tells it was not a game..Avanti tells nothing will happend by becoming face of the company..Performance is Important..And it was important for her to get job in zubair’s company…Avanti tells this is the startup and she want to experiment…In startup there will be many mistakes,,,Avanti tells if Virat done any mistake all will blame him..Thats why, Virat tells he thought Avanti was doing because of him,,Avanti claps and laughs…Avanti tells yes that she will be never change..DJ tells why Avanti lied???Avanti tells let it be..VIcky comes in bank and tells that Avanti is injured..Kavya gets shocked and runs outside the bank,,
Bhuwan calls DJ,,DJ tells she was waiting the call..Dj tells that she was selecting the tattoo and she want his help..Bhuwan tells DJ to come at vicky’s dhaaba and after that will go for movie..DJ tells no as his father is at home..Kavya tells Vicky to start the bike..VIcky tells no..Vicky tells that there was no accident he lied..Kavya tells why Vicky did like that???Vicky tells because he wanted to spent some time with kavya,,First kavya promised that will spend eight days with him,,Kavya tells no way..Vicky tells please…kavya agrees..Vicky says what kavya wanted to do along with Vicky???What her wish??KAvya tells shopping.. Vicky tells okey…kavya will never forget this shopping…DJ comes..Bhuwan hugs Dj,,DJ tells If her father sees it will be dangerous for her..Bhuwan tells what to do now??DJ tells that they will go for movie as it will be dark no on will see…Dj and Bhuwan goes…
Kavya and Vicky goes for shopping,,,kavya tells that this is the first time she is bunking her office..Kavya asks what adventure in this??Vicky tells to wait and see..Vicky takes the clothes and run along with kavya…Vicky and kavya hides…Vicky tells kavya to see..Vicky goes at shoes shop He slowly sees shoes and runs,,Vicky goes at jwellery shop,,Sees gold chain takes it runs and comes,,The shopkeer shouts and calls “Thief”..Vicky comes and tells kavya to come along with him,,Kavya tells no..Vicky tells please..Vicky and kavya goes to a shop…Kavya slowly goes gives the pot to Vicky,,Vicky takes it..Vicky and Kavya runs,,Kavya runs towards Car…Vicky tells that they will note car number…Vicky runs and jumps into truck,,kavya smiles and sees..Vicky shouts to come,,kavya comes…Vicky and kavya lies down…Kavya smiles while Vicky also..Kavya tells that she have not experience like this before,,kavya tells she wish Avanti enjoy the first day of her job..Avanti’s mother sees newspaper..Avanti comes…Mother asks How Avanti failed and Virat won..Avanti tells herself that she will proof although she cannot tell the reason behind it,,Mother tells Avanti to leave the five thousnad and become serious about her future..Avanti tells to see as in future there will be many zero’s added in the salary…Mother tells whatever and goes…Avanti tells that this job is the best…

Precap:::Virat tells Rajat that he heard Uncle is suffering from loss??Virat tells without him company is nothing..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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