Million Dollar Girl 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti comes to Zubair’s office and tells did he called??Zubair tells to give coffee on the table,,Avanti gives..Avanti tells every time same story,,Avanti goes..Zubair tells to stop..Avanti tells why Zubair is doing like this for changing the channel or making coffee. Zubair tells what Avanti what???.Avanti tells she want successful..Zubair tells he want dedication and hardwork..Zubair tells he has a prize for Avanti,,Avanti asks what..Zubair tells management books …Avanti picks up and tells thankyou.Zubair smiles…Virat thinks about his childhood..Avanti tells Virat that Zubair gave her price..Virat tells If he came before also nothing will happened,,Virat tells he known girls like Avanti who are desperate and know How to impress boys with charm..Avanti tells How cheap and

third class thinking Virat have..Avanti says Virat what is his standard..Virat pushes Avanti falls and gets hurt….
DJ tells Bhuwan to stop..Bhuwan tells he dont want to go in party where people are drunk and dance…Bhuwan tells he dont like..DJ tells Bhuwan has become old.and is very boring…Bhuwan tells there should be some space between the couple,,As they are Couple not Conjoined twins..Dj gets upset..Virat tells Avanti to wait..Avanti cries..Virat tells sorry..Avanti sits..Avanti tells Virat to do her murder..Virat tells at that he was sad and Avanti came..Virat tells he is really sorry..Virat tells he believe Avanti is good and says to forget what he said..Virat puts Dettol in Avanti’s elbow songs goes on background “TU JO HAI”…Avanti looks at Virat..Virat blows on Avanti’s wound..while Avanti and Virat looks at each other..Virat proper Avanti’s hair..Avanti takes her books..Virat gives his coat to Avanti and tells that he will give drop Avanti..Avanti tells she will go..Virat tells to think except job..Avanti smiles and looks at Avanti…
DJ tells Bhuwan is really Boring,,Avanti and Virat goes…Avanti points to Bhuwan,Bhuwan tells to stay away from his matter….Avanti tells How can He talk to DJ like that???,Bhuwan tells Avanti to leave as he already is mad..,,Virat tells Avanti lets go..Avanti tells Virat she want to break Bhuwan’s jaw..Virat laughs,,Avanti asks why is he laughing,,Virat tells first time he heard..Avanti makes a face and shows Virat..Virat laughs..DJ tells bhuwan he dont like fighting,,,Bhuwan tells sorry..Bhuwan and DJ looks at each other..Virat drives teh Car while Avanti sits beside..Avanti looks at Virat song goes on “MUSKURANE KI WAJAH TUM HO”…Avanti smiles…Bhuwan kiss DJ but DJ stops..Avanti plays music while Virat Puts his hand…Bhuwan Hugs DJ..VIrat tells Avanti’s home came..Avanti comes out of car…Avanti tells Thank you to Virat…Avanti goes…Next day kavya tells Avanti to get up and go office..Avanti tells she is late…Kavya asks Avanti whose coat is this..Avanti is quiet..

Precap::Client tells Avanti that before signing deal to meet at CHARMINAR hotel..Avanti goes..Client tries to get close to Avanti..Avanti moves away and falls..Virat comes and beats..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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