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Million Dollar Girl 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia invites avanti and DJ in party night avanti tells kavya that she is very happy..As she met a girl Alia and she invited her in a party..avanti tells all of them are going..Kavya get supset and goes..Avanti tells sorry to kavya..But kavya is still upset..Avanti still tells sorry..Kavya tells its okey..Avanti tells kavya lets go for party..kavya agrees..avanti and kavya hugs each other..kavya asks Avanti If she took the permission of mother..Avanti says no..Avanti tells one should take risk in life..Anotherside DJ does pooja..Dj’s father gets happy..DJ tells her father it is pooja at avanti’s house and she have to go..Dj’s father agrees..DJ gets happy and goes to Avanti’s house..
Alia is doing party along with Rajat..and virat..Virat asks where are her new friends??Alia

tells they are coming.. Kavya..DJ and Avanti hides and sees mother in the hall..avanti tells her mother its late and she should sleep..Mother tells she will sleep later..Kavya comes and tells she will do massage as she will sleep..Mother tells why they are back of her..Avanti tells because all the the work her mother will do alone..Avanti cleans..Avanti’s mother sit to watch Tv.after sometime kavya and Dj acts to sleep…Avanti tells her mother to sleep..Her mother goes to sleep..Dj and kavya gets up…Song goes on “Aye bachu tu sunlu”..Avanti..Dj and kavya gets ready..They do makeup..tries different dresses and styles their..Finally all of them get up..Ankit comes Avanti gets shocked..Ankit tells what they are doing..Avanti tells she came to feel fresh air..Ankit tells something is wrong..Ankiit is drunk tells Avanti he will to his father..Avanti tells no..As he can also come in the party..As there will be free alchohol..Ankit agrees..vicky comes in car Everyone is shocked..Vicky comes out of car and tells to sit in car..Kavya tells what Vicky is doing???Kavya tells she will not go..Avanti tells please..Vicky if someone is scared let it be,kavya tells she is not scared and will not stop enjoying life because of Vicky..Door bell rings..Alia open the door..Avanti comes inside Virat gets shocked to see Rajat tells he will teach a lesson..Virat stops him and tells its the best time to afraid Avanti..Alia introduces Avanti and Virat..Alia goes..Virat tells he is glad to meet Avanti Bansal once more…Virat tells If Avanti losses the award all her confidence will lost..Avanti tells lets se.Kavya tells Dj lets go..Avanti tells no as they came till here and Virat should known that they are not scared of him..Alia comes and brings drinks for all..Avanti and all sit..Avanti tells its a boring party as she took this much risk to come here…DJ tells music is very dull..Virat tells Rajat that Party is very boring..Rajat tells Virat that both brother and sister ankit and Avanti came into party to drink free alchohol..
Rajat goes and meet Ankit..Rajat tells his home all men are useless..Ankit drinks gets angry He fights with Vicky while Avanti and Dj stops them.Avanti tells lets go..But Alia stops them..Alia plays a game tells that one will take a short and share their personal things,,VIrat tells whats this childish game..Avanti tells why If Virat scared.Virat tells he is not…Avanti tells its okey…Alia asks If never ever beat any boy…Vicky drinks and tells never ever partied till night..avanti tells kavya to drink..DJ drinks and tells that never ever cheated anyone..Virat drinks and is quiet..kavya tells she will not drink..Avanti tells its okey…Alia asks If never ever beat any boy…Vicky drinks and tells never ever partied till night..avanti tells kavya to drink..DJ drinks and tells that never ever cheated anyone..Virat drinks and is quiet..avanti tells that Tatto girlfriend has cheated..Virat gets upset..Alia tells no questions..Alia tells never ever hadd kissed in any group..Virat and Avanti drinks simultaneoulsy..Everyone is shocked..

precap::Avanti and Virat gets close to each other Virat Avanti about to kiss each other

Update Credit to: Ansari

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