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Million Dollar Girl 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat comes inside home..Vicky is shocked. Virat tells Avanti to give the money,,Virat tells to give the money or to work for her..Avanti is shocked..but quiet..Virat tells Avanti to work in palce of his PA..Virat tells Avanti to answer till tommorrow,,Vicky tells why Avanti didnt answered anything,,Avanti tells that not to show enemies that they are weak,,Vicky tells okey,,Kavya teaches the children in village,,While Vicky smiles and sees,,One small boy tries to stick chewingum to kavya,,Vicky sees and shouts..And scolds the boy,,Kavya tells to talk nicely to The small boy,,Avanti comes to Virat’s shop and tells that she will help him,,But they are certain rules..Virat asks Avanti tells that she will work only 6hours..One client comes and talk to Virat..Till that avanti’s phone

rings..Virat sees Avanti..Avanti cuts the phone..Virat continues..FRuit falls Avanti tells sorry and picks up itt..VIrat continues his work,,The client goes..Virat tells to drop the client till car..Avanti tells what??Virat says yes..Avanti tells that she will drop till home..Vicky calls Avanti..Vicky tells to take the tiffin..As he dont want to go to the village..Avanti tells till 6 hours she cannot As she is working at Virat’s office and is busy…Avanti tells to take kavya..Vicky agrees..Avanti tells that she have joined to find out Virat secrets.Vicky laughs..And tells she is a herione.

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Avanti calls DJ,,Dj tells she is at home…Avanti tells that she already said to be in shop..Dj tells she cannot come as she is in periods and having pain,,Dj put the phone..Dj tells that she want tea..Her mother tells that she cannot make..DJ tells that why everyone behaves her like this,,DJ tells that she will not listen to the rules also..As Dj comes to shop brings tea, and tablet..Avanti tells that she had already ordered juice for her,,DJ thnks..Avanti mix the tablet in tea..Avanti gives tea to Virat and tells to drink,,Virat asks what is special in tea..Avanti tells it is made by her,,Virat drinks tea and falls asleep..Avanti closes the shop and sees Virat’s documents,,Suddenly Virat hold’s Avanti’s hand,,Avanti gets shocked,,Virat slowly opens his eyes talks like he is drunk..Virat hold Avanti neck and tells why she did like that..Virat hugs Avanti..Avanti shouts to leave..Virat is unconsious…Avanti puts Virat on chair..Avanti tells that If anyone see like this it will be a problem,,Servent brings tiffin..Avanti tells to go,,The servent goes..Avanti suddenly gets up and tells that tablet have worked adversely..Now she have to village to see how the children are studying..
Avanti goes to village..where Vicky puts tent avanti thanks them,,Avanti tells Vicky to go and tells Bhuwan Atleast he will see,,Vicky goes to Bhuwan and tells to come and see How children are studying..Bhuwan tells not to do drama infront of him..And tells that Avanti can make foolish to other’s but not him..Bhuwn tells why they are showing such dreams to children..Vicky comes to Avanti..Vicky tells Avanti that Bhuwan is saying that Avanti has come to do picnic,,Avanti tells Bhuwan is a pshyco…Rajat comes to shop..Rajat gets shocked to see documents on floor..Rajat tells that why Virat is sleeping..Rajat awakes Virat..Virat gets up and gets shocked..Rajat sees the tablet and tells Virat that at time of work he is sleeping…Virat tells that all because of Avanti bansal..

precap:Avanti gives head massage to Virat,,Virat takes out his shirt and tells more work is left..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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