Million Dollar Girl 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells kavya that no pain no gain so she will have to work with Virat,,Kavya tells not to worry as everything will be positive.Avanti goes in the office..Virat tells that buisness plan was his idea…Avanti tells that Zubair approved her idea also..Virat tells that Zubair feel pity on him and gave job..Virat tells he deserves,,Virat tells If Avanti didnt agree he will again do that.Avanti asks what???Secretery tells Virat and Avanti that Zubair is calling them. ..Avanti and Virat goes in the office..Zubair tells that Buisness idea are old..They can work on that plans If avanti and Virat planned to work together..Zubair tells that avanti wanted to sell Banaras Sarees And Virat wanted to sell Online,,Zubair tells that Avanti’s Banarsi Saree VIrat will sell online.Virat tells Zubair

to give him money so that he start the online buisness..Zubair smiles and tells that he will give a fixed salary to both of them..Zubair tells Avanti and VIrat to sign the contract..
Acanti comes Zubair tells Salary will be five thousand..Avanti signs the contract..Virat tells five thousand is less he will not work..Zubair tells thirty thousand Virat tells no,,Zubair tells sixty thousand..Virat agrees…Avanti tells its not fair as she is getting salary of five thousand..Zubair tells its his wish,,,Virat smiles and tells Avanti all the best..avanti gets sad,,Zubair tells that tommorrow there will be a press conference for which Avanti and VIrat have to be present..Avanti goes home..
Avanti sits..Ankit sees and tells only five thousand laughs tells that he get More in CA internship,,Mother comes and tells that atleast at Sharmaji office she may get fivteen thousand..Avanti tells its basic salary she will perform and salary will increase.Avant itells mother not to worry..Mother tells she will se How Avanti will perform..Kavya waits for Auto…Vicky comes and tells he will drop…Kavya tells at one condition If Vicky dont use fast speed…Vicky tells okey..Virat comes home,,,Rajat and Ranvijay plays cricket..Ranvijay tells that Virat is got a new job with avanti..Rajat laughs tells that Virat was talking big opening online shop and all,,But nothing is happening..Virat tells he will answer tommorow as it is press conference and zubair is launching a company on his name,,Virat goes…Rajat tells that he will Virat will happend tommorrow…Vicky drives fast…Kavya shouts to stop..Vicky tells what kavya problem is???Kavya tells that thats why she stay from boys because they do rash driving…Vicky tells that why kavya is talking like aunties as she young..Vicky tells Kavya to be with him as he will teach how to enjoy life..Kavya tells she is not intrested in his stupid things…Kavya sits Vicky drops kavya home…DJ text kavya to come urgently…DJ tells avanti that Bhuwan didnt message her from two days..Vicky tells that Bhuwan is coward…Avanti is thinking,,Vicky tells if avanti is having problem then why dont she leave the job???Avanti tells she will not leave..As she want to be face of the queen and show her mother And want to defeat Virat…Avanti tells that In this Only Sanyukta Agarwal can help her..
Bhuwan sits near ghat…DJ comes…Dj asks If Bhuwan is good??Bhuwan tells yes..DJ tells that BHuwan kissed her and didnt evn called??Bhuwan tells he will not..Bhuwan tells that once he lost the trust and it will never come back..Bhuwan tells what DJ thinks of herself??Dj tells that Bhuwan is soo arrogant,,mean,,Bhuwan and Dj falls get closer and kisses each other..Bhuwan tells DJ “I love you”…DJ tells she known that…

Precap::Virat tells Avanti that they are many problems amoung them instead avanti made Virat face of the company

Update Credit to: Ansari

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