Million Dollar Girl 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat comes and sit near Ankit..Virat mix tablet in Ankit’s drink..Virat tells Ankit will not remeber anything till next day…DJ thanks Bhuwan..Bhuwan tells he want something a thankyou and kiss..Dj smiles and tells sure..DJ drinks and juice falls on Bhuwan,,Dj tells to clean..,,Ankit gets drunk and laughs..Bhuwan goes to change his shirt..DJ goes and sees Bhuwan..Dj tells its very easy to remove the stain,,,Dj tells Bhuwan to give his shirt..Bhuwan takes out his shirt..DJ turns,,Bhuwan tells to clean..Bhuwan and DJ looks at each other…song goes on background…DJ gets close with Bhuwan..Bhuwan and DJ about to kiss..Virat comes…Dj moves..Virat tells that Investor’s are waiting..Bhuwan tells he is coming..Bhuwan tells today he saved..Bhuwan tells DJ that he took

a risk for her..Bhuwan tells DJ to thank her..DJ and Bhuwan kiss…Vicky tells Kavya that will come in a minute..Ranvijay comes sits near kavya..Ranvijay tells Kavya to drink and grow up..Kavya makes drink and gives to Ranvijay..Ranvijay smiles..Ranvijay tells Kavya was different in school also..Ranvijay asks Kavya why she is acting,,Kavya is quiet…Vicky comes..Ranvijay tells he came to make drink..Ranvijay goes…Avanti sees Virat..Virat asks If Avanti is trying to flirt..Avanti tells no..Avanti falls Virat holds..Avanti and Virat looks at each other..Avanti sits and Virat also sits..Virat tells that Avanti is a middle class illiterate girl..
Virat tells when Mr Feroz comes office And Avanti give presentation..Virat tells Mr feroz will think that Avanti is illiterate and dont have any degree??Avanti tells Virat not to take her limelight…Zubair comes and tells Avanti that the party was good,,Mr feroz was impressed and Avanti didnt opened her mouth,,Or someone stopped..Zubair tells that Virat will handle all the meetings..Avanti tells its unfair as because of her all Investor’s were happy..Avanti challenges Virat..Zubair tells lets see who will win the challenge..Zubair tells to come at office on time..Vicky asks Kavya she known Ranvijay??Kavya tells yes when they were in school Ranvijay came to Banaras..Vicky asks then he did not remember??Kavya tells that Vicky was small…Vicky asks Kavya about Ranvijay,,Kavya tells she cannot tells ..Vicky tells how can she hide as she was drinking in the party with him,,Kavya tells its her life..Vicky tells Ankit to get up..Kavya tells she will manage..Kavya goes…Avanti tells Virat ready to face failure..Virat tells Avanti cannot handle herself what will fight…Avanti falls Virat holds..Avanti tells that she is drunk that what Virat is using…Virat tells If Avanti would have not challenge he have saved infront of Mr Feroz..Virat tells If Feroz asks what is the meaning of Aggressive code the want Avanti will answer????Virat tells Avanti things are not easy…Virat gets drunk and thinks about Avanti..Ranvijay comes sees Virat and goes..Rajat comes..Ranvijay asks where was he from this time??Rajat tells he cannot see Virat celebrating his success..Ranvijay tells that Rajat missed alot Avanti organized a hot model show..Ranvijay tells Rajat to start buisness as time has come to make life serious,,,,Rajat smiles..Ranvijay goes,,Rajat comes and tells “VIRAT SINGH RATHOD”,,rajat tells party was successful..As his father fulfilled all Virat’s demand and studied in high collge..Rajat tells that Virat is alone..but he has father and mother,,Rajat tells Virat thinks about himself thats why he is alone..Rajat tells he is ashamed that he thought Virat his family,,Virat tells that Rajat is his childhood bestfriend..Virat tells he really deserve to stay alone???Rajat shouts tells yes..Virat gets upset..

Precap:Avanti gives Virat food and tells to eat…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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