Million Dollar Girl 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

One investor asks Virat at what he should Invest?…Virat tells once all come he will tell,,,DJ asks Vicky all is set??DJ tells the DJ of party to play the music once she said..Vicky tells Avanti to go in the second corridor to ready the girls..Zubair tells his secretary..Secretary tells that he is very happy that all came,He tells that Virat will will give the presentation..Virat tells special thanks to everyone..Avanti asks Vicky if he is ready …Vicky says yes…Suddenly lights are off..Everyone is shocked…Music starts…Girls comes out wearing beautiful dresses and walks in front of Investor’s…Avanti and Vicky sees..Investor’s gets happy….Virat asks DJ of the party who said to play this music..DJ tells Bhuwan,,,Virat tells that Avanti did this..As

all girls stands..
Virat tells the person to stop the show.He goes….Avanti tells let it be..All Investor’s sees and claps..Avanti asks VIrat now also Zubair will fire her???Avanti tells this is “DESI SWAG”..wnat to represent youth,,,Avanti tells to impress market style should be diffeernt..Avnti tells that Desi swag is not different from other companies,,It will not only represent Banarsi saree’s but more other stylish youth clothes are available…Avanti tells models are wearing Saree’s are made from pure Banarsee saree,,,Avanti tells that Company is going to make history…Avanti tells that to Invest in Desi swag and make the future good..Zubair sees and drinks..Avanti stops the music…Avanti tells Virat nice Party..Virat angrily sees…Avanti hugs DJ,,Vicky and kavya..DJ tells that people were mad…Avanti tells Zubair may be surprised..Avanti tells thanks to DJ,,,DJ tells to give her party.Avanti tells she will give one day and will give “CHAI AND SAMOOSAY”,,DJ,, vicky and kavya looks at each other.All of them shout “KANJOOS”,,Avanti tells okey she will think…Virat comes shouting “AVANTI BANSAL”….Virat tells how dare Avanti spoiled his party,,,Avanti tells that she made the party Super hit as people were bored And tells not to give “ANGRY YOUNG MAN” looks…Avanti tells Virat to gracefully accept his defeat.Avanti tells Virat that at his house she snatched the limelight from him….
Virat holds Avanti’s neck and pushes her,,,Avanti tells Virat how dare he,,Virat and Avanti looks at each other..Bhuwan comes and tells to control themselves.that Investors are still there..Zubair’s secretery comes and tells that Avanti has given a very nice presentation all the Investor’s are impressed,,Avanti smiles…Zubair tells Avanti to go and meet the Big investor MR feroz who invest in MIT.and big companies..Zubair tells that MR feroz wil give more importance to Degree…Mr feroz come and tells Avanti that he is impress by the presentation… Virat comes and introduces himself tells that he did his engineering from FIT and after that MBA,,Mr feroz tells that he is impressed as Zubair team is very qualified and he will Invest,,,Avanti tries to tells but Virat stops..,Zubair tells that he have learned from him only…Virat holds Avanti and pushes her,,Virat asks what avanti was saying??Avanti tells tha truth that she dont have any degree,,Virat tells MR feroz would have not invest,,,Avanti tells MR feroz was impressed by her basic idea,,Virat tells Avanti dont know how to give presentation..Avanti tells Virat to that he is mad,,Virat pushes Avanti ,,,,Avanti falls,,,Avanti tells what Virat is doing..Avnati tells Virat to show how he will stop her..Virat falls and hurts his hand..Avanti tells to show..Virat hand is bleeding..Avanti puts wine on Virat hand…Avanti take out Virat’s tie and ties to Virat’s hand..Virat and Avanti looks at each other…..Ankit sees and tells today Avanti will teach a lesson at home..Avanti goes and search..Zubair asks If she is searching Mr feroz,,Avanti tells yes..Zubair tells that instead of telling also Avanti is refusing..Zubair tells he is her Boss..Avanti tells that Zubair didn’t gave importance to degree.. .Zubair tells that 90% degree holder’s are useless he only think but Mr feroz is different.he give much importance to degree..Zubair tells that he want to make his business secure..Zubair tells that If she refuse then the consequences will be worst..Avanti agrees…

Precap::Zubair tells that Virat going to handle all the meetings,,Avanti challenges Virat

Update Credit to: Ansari

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