Million Dollar Girl 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone Comes in Avanti’s room…Doctor asks what all have decided should patient life support should be removed??DJ tells to try something..Doctor tells that this case is different..Virat sadly looks…Avanti’s mother cries..Mother tells that they will remove the life support and let Avanti go…Virat tells he will remove it..Mother cries and remember’s all the time spent with Avanti,,Virat to thinks..Kavya cries and thinks the fights with Avanti..Virat thinks about DESI SWAG..Kavya goes and sits near Mother Vicky goes near Avanti room and cries..Doctor comes outside and sees everyone..Doctor tells Virat its time to remove the Life support..Virat eyes are red he walks slowly towards the room Virat goes inside the room and sees Avanti Virat tells that there was

also one wish in Avanti’s diary One last wish..That she wanted Virat should propose her..Virat cries and tells he will be always with Avanti..Virat show Avanti ring and tells “Will you be mine”..Virat puts the Ring in Avanti’s hand and holds..Virat closes his eyes and cries..Suddenly Avanti’s hand moves..Virat sees..Avanti opens her eyes and sees Virat..Virat gets happy..Avanti removes her oxygen mask and tells “I LOVE U” to Virat…Virat gets happy and hugs Avanti…
Everyone comes inside Avanti’s room..Mother gets happy..Tayaaji too gets happy..Avanti faints..Doctor tells that Avanti is back and its a miracle..Doctor tells everyone to go outside as she want to stabilize Avanti..Everyone goes…Virat smiles and sees Avanti,Vicky and everyone decorates the house..Rajat comes and place the box..DJ tells kavya she is very happy that Avanti recovered…Kavya tells yes that all because of Virat love..Vicky tells that Avanti is coming…Everyone hides..DJ tells Everyone should say “WELCOME BACK SURPRISE”..Mother,Taayaaji,,Taayijii,,DJ and Kavya hides…Ranvijay comes…Everyone gets up and tells.. Kavya tells she thought Virat and Avanti…Ranvijay tells he have seen Virat and Avanti coming..Ranvijay and all again hides beside Sofa..Again Everyone tells “WELCOME BACK SURPRISE”..Rajat comes..Rajat tells that he is also part of surprise…Ranvijay tells Rajat to hide..Everyone hides..Virat and AVanti comes…Everyone tells “WELCOME BACK SURPRISE” and gets up..Avanti gets happy…Rajat tells that Avanti and Virat are looking good…Avanti cuts the cake..Everyone eats..Ranvijay tells Kavya lets drink..Kavya tells no as Her sister came home..Kavya and Ranvijay hugs..Avanti sees and gets happy…Avanti shows Kavya “Thumbs up”..Kavya too shows..
Vicky and DJ comes and sits near Avanti…DJ tells that she missed Avanti..DJ Tells that she like Avanti…Avanti tells that she heard DJ viral a video of Bhuwan…DJ tells yes..Avanti tells If Bhuwan did anything??DJ tells Vicky is there ..DJ tells its good to have Avanti back..Avanti,,Vicky and DJ hugs…DJ asks Avanti Where is Virat…Rajat tells Virat he is going Delhi..Virat asks why??RAjat tells that he will do something big…Virat tells that Rajat in his senses??Rajat tells yes As have seen Virat and wanted a good life..Soo he is going Delhi..Rajat tells that he is just one call away from Virat..Virat tells Ofcourse..Rajat tells “CHAK DE PHATTE”..Virat says “NABB DE GILLI”..Virat and Rajat hugs..Rajat tells Avanti to take care..Avanti smiles..Rajat goes..VIrat tells tommorrow he will sell “DESI SWAG”..Avanti tells no as DESI SWAG is her dream project..Avanti tells she want to be famous in Banaras..Virat sees Avanti…Avanti tells what??Virat tells “I LOVE U BANSAL”..Avanti tells thanks as Virat did soo much Virat says many things are still there..Avanti smiles..Virat and Avanti hugs…

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Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. OMG…last episode i wish it could b more good ……bt still i’ll miss u million dollar girl…

  2. Oh no………..
    Last episode!!!!

  3. last episode!!!! Gonna miss mdg
    Best of luck mdg

  4. Serial ended only coz original avanti was replaced

  5. what last episode!why did they end it so early!ohh I will it…..

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