Million Dollar Girl 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dj goees near ghat and sees Bhuwan shirtless.Dj stares Bhuwan and smiles..bhuwan tells that DJ is Pujari’s daughter and staring boys..Bhuwan goes…DJ tells that Bhuwan is trying to become hero..But she tells that in One week by anyhow Bhuwan will Propose her.. Avanti shows customer the saree..Customer asks what type of eyeshades looks good in it..Avanti tells that any colour will suit..Customer tells that Avanti is wearing very good eye makeup..Avanti shows maybelline eyeshades and tells to use it..The customer smiles..Avanti talks to her father picture and tells that she will no one can spoiled their reputation..Virat comes and tells What Avanti is thinkin,,Tells Avanti dont have standard.. Avanti tells Virat dont have any standard thats why everytime comes to her shop..Avanti

tells tht tommorow automatically in compedition everyone will come to know..Virat tells exactly.
.At home Virat gets ready..rajat comes and asks If Virat is ready for presentation..Virat tells yes he is going for just Avanti bhansal..Rajat tells that now avanti is creating this much problems in their buisness..What will happen If Avanti won Rs10lakh..Rajat tells that If Avanti didnt entered in the compedition VIrat tells that organisers will win the best person,,,VIrat tells that Avanti is a loser will eliminate in the first round itself,,Rajat laughs and tells that exactly..Anotherside kavya helps avanti to wear saree..Vicky gets ready sees in mirror and tells that today he is lookin stunning..Someone he will win the compedition and kavya will be impressed..Avanti tells kavya to come along with her As If she won the compedition and won Rs10 lakh There problems will be solved..Avanti tells its a big day for her..Avanti please..Kavya thinks..Kavya agrees..Avanti gets happy and hugs kavya…kavya goes and tells she have to ready..DJ gets upset..Avanti asks what happeend,,DJ tells she said to her father but her father refused said that he do puja and pray to God and DJ go part in the compedition and Insult the religion..Dj tells that his father tries to slap her…Avanti tells no to be scared and take part in the compedition As she believes DJ..DJ smiles and tells okey.Avanti wears a blue saree and goes along with Kavya and Dj..Avanti’s mother asks what is happening???She tells Avanti to eat yogurt and go..As it will be good..Avanti,,DJ,,,Kavya goes in the compedition,,Near gate Virat sees Avanti in blue saree and stares…Avanti tells kavya why Virat is staring her..Kavya tells to ignore..Avanti tells wait as she will show him..Avanti goes and slips..Virat holds her..Avanti gets up her bangle stuck in Virat shirt..Virat removes it..avanti asks why Virat was staring her..Virat tells that avanti is looking like Monkey..Avanti goes..DJ asks what Virat Avanti tells nothing.. Vicky comes wearing suit and meets Avanti..Avanti asks why Vicky came like this..Vicky tells that he came to take part in compedition As he has grown and is responsible..He want to extend his dhabba,,Avanti tells thats very good thought of Vicky..Vicky tells If Avanti and DJ doesnt have problem if he won..Avanti tells First vicky have to win..DJ tells that she hasn’t done practise..Avanti tells smart people doesn’t need any practise..Kavya tells they are getting late..Avanti tells lets go ..Everyone goes and sit in the compedition..Host introduces MR Virani who has a very succesful buisness at Banaras..MR Virani tells that he spent childhood in Banaras and now has a very good buisness in london He tells that came back in Banaars to select a person who’s thinking is svery unique and who show Banaras in the India map..MR Virani tells he has came to select the best entreprenur..MR Virani tells that he has called Bhuwan to help in selecting the best Entreprenur..VIrat tells his PA that from where Bhuwan came As he doesnt have standard to judge him..PA tells that If Virat back out from the Compedition Bhuwan will think that Virat is scared from him..Host comes and tells finally time has arived..Host calls the first contestant..Vicky comes tells he came to extend his dhabba..As he want to take the food in international leval and it will be famous in the whole banaras.. .As already his dhabba is famous..Vicky shows the presentation..Mr Virani gets happy,,Avanti and DJ claps..while Bhuwan smiles..
DJ comes and tells that she want to make make remake of Bhajan..Dj sings the songs..Avanti and kavya gets happy while Virat and His PA laughs..Bhuwan gets bored..Host calls the next contestant “AVANTI BANSAL” Avanti comes tells that Banarasi silk is her art..but slowly Art is ending as Machines are introducing and handloom saree’s are ending..Avanti shows presentation of Saree.And tells that weaver’s are attached to art..Avanti tells that from the art weavers cannot be seprated..Avanti tells to believe in equality,,Everyone claps..Bhuwan listens and gets happy..while Virat sees angrily..Next contestant Virat comes and tells that his plan is simple and every poor people gets work..VIrat tells he will provide work to poor weaver a fixed salary,,As his thinking is to provide for not 4-5 weaver’s its for whole of them..

Precap:The Host tells that only four people are selected for next round

Update Credit to: Ansari

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