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Million Dollar Girl 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DJ opens her laptop and sees maximum likes on Videos and gets happy..DJ tells she have to share it with Avanti,Vicky and Bhuwan..DJ thinks about Vicky and gets upset..DJ tells to share her success no one is there…DJ smiles and comes near Ghat..Ladies congratulate DJ,,Bhuwan talks with some friend and tells that thankgod he broke up with DJ as she was not a good girl..Already was dating Vicky…DJ slaps Bhuwan..DJ tells that Bhuwan is Sick and goes..Vicky serves food at Dhaaba..DJ comes and sits..Vicky tells that he is serving free food because his friend song has became hit…Vicky tells that his childhood friend with whom he can fight for alll..DJ listens and gets happy..DJ sees Bhuwan and smiles..DJ hugs Bhuwan..DJ tells “I love You” Bhuwan..DJ tells that she loves

him alot..Vicky tells he also love..Everyone claps at Dhaaba..Vicky hold DJ hand..Virat tells Bhuwan that Zubair matter solved..Zubair congrats and goes.Virat tells what happen to Zubair..DJ goes along with Vicky..Kavya calls DJ and hugs her..Ranvijay comes..Ranvijay asks how he is looking??Ranvijay tells that he have to impress Kavya’s mother..DJ tells that they will go…Ranvijay tells he will Impress her Mother..At Ghat DJ tells Vicky that she is very happy..Vicky tels he is always with her..Vicky tells he will not betray her..Vicky tells to Promise..Bhuwan drinks and come..Bhuwan tells he expect this..Bhuwan tells both guys are perfect for ecah other..Bhuwan tells that Both loser deserve each other.BHuwan tells that DJ was a easy catch for him…DJ tell they will go..Bhuwan tells what DJ will go He will only go..DOctor checks Avanti..Virat asks How is Avanti??Doctor tells that Avanti new reports has came and Avanti cannot come out of Coma,,Doctr asks If Avanti must be kept in Ventilator or not As Avanti’s brain is not responding Avanti’s mother cries Virat too is shocked.Virat cries and tells Avanti cannot give up..Virat thinks all the moment spent with Avanti..At home Tayaaji is tensed Avanti’s mother cries..Tayaaji tells the decision is difficult..Vicky and DJ comes Kavya hugs DJ and cries..DJ tells that there will be someway..Ranvijay comes Doctor calls Tayaaji and tells to come hospital..Tayaaji tells that Doctor has called..Mother cries..

Precap::Doctor tells that there is no improvement in Avanti as Case is Different,,Everyone cries..Mother cries and tells that they will remove the life support system..Virat tells he will do that

Update Credit to: Ansari

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