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Million Dollar Girl 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells Virat to tke the paper’s..Virat tell no Avanti carefully reads paper..Avanti asks Virat to give her pen..Avanti sighns the paper and tells it is over..Virat tells one more paper is left.Avanti reads something about her father..Avanti tells Virat that here it is written that her father is a mentally stable..drug addict..Avanti gets angry..she slaps Virat,,Virat how dare Avanti slap him??Virat holds Avanti..Avanti tells that her father respect is important 10lakhs..Avanti tells that Virat father is fraud,,As he took the money and hiding…Virat gets angry and tells not to talk about his father..Virat pushes..Avanti falls…Virat tells What Avanti know about his father,,He has name and his reputation whole spoiled because of her father..Virat tells what poor people

like her will never understand..Avanti tells Virat now enough..If again Virat again said about her father it will be bad..avanti tells that His father took all money and is hideing..Virat tells to keep quiet..Avanti tells what Virat thinking of himself having a small degree of college,,Avanti tells she will break his attitude..Virat holds Avanti and gently tells that now matter is personal..It was his mistake he left Avanti that day..And his inner animal Avanti didnt saw till now..Avanti scratches Virat..Virat leaves avanti falls.Virat goes.Avanti tells yes now the matter is personal and she will defeat him by anyhow..
DJ asks Vicky for his phone..Vicky gives the phone,,Dj tells she want Vicky ‘s friendsbook password as Bhuwan blocked her..Vicky tells he dont want to give..DJ opens Vicky’s account..Vicky asks how Dj know the password..DJ tells the password is “I Love You kavya” and she knew that,,DJ says that Bhuwan blocked Vicky also,,vicky tells he dont cares for him..DJ sees Bhuwan eating at dhaba and tells Bhuwan is ignoring him..Dj tells what Bhuwan thinks of himself..Dj tells Vicky if he his friend then would mix constipation tablet in Bhuwan’s food,,,Vicky tells he have more work to do..Vicky goes.. DJ goes to Bhuwan and asks why Bhuwan blocked her??Bhuwan tells that his friend send the request thankgod he blocked in the morning..DJ gets angry..Bhuwan’s friends asks what Dj wanted to message???Dj tells “I want to kick you”..Bhuwan goes to wash his hands..DJ throws glass on him,,Vicky comes and tells sorry to Bhuwan,,Vicky tells DJ that it is his dhaaba not panipat battle..Bhuwan ignores and goes..While Dj gets angry,,
Vicky with his friend is sitting at a cafe..Vicky sees a boy sitting and waiting for a boy..Vicky tells his friend that Rich people are coming at cafe…Vicky sees Kavya coming..Vicky gets shocked,,kavya goes and sit..kavya tells that he is Aman??that boy says yes..Kavya sits and tells that her mother talked about him,,Vicky tells wait..Vicky takes water gives to kavya and fall on Aman..Kavya gets angry while Aman tells its okey..Aman goes to wash his clothes..Kaavya tells Vicky why he is back of her love??kavya says that what Vicky is telling is just infactuation not love..kavya tells Vicky height increased but he is still small..kavya tells that maturity is in Aman..How he reacted..Aman comes and sits..kavya also sits..Vicky asks If anything they want..kavya tells no..Vicky tells himself what is happening with him..
Virat talk to his father..His father tells that did bhansal shop paper’s has signed or not..Virat tells it will happen in one or two day..His father tells he studied Virat and did all things but its of no use,,Virat tells not to worry will do something as soon as possible..Virat gets upset Rajat comes and asks If there is any problem…Virat tells nothing..Rajat tells he understand..Rajat says his Father have to come home as soon as possible..Rajat tells that Virat is confused Sometime his mind is here or there..Rajat tells If avanti scaratched him..And says later he can enjoy..First to concentrate. soo that his father comes home..He tells that his father studied,,did everthing good with Virat.But Virat is wasting time.Virat cries and tells what to do As he have tried every possible thing??Rajat is quiet..At home kavya comes home..Avanti asks where was kavya as her college over 2hours over..Kavya tells Avanti to watch tv..Kavya goes in kitchen..Avanti goes and asks kavya where was she kavya tell nothing..avanti pleases..kavya tells to shut up,,Avanti tells somthing is important..Avanti tells she will be sitting here only till kavya didnt tell..kavya tells she gone to meet a guy name Aman,,As her mother said..Avanti gets shocked and tells what??kavya tell he like the guy Aman,,Avanti tells that what about Vicky,,As he loves her very much,,Kavya tells avanti to mind her own buisness and not to interfere in other’s life..Kavya tells avanti is he her sister or vicky??Avanti tells to think once about vicky..kavya tells she will never marry Vicky..

Precap:precap::Avanti gets to known some shocking news from newspaper

Update Credit to: Ansari

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