Million Dollar Girl 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky sends a red dress to Kavya,,kavya thanks Vicky,,Vicky tells its for Investor’s party..Kavya tells that Mother will not give permission..Vicky tells that he will take permission,,Kavya tells Vicky dont have guts.Vicky tells they will see..DJ sits and cries at ghat..Bhuwan comes and sits..DJ asks If what she heard is right or wrong..Bhuwan tells yes..Dj tells she is not intrested to talk to Bhuwan,,Bhuwan tells atleast to listen what he is saying..Bhuwan tells that with DJ he is different he can see future..DJ tells he cant trust Bhuwan…Bhuwan tells he promise..Bhuwan tells can see his future with DJ..Bhuwan tells he will spent the whole life with her,,,Dj smiles and hugs Bhuwan,,,DJ tells If again Bhuwan lied to her then she will leave..Bhuwan tells okey..DJ tells that she

is annoyed with Avanti,, Dj tells that Avanti used her..Bhuwan tells that Avanti is ready to become welcome waitress..DJ gets shocked and tells Avanti is mad..Vicky tells Avanti and DJ that party will be big…Avanti tells they will go in the party…
Avanti stands and gives everyone welcome drink and tells “Goodevening”…Virat tells that Avanti is looking too good…Virat falls Cold drink and tells Avanti to clean it..Avanti tells Virat to clean his shoes as well as his mind..Virat tells If Avanti want entry to do what he say..Avanti tells she is a waitress not his slave..Virat pushes Avanti tells what she will do..Avanti shouts and tells Virat to move away.. Zubair comes and tells that in there were two partner’s ,,he dont no one was waitress..Virat tells Zubair that Investor’s are waiting…Virat goes in party…VIrat tells Avanti to bring Scotch for him..Avanti brings And gives…Avanti tells Virat is very happy becoming one day boss but she will show him.,,Virat tells okey..Avanti goes and tells is it is Mr Arrora,,and tells that he started his buisness from small garage..Virat comes and tells that nowadays waitress are too fast..Avanti goes..Virat tells Avanti to mind her own work If Investor’s refuse to invest than avanti will be responsible..
DJ tells Vicky that Avanti is working as waitress…DJ tells that they should do something as they are Avanti’s best friends..Vicky tells really DJ is best friend??As DJ always thinks about herself..DJ tells that she realized..Vicky tells that he the cater of the function and has passes,,Vicky tells DJ to ready the girl and come in the party..DJ agrees..Zubair talks to Investor’s and tells that Virat has magic..Avanti sees and tells that Virat is enjoying by stealing her idea..Avanti tells that Virat has good destiny,,And he has done MBA also…Avanti tells after studying she will show Virat..Avanti tells she dont have any hopes..Party is looking hopeless..Avanti sees DJ and Bhuwan coming in the party,,,DJ ignores and goes..Avanti tells that DJ is still annoyed..DJ text Avanti tells that Plan is on and Vicky is helping and Virat will learn a good lesson,,Avanti talks to girls,,Virat tells Avanti to go and serve drinks,,,Avanti tells she is done with it…Virat tells that he will take out Avanti from the job,,Avanti tells that Both do equal job at Zubair’s office…Avanti tells she is done…
Avanto falls on Virat..Virat tells that Avanti has crossed all the limits of flying..Avanti tells Virat not fly high,,As he will be have a crash landing..VIrat tells okey he will see..Vicky comes and talks to Avanti’s mother…Vicky asks where is kavya..Kavya comes wearing a red dress…Vicky tells that there is inauguration of his cafe and he came to pickup Kavya and Avanti.,,Mother tells that Tayaaji will give permission or not is problem….Ankit comes and tells that he will talk to his father..Ankit tells at one condition If he also comes at the party,,.Vicky tells obvious If he comes tension will be less….Ankit,,Vicky and Kavya goes….Avanti asks Vicky he know all but he didnt said…Avanti asks If Kavya know??Kavya tells she dont know..Avanti asks why Ankit came??Vicky tells he is the official Cater of this party and he has the passes of Party…..Vicky tells Avanti go and ready the girls..Avanti tells all her plan to Vicky and Avanti..

Precap::Virat calls Avanti Middle class girl and tells that she dont know to give a presentation

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Lambi gaadi y r u troubling avanti?
    We want romance not fight!
    Thanks fr d update

  2. Abh romance shuru hoga

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