Million Dollar Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair reads Newspaper Virat and Rajat comes..Virat asks what is this Is Zubair is selling DESI SWAG???Zubair tells that company belongs to him..Rajat tells that Company is of Virat and Avanti also..Zubair says that DESI SWAG Company documents are on his name…
Rajat tells that this is Banaras not Zubair’s home As whatever he can do..Rajat tells that everyone listens him..Virat tells that this Project is Avanti’s dream project and he will never Sell it…Zubair tells he will see..Virat tells he will also see..Virat and Rajat goes…DJ search Vicky…DJ calls Vicky..Vicky tells he came market..DJ tells she wanted to share good news..DJ open Vicky laptop and sees..Vicky comes…DJ tells Vicky did he viral her Music video??Vicky tells no..DJ tells she known..Dj

hugs Vicky and tells “I LOVE YOU”…DJ’s father holds Dj hand and tells that because of her all family is insulted..Father tells DJ to come home..DJ tells that her dream is to become a singer..DJ tells she will stay here only and fulfill her dream..Vicky comes and tells that DJ is very talented..Father tells that he dont want his religion to be insulted…Vicky ask what Religion??Father tells that what is Vicky standard??He just run a Dhaaba..Vicky tells yes he work hard and run the Dhaaba..Father goes…DJ hugs Vicky and thanks him..Avanti’s mother comes along with Shopping bags and calls “RICKSHAW”…Ranvijay comes and tells he really love Kavya…Ranvijay tells please..Ranvijay tells its hot and he will drop her..Mother agrees..Ranvijay thanks..At Ghat Vicky and DJ drinks..DJ tells that her parents dont like her..Vicky tells that DJ is her Superherione..DJ tells she will be the Superstar…DJ tells why Vicky is doing this much for her???Vicky tells that DJ is his childhood friend and he will do whatever she says..Vicky tells he will also jump in Ganga..DJ tells no need…DJ tells that Vicky is best friend…DJ and Vicky looks at each other..Vicky holds DJ’s hand…Vicky and DJ kiss each other…DJ and Vicky gets close..Next day DJ gets up and sees Vicky sleeping beside her..DJ tells what happened last night..DJ thinks about the time spent with Vicky…Vicky gets up and sits on his knees…Vicky tells that he love DJ and wanted to spend whole life..Vicky tells that DJ will be happy whole life..DJ cries and tells Vicky to go from here…Vicky tells DJ will be more happy with him than Bhuwan..DJ tells she want time to think…DJ cries…DJ tells she is unable to understand that she like Bhuwan or Vicky..DJ close her eyes and thinks..

Precap::Virat shows Zubair Gun and tells to Sign the Paper

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Virat I hope this gun is not artificial…lolzzz..

  2. This show keeps on dragging.. Nd will avanti be in coma until she does?
    End this show for everyone’s gud

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