Million Dollar Girl 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dj goes alone while three people tease her..Dj shouts for help..Bhuwa comes and tells to leave Bhuwan fights and beats the goons..Dj is scared standing in a corner,,At night Avanti is busy with customer,,Virat comes,,Avanti tells she is busy..Virat tells he will sir..Virat tells did Avanti decided???Avanti tells legal cases will not decided so soon..Virat tells he has an offer..If Avanti sign the documents..Virat will give 10 lakh..Avanti gets shocked..Avanti asks what is the case??Virat tells it was a small case where her dad was buisness..Avanti tells herself she is not stupid..Avanti tells she will read the documents..Virat tells to read later as sign is more importand As case will be solved soon and Avanti will be get money..Avanti agrees…Virat tells he will give bring papers..Virat

goes..Avanti tells she will sign later..Bhuwan tells he will drop Dj at home..Dj tells not at home.As her parents will get heartattack..Dj tells to drop her at vicky dhabba..Dj sits back of Bhuwan.on bike .Dj and bhuwan looks at each other..Bhuwan drops DJ..DJ touches Bhuwan shoulder..Bhuwan shouts in pain..DJ tells Bhuwan to wait as she will bring ointment and milk..Bhuwan tells no..Dj goes and brings while Bhuwan goes…
Next morning..Ankit calls and tells Avanti to give the remote..Avanti tells remote is infron of him..Ankit tells he will tell about the incident to his father..Avanti give the remote..Ankit tells he is feeling hungry to bring something..Avanti brings Samosa and puts on table..Ankit tells he want to eat sweet..Avanti brings and places..Ankit tells he want water..Avanti tells she is not her servent,,Ankit tells he will to his father..Suddenly tayijii comes and asks what??Ankit tells nothing its between sister and brother..Ankit tells Taijii he want to eat something..Taijii tells to eat samosa..Ankit tells her mother chappati are tasty thats why..Taiiji goes in kitchen..Ankit asks Avanti did kavya didnt get boys of her age…Avanti tells if Ankit doesnt go she will beat..Ankit goes..At house Virat keeps the money in the bag..Rajat comes and asks what happeend??Why he is keeping the money??Virat tells he is giving to supplier’s..Rajat smiles and tells he knew it..Rajat tells he is feeling thirsty and tells it has many days they drank alchohol..Rajat and Virat goes..
Rajat and Virat is at Vicky’s dhabba and drink..Rajat calls Vicky asks Vicky what is the problem??Rajat asks If the girl runs behind other boy??Rajat tells If Vicky tells he will kidnap the girl..Vicky tells what??Rajat tells he is just joking!!Virat tells love is nothing..It only looks good in books..Rajat tells yes a VIrat is expreienced..Virat sees Raajat..Rajat suddenly is quiet.. DJ and Avanti comes in Scooty DJ tells Vicky to come..Vicky try to go but Rajat catches him tells him to go later..Avanti shouts How Vicky is sitting with Virat but DJ tells let it be..Avanti and DJ goes.. Virat tells who will marry Avanti will die soon.Rajat laughs.VIrat says .She is very egosistic and mad girl..Vicky tells Avanti is good at heart..VIrat tells who will marry Avanti will commit suicide..Vicky tells Avanti is little angry but good..Near ghat Dj sees the picture of friendsbook.Avanti tells whats going onn???Dj tells she is confused what to do??As Bhuwan saved her and anotherside done case on her father..Avanti tells that human being half age will gone of thinking what to do??Avanti press button and sends friend request..Dj tells wht Avanti did!!As what he will think..Avanti tell nothing will happeend…Avanti tells DJ to send message..DJ says no..Avanti press again and sends “HI” to Bhuwan..DJ gets worried tells what Avanti did..Avanti tells that Dj should have send “I love U”…Dj blushes…Avanti tells they have to go otherwise Bhuwan will come here..DJ and Avanti goes..
Virat comes to Avanti along with documents and tells he bought money..VIrat takes out the documents and tells Avanti to sign..Avanti tells first she have to read..Virat tells he have to go in meeting..Avanti tells no..VIrat tells he have to go as its urgent..Avanti tells he is Prime minister PA..Avanti tells seeing money she wil not sign..Avanti reads while Virat is puzzled..Avanti unable to understand..

precap::Avanti tells Virat to give the pen.Virat gives the pen..Avanti reads and tells that it is written that her father is mentally stable and alcholic..Avanti gets angry and slaps Virat..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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